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I have no idea what bizarre world Kanye West is in, but the historian Tera Hunter speaks some real truth over the supposed “choice” that some freed slaves made to return to bondage. It is 1857, and Kanye, a carpenter, has finally saved up enough money to buy his freedom from Massa West. Trouble is, […]

Music Notes

On May 14, 2018

Here is a great history of Living Colour, one of the most underrated bands in history, particularly focusing on their debut album Vivid and it’s great single “Cult of Personality.” I

Dana Milbank couldn’t wait for John McCain to die. He had to start publishing slobbering obituaries of the man beforehand. It’s as bad as you can possibly imagine. I spend a lot of time trashing politicians. This is about the one I've admired above all others over the last quarter century, @senjohnmccain — Dana […]
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