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Picking the very worst moment in Nader’s Press the Meat interview this morning is easy, despite the reiteration of sizist attacks on Michael Moore. To paraphrase:

Q: The Congressional Black Caucus met with you, and pointed out that your candidacy could have devastating consequences, and your rationales for running are all contradictory nonsense. They are urging you not to run.

A: The younger members of the Caucus just don’t understand racism the way I do.

[Lawyers, Guns & Money fun fact: the percentage of African-American women who voted for Nader in 2000–0%.]

But, really, you have to celebrate the whole catalogue. The entire interview was just a classic distillation of Nader–vacuous anti- corporate bromides, self-congratulation, feeble non-sequiturs, and claims that anyone who questions the wisdom of his campaign hates democracy and is violating his civil rights. You can see the transcript here.

To borrow a point from Matt Yglesias, if forced to choose between Nader and Bush, I guess I would reluctantly support the former. Fortunately, we have a third choice.

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