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The Side of JetBlue


Kos both reminds me why I love JetBlue and that I must rationali…er, justify the fact that I do not even consider flying another airline if I have the option, when JetBlue isn’t unionized and most airlines are. I would feel guilty, I think, if I flew JetBlue strictly for the price. But I don’t. I fly JetBlue without comparing prices, I fly it even when I’m getting compensated for the flight, and I now fly it although I’m a $9 cab ride from LaGuardia, while getting to JFK (where most JB flights originate) via subway is a monumental pain in the ass. (Robert Moses, the gift that keeps on giving!) And I do this because JetBlue offers things that other airlines just don’t. There’s nothing about being unionized that prevents the majors from having satellite TV, efficient service, seats my ass can fit in, not having drink carts crowding the aisle, etc. etc. As soon as they acquire these things, I’ll be happy to pay extra to fly a union airline. Until then, I hate not to show solidarity, but I’m not flying Delta or United unless I have no choice.

And my upcoming flight makes these advantages stark. I have an interminable flight to Oakland. If I were flying a shitty major airline, I would be stuck in a cramped seat with the option of paying $5 to watchFrom Justin To Kelly and an episode of Becker. While as I fly JetBlue I will be in a reasonably comfortable seat watching the first day of the NCAA tournament (go Yoo Dub!) for six hours–in other words, doing what I would be doing at home, except in the air. I really think this is no choice at all.

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