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Here’s a shrill endorsement of John Kerry, which is really a condemnation of the Bush presidency. The shrill, shrill author goes so far as to compare W is the late great Tsar Nicholas II:

The libertarian writer Lew Rockwell has mischievously noted parallels between Bush and Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II: both gained office as a result of family connections, both initiated an unnecessary war that shattered their countries’ budgets. Lenin needed the calamitous reign of Nicholas II to create an opening for the Bolsheviks.

This wouldn’t be noteworthy, except for the source: The American Conservative magazine. Reading on:

Bush has behaved like a caricature of what a right-wing president is supposed to be, and his continuation in office will discredit any sort of conservatism for generations.

This, by the way, is how I convinced a very conservative relative to not vote for Bush.

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