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Bowl Mania Final Standings

[ 0 ] January 9, 2009 |

The Knows Pickers win it! If the winner would furnish me with an address, I will furnish s/he with an appropriate prize. I’m almost (but not quite) inclined to give a prize for last, too; 9-25 is impressive in its own right.

1 Dr. Squid Knows Pickers, C. Carrell 20-14 402
2 Ain’t That Pretty At All, R. Cobeen 17-17 368
3 Foggy Bottom Line, S. Scott 19-15 356
3 long time lurker, J. DeLange 18-16 356
5 enelson44, E. Nelson 18-16 354
6 Cookie Monsters, J. Lobasz 18-16 353
7 Schwyzer, H. Schwyzer 20-14 341
8 Bishus, O. Bishus 18-16 333
9 Gaw, C. Gaw 21-13 331
10 g, s g 21-13 330
11 Evan, E. Robertson 19-15 329
12 gj manatees, b. junge 17-17 320
13 Tha Crusha, T. Militano 16-18 319
14 Seals, C. Seals 18-16 310
15 penasquito, W. Wyatt 15-19 299
16 husker doo, c. rasmussen 17-17 291
17 Kooistra, K. Kooistra 18-16 282
18 Samoan Napoleon Trefoil, J. M 16-18 281
19 Minnesota Venturas, J. Fecke 15-19 278
20 jmack, J. Mackin 13-21 271
21 Jshinola, J Shinola 16-18 270
22 Smith, P. Smith 16-18 269
23 B, J B 15-19 264
24 The Usual Suspect, E. Gomez 16-18 261
25 Drunken Warthogs, S. Ehrlich 15-19 259
26 Go green, go white, W. Chum 12-22 258
27 Girding the Nittany Loins, D. Stefanon 14-20 252
28 Pootie Tang, D. Raskin 13-21 248
29 EV_Debs, B. Alpers 12-22 240
29 Dr. Awkward, Z. Keane 14-20 240
31 Fraud Guy, E. Cerevic 15-19 233
32 Cincinnati Bearded Ducks, R. Farley 16-18 231
33 Stay Classy, C. M 15-19 225
34 With the Russians, too, D. Merrill 15-19 224
35 Ottawa Rough Riders, K. Witter 13-21 191
36 kodos423, k. crockett 12-22 179
37 smith, m. smith 11-23 148
38 Ducking Minerva, M. Power 9-25 128

Bowl Mania Standings

[ 0 ] January 3, 2009 |

If my calculations are correct, we’re down to two:

Rank Name Record Max Current
1 Dr. Squid Knows Pickers, C. Carrell 17-13 420 371
2 Cookie Monsters, J. Lobasz 17-13 399 352

One other team has a max above 371, but is eliminated because of pick duplication. Cookie Monsters need victories by Ohio State and Ball State in order to win the title.

Go Cats!

[ 0 ] January 3, 2009 |

Hostility to the SEC aside, I am obligated to cheer for the Wildcats. Go Cats! Beat the Pirates! Or at least escort them to a suitable third country for prosecution!

Pac-10 Rocks, Pac-10 Rolls…

[ 0 ] January 2, 2009 |

5-0. Frankly, I’d take USC -10 against either Oklahoma or Florida.

Image by Memphis Jay.


[ 0 ] January 1, 2009 |

I don’t really pay much attention to college football these days — an admission that I think would earn me an ass-kicking from Rob, Scott and Paul if I lived within driving distance of, well, anywhere — but this must have been just about the crappiest bowl game ever.

It’s been a while, evidently, since a bowl game ended with so few points on the board. The 1959 Cotton Bowl, the only same with fewer total points, ended in a nil tie. The account in the Dallas Morning News the next day is pretty amusing.

Early in the second period, the Air Force took the initiative, sweeping 52 yards to the TCU 6. Oddley enough, only one pass was employed by the smallish Falcons in that drive, one for 14 yards from substitute Quarterback Eddie Rosane to End Tom Joswiak. After TCU slowed the attack, Halfback George Pupich tried a field goal from the 12 but was wide to the left.

In defense of the unsuccessful kickers on both teams – Pupich and Spikes – it should be noted that the 10-mile-per-hour wind – played some tricks.

All the more reason to abolish the Air Force, if it can’t compete in a 10 m.p.h. wind. What were the Russians supposed to make of this? Frankly, I’m amazed we ever won the Cold War.

Is it Morally Wrong to Cheer for Oklahoma State?

[ 0 ] December 31, 2008 |

The answer is yes; it is Evil to cheer for Oklahoma State against Oregon. Against the Sooners, I’ll allow, it wasn’t so Evil. But against the Ducks, yes.

Lessee…. two teams with high powered offenses and no defenses to speak of… I’m going to say Oregon 55-Oklahoma State 44. Take the Ducks and the points, and definitely take the over.

…when you’re right 50% of the time, you’re wrong 50% of the time. At least I got the important part right.

Cats and Dogs, Living Together…

[ 0 ] December 25, 2008 |

Frankly, I blame the Democrats.

Also, given that I’m thus far 2-5, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to blame my Bowl Mania failure on the fact that I misunderstood the instructions.

Bowl Mania Reminder

[ 0 ] December 20, 2008 |

As of this moment, you have about 2 hours to fill out an entry and join the LGM Bowl Mania Challenge:

League Name: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Password: zevon

Sorry for the late reminder…

LGM Bowl Mania Challenge

[ 0 ] December 16, 2008 |


I have created an ESPN Bowl Mania League.

Name: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Password: zevon

When creating your entry, choose the “confidence” option. Winner gets a free LGM t-shirt.

Oh, Glorious Day!

[ 0 ] December 6, 2008 |

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 2008 Washington Huskies football:

Opponent Margin of Defeat
Oregon 34
Oklahoma 41
Stanford 7
Arizona 34
OSU 21
Notre Dame 26
USC 56
ASU 20
California 41

Civil War!!!!!!

[ 0 ] November 30, 2008 |

Oregon State represents Christianity, capitalism, and tradition. Oregon represents the creeping evils of secularism, miscegenation, and gay marriage.

Go Ducks!!!!!

On Having the Game Pass You By

[ 0 ] November 23, 2008 |

While watching Penn State destroy Michigan State yesterday, it occurred to me that we aren’t hearing much this year about how Joe Paterno is a coach lost in another era, the “game having passed him by”. It also occurred to me that we would be hearing quite a lot about how Tom Osborne, Don James, Bo Schembechler, and Lou Holtz were being “passed by” if any of them had possessed Joe’s longevity, assuming that the disasters their teams have endured as of late ensued on their watch. Although I suppose that there’s some question as to how much control JoePa still has over the team, the lesson would seem to be that even elite college football teams are subject to cycles of success and failure. The relatively weak performance of Penn State from 2000-2004 is best interpreted as part of such a cycle, rather than as evidence of JoePa’s creeping dementia.

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