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I tawt I taw a putty hack


Via the incomparable Bob Somerby, this gem from Boston Globe typist Nina Easton on The Tweety Matthews Show (“complacent millionaire pundit values on a cable-access budget!”):

EASTON: There is–there’s no doubt that that’s a piece of John Kerry. There’s a piece of John Kerry that wants to please audiences, which gets him into this what, what Nixon called “the phony.” You know, in 1971 Nixon snarling to Charles Colson, you know, this, this, this anti-war protestor Kerry’s a phony but a real effective phony at that.


Apparently, the hacks on the show found Nixon’s analysis so compelling it was worth repeating three times. I don’t know about you, but if someone as comfortable in his own skin and unwilling to engage in cheap demogaugery as Richard Nixon thinks you’re a phony, well, what else do you need to know? On a future Hardball, expect guest Mickey Kaus to point out that Nixon accused Kerry of sweating too much on TV, making anti-Semitic remarks, and using executive agencies to punish his personal enemies….

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