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NFL Draft/NHL Round 2 Open Thread


I have some thoughts about Round 2 of the NHL playoffs but don’t have time until tomorrow, so for the record Bruins in 5, Hurricanes in 6, Blues in 5, Avalanche in 7.

This year’s NFL Draft is an interesting one for QBs, with no really top prospect like Mayfield or Mahomes but a lot of interesting high-risk high-upside prospects. Basically, the most productive QBs are less experienced than you’d like and the most experienced prospects are less productive than you’d like, so there will be some really interesting gambles. In related news, the new ESPN documentary about the 1983 draft is fascinating stuff if you’re into that kind of thing. (The limited return the Colts ended up with for Elway wasn’t Ernie Acorsi’s finest hour, but working for an Irsay is exactly as pleasant as you’d think. But just an amazing amount of moving parts going on.)

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