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Property and the State


As a follow-up to Rob’s post about Iraq as a libertarian paradise, check out this post by Cass Sunstein over at Volokh, which reminds us that we used to have people in positions of power in this country who understood a thing or two about the relationship between the state and the economy.

Update: Scrolling down, I see the Eugene Volokh has invited Sunstein to guest blog in part to promote a new book, A Second Bill of Rights, which focuses on FDR’s speech to Congress on that front in 1944, suggesting the rights to basic income, employment, housing, etc. should be enshrined in law. While this didn’t get too far with Congress, these ideas found their way into post-war global rights discourse, and four years later, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I’m not terribly familiar with Sunstein’s work; Scott probably knows much of it better than I do. I’ve read one book by him I found to be entirely on the mark and rather well done, and another I found to be rather silly. I suppose I really ought to read his stuff on constitutionalism and democracy, but if I read everything I ought to read, I’ll never finish my dissertation.

At any rate, there is reason to believe this new book might be pretty interesting, and I’m glad he’s got the opportunity to share some of his ideas in the world of blog.

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