Has anyone done a best of the 90s yet? Got to get in on the ground floor of this one. First impression, decade was a hell of a lot better than the 80s.

Top Ten, no particular order:

Breaking the Waves
The Sweet Hereafter
Deconstructing Harry
Pulp Fiction
The Dreamlife of Angels
The Big Lebowski
Lone Star
Three Colors: Blue, White, Red

Honorable Mention:
Hana-Bi, Out of Sight, Reservoir Dogs, There’s Something About Mary, Jackie Brown, The Thin Red Line, Boy’s Don’t Cry, The Limey, Rushmore, Fight Club, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Unforgiven, Ed Wood, Trainspotting, Groundhog Day. And half a dozen I can’t remember.

Next pointless exercise in list making: My 25 favorite Simpson’s episodes.

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