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Did someone say…EMAILS?

Cummings, who now leads the Oversight Committee, says in a new letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone that Lowell confirmed to the two lawmakers that Kushner “continues to use” WhatsApp to conduct White House business. Cummings also indicated that Lowell told them he was unsure whether Kushner had ever used WhatsApp to transmit classified information.

“That’s above my pay grade,” Lowell told the lawmakers, per Cummings’ letter.

Lowell added, according to Cummings, that Kushner is in compliance with recordkeeping law. Lowell told the lawmakers that Kushner takes screenshots of his messages and forwards them to his White House email in order to comply with records preservation laws, Cummings indicated.

And there’s more! To summarize:

The fact that coverage of the 2016 campaign was completely dominated by an issue literally none of the editors or reporters involved think is important in any context not involving Hillary Clinton seems less than ideal, and the fact that her opponent’s adminsitraton is far, far, far worse even on this particular issue is [chef’s kiss.] And of course the tone of Clinton coverage was set by a Steve Bannon collaboration involving a complete non-scandal about an unexceptionable uranium deal there’s no evidence Hillary Clinton had anything to do with. But at least nobody involved thinks anything about this was problematic, so there’s that.

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