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I’m looking for pound notes, loose change, bad checks, anything…


Let’s discuss Lawyers, Guns & Money, whose remarkable blog turns fifteen (15!) this weekend.

Now look folks: I’m the new girl and while my day-to-day trade is education and public policy, I am mostly just here to drink a little beer and discuss a little rock & roll and bitch about the exquisite torture of any Nationals game after the 7th inning. But I was a fan of this blog long before I was a part of it, and having seen the world from both sides now, I can tell you this invaluable institution does not run on comments and spam of the “tasteful nude” variety alone. There are costs associated. Servers, tech support, high level security and most importantly the person hours required to grasp and discuss the things that regrettably keep happening.

I know. I thought the same thing you’re thinking: “You are telling me that LG&M – the Now That’s What I Call A Politics/Culture/Sports/Law/Labor/Military/Finance/Education/Graves/and oh yes, Music Blog! – needs my help?” The short answer is maybe.

Please donate. There are a couple credible ways to do it, and I’m sure a handful of back channels which I don’t need to know about. Seriously – don’t tell me.

To celebrate the windfall that is certainly forthcoming, I am planning a 15th anniversary appreciation of the Drive-By Truckers’ amazing, world-building The Dirty South, a wonderful record and a virtual math problem with respect to an institution finding space for three great writers. (AKA: the Lemieux, Farley, & Watkins story.) Tune in for that next week if we still exist.

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