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The oft-reliable Yglesias is off his head:

What do sports fans do here on the West Coast? You’ve gotten Eastern Conference playoff games starting at 4PM. You’ve got NFL games starting at 10 AM. I’m on vacation, so whatever, but this is madness. Sure, sure on more than one spring morning I’ve felt a bit weary because I stayed up late to watch a western game, but that’s not nearly as big a deal as it simply being impossible to watch games if you have a job or asking football fans to wake up early on Sundays. It’s probably nice for schoolkids but, seriously, they can’t vote.

Sorry, but having experienced both, I have to say that the West Coast sports viewing experience in infinitely preferable to that of the Eastern time zone. On the weekend, you roll out of bed around ten or so, and there’s already a game on to watch. You fry up an egg, or fill a bowl of cereal, and you have instant entertainment. On a weekday, you come home from work and there’s almost always a baseball or basketball game to watch. The latest of late games are over at 10pm, leaving the late night for the Daily Show or whatever other activities one deems appropriate. If you’re interested in a West Coast game, there’s no need to stay up until 1am or later to learn the outcome. It’s a tragic fact, given that I now live in the Eastern time zone, but fans in the East really get the short end of the stick as far as sports timing is concerned.

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