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I know we need another discussion of the relationship between food and authenticity like we need another post about Hillary or Bernie, Which One Will Save America and Which One is Horrible? But I could not help being typically annoyed by Conor Friedersdorf’s post on collard greens and Twitter. Basically, Whole Foods tweeted out a […]
The post below about Rob’s immortalization was somewhat embarrassing for me, as I actually own the album in that “compact disc” format your grandparents may have told you about, but missed the appearance of our blog in the first perusal of the liner notes. I had been waiting for a few more listens to let […]

How Narratives Work

On February 3, 2010

Essentially, the only remaining interest in the “revelations” about John Edwards at this point is that they provide a good example of how narratives are put together by political journalis

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