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Oh, Mitchy…


(As much as I try to pry myself away from Political Scientists, they keep pulling me back in. Nevertheless, it is an honor to be guest blogging here amongst the ivory tower academics at LGM. Though if I’m exposed to any references to heteroskedasticity, endogeneity or two-stage least squares regressions, I’m outta here.)

As Markos points out, our esteemed Senator from the Bluegrass State has made what could be a major foot-in-mouth statement.

“I want to assure you, if they vote to ask us to leave, we’ll be glad to comply with their request,” he said.

That would be the Iraqi Parliament that he is referring to. The same Iraqi Parliament that has reportedly built a majority in favor of a bill to demand a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops.

So what happens if this actually passes? Does McConnell stick by his words? Do Republicans break ranks in numbers sufficient to build a veto-proof majority for withdrawal or timetables?

There will certainly be Republicans that break ranks, but i doubt enough for veto-proof majorities. I would have to think that the likely outcome would be the disbanding of the Iraqi Parliament for reasons of “incompetence” or some other charge, followed by new elections. Then the Republicans, media and Liebercrats will insist that we must stay in order for the elections to proceed safely and fairly. And once that happens, the pictures of smiling Iraqis with purple thumbs will flood the media along with cheerful cries that we have now, finally, “turned the corner”.

Why does this sound familiar?

But then again, maybe more of those pallets with billions of dollars will go missing and Iraqi legislators will suddenly change their minds and vote against American withdrawal.

Smell the sovereignty….

(cross posted at BlueGrassRoots)

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