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In honor of the Rome series finale tonight, which will quite likely (spoiler!!!!) end in the founding of the Empire by Augustus. While Rome has worked fairly well on an episode-by-episode basis this year, the telescoped schedule has taken a severe toll on the story. For example, Caesarion looked much older that Vorenus’ son Lucius in Rome, despite the fact that Lucius must have been born sometime around 50 BCE and Caesarion was born in 47. The show needed at least one more season to work properly. I suppose that the alternative would have been to take the Deadwood approach and simply ignore the impending end, but this probably would have worked even less well for Marc Antony than it did for Al Swearingen…

Anyway, I’m not so displeased by Hadrian, atlhough I would have preferred Pius or Claudius or Nerva. I would further add that a preference for boys does not necessarily make succession crises any easier to deal with…

You scored as Hadrian. You are the great emperor Hadrian. Not only great for the fact that he didn’t mess something up, but he relentlessly administered the empire and set viable borders. Art, cultivation and wisdom mark your reign. The fact that you prefer the boys really helps with the wise handing over of the purple to only the most qualified.
Which Roman Emperor Are You?

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