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Tapping in to the Zeitchick


One Steven Zeitchick takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to write what might be the stupidest defense of Fox News ever:

Yet to call these films propaganda is also to misunderstand them. They don’t seek to convince the unconvinced or herd the untamed. They aim directly at the sheep. Little wonder that the main means of distributing “Outfoxed” is through house parties organized by MoveOn.org, the group whose Bush-bashing is at least as bald-faced as anything on Fox.

So, in other words, the fact that a news network has a tone and content similar to an explicity political activist group is supposed to be a defense of…the news network! (Tapping into the growing obsession with moveon.org also suggests a man who watches a lot of O’Reilly. Get this…a liberal group strongly opposes the most reactionary president in at least 80 years! Heavens to betsy, how shocking! Well, better that then more stories about how Hillary will emerge from a brokered convention.)  And have you ever noticed that grim intimations of “Bush-bashing” are  never accompanied by specific examples, let alone a defense?

Really, if you can’t come up with something better than this, I’m not sure why you bother.


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