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The end of Ann Coulter’s punditry career?


Probably not, unfortunately.

Ann Coulter has been given a seat at the table in national media circles for some time now, in person and in print. From where I sit, she appears to have done her level best to lose that seat, but she just can’t seem to do it. On might find oneself wonder, what would Ann Coulter have to do to lose her place in the punditocracy? How outrageous, offensive and nonsensical would she have to be? After her attack on Max Cleland and her mockery of Howard Dean’s dead brother didn’t do it, you had to begin to wonder if it could be done.

Today, she did it–McPaper decided her column on the Democratic convention simply didn’t live up to their stringent journalistic standards. If you’re a rubbernecker like I am, the train wreck, complete with befuddled editorial queries from USA Today, can be found here. I’d offer some sort of commentary, joke, something, but it really leaves you speechless.

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