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Ralph Luker tapped LG&M with a Thinking Blogger Award” — this in spite of the fact that (as he explains) we “beat the c**p out of me the first time I left a comment over there.” I must have missed that thread, but Ralph’s advice to commenters to “come prepared” seems appropriate. I’m not much for genuine thought these days (as my recent links to Dutch kiddie pop would suggest), but LG&M’s commenters are responsible as much as anyone for whatever thinking takes place here. More importantly, they are relentless enforcers of party discipline, cudgeling dissenters and slathering them in pig manure, hot tar and goose feathers.

With that in mind, I’m going to break the rules of the meme. Rather than link to five sites here (as Rob did in February when he was tapped), I’ll just encourage readers to leave “Thinking Blog” suggestions in comments. Aside from Althouse, what blogs to you read that actually make you, like — you know, think about stuff?

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