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Nick Turse has a fine discussion of the disastrous role that the Air Force is playing in the war in Iraq. The contribution of the Air Force is intentionally understated. Turse concentrates on the most secretive aspects of the bombing campaign in Iraq, pointing out that no reliable figures for civilian deaths are available because the Air Force itself is reluctant to keep them. Without statistics, of course, the Air Force can’t meaningfully evaluate whether its methods are killing lots of civilians or just a few, drawing into question the suggestion that the USAF is trying to be as discriminate as possible in its bombing.

UPDATE: Mojo points out that I’m being unfair to the Air Force, and that most of the attacks we’re talking about are either conducted by the Army or Marine Corps or called in by the same. Guilty; I do sometimes get over-enthusiastic in condemnation of the USAF.

J. forwarded me this video of an F-16 strike in support of some Marines in Iraq. View with caution.

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