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Mike’s Address


Via Atrios and Crooked Timber, looks as if Focus on the Family has e-mailed Michael Moore’s home address to its members.

My first reaction, so what, this is the kind of stunt that Moore pulls regularly, no big deal. Thought about it for a few seconds, this is really something that could get him killed, and I don’t think that Moore has EVER done anything that could result in someone’s physical harm.

Here is Martini Republic, wondering why “Focus on the Family” cares about Michael Moore. He asks them, but doesn’t get a very good answer.

War, apparently, is a family value.

In a slight digression, here is Ron Reagan on what Jesus might do:

If you are going to call yourself a Christian — and I don’t — then you have to ask yourself a fundamental question, and that is: Whom would Jesus torture? Whom would Jesus drag around on a dog’s leash? How can Christians tolerate it?

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