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Daddy, Do You Hate Me?

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On June 2, 2017
If you were facing a loathsome Tory such as Theresa May and you had the great leftist filmmaker Ken Loach at your disposal, wouldn’t you use him? This is amazing. The Ken Loach ad is great but holy shit at this pic.twitter.com/vAhpQFNcKg — Hussain (@Chemzes) June 2, 2017 I’m a huge Loach fan, even though […]
You’re Theresa May, vaguely accidental Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  You’ve inherited a flimsy majority in the House of Commons, currently at just 17 seats.  You’re about to enter into a series of negotiations with the European Union, which will define the UK’s economic framework for at least a generation.  The […]
I’ve been trying to make some sort of rational sense of this all morning. There are two rough theories which work together.  First, given the tone of her speech last night, it’s clear she’s trying to position domestic policy towards the currently unoccupied huge gaping hole in the center of British politics. This also squares with […]
As Andrea Leadsom has just withdrawn from the race to be Conservative Party leader: Andrea Leadsom says her backing from MPs is not “sufficient support to lead a strong and stable government” if she were to win the leadership election. Additionally, a not-too-subtle dig at the opposition party. This opens up several questions, most namely the on-again, off-again […]
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