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Denver teachers are about to go on strike and who can blame them, given the utterly ridiculous and completely unacceptable pay incentive and bonus system placed upon them: The issue at hand in Denver is more localized. The teachers union and the school district had been negotiating for more than a year over how to […]

Catch A Wave

On April 21, 2018

This is just great. Democrats have secured a candidate on the ballot in every 2018 Colorado congressional, statehouse and major statewide race. The last candidate to make the ballot and fill out the p

This is the grave of John Chivington. One of the most reprehensible loathsome Americans to ever live and yet a man representative of 19th century America, Chivington was born in 1821 in Lebanon, Ohio. He became a Methodist circuit rider in 1844, working in Illinois. He became a strong abolitionist and went to Kansas in […]
This is the grave of John Galen Locke. There is only one thing worth knowing about this asshole. He was the Grand Dragon of the Colorado Ku Klux Klan. Locke made Colorado one of the strongest KKK strongholds in the nation in the 1920s, along with Indiana, Oregon, and Texas. The second Klan was reasonably […]
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