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“Pull My Finger” — House Republicans


I’m sure we can all agree that this sudden interest in privacy interests being asserted against legally obtaining documents that are plainly material to multiple legitimate ongoing investigations is Deeply Principled:

House Republicans on Thursday signaled how they plan to fight back attempts by Democrats to obtain President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns, describing the effort in a hearing as a “waste of time” and “weaponizing” the law to target a political foe.
Throughout a more than two-hour hearing on Capitol Hill, GOP lawmakers pressed tax historians and experts over whether a House tax-writing committee has the legal authority to request such confidential financial documents from the Treasury secretary, describing it as a clear violation of privacy of any individual American that would set a “dangerous precedent.”
“Where does it end? What about the tax returns of the speaker? Political donors? There is no end in sight,” said Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means subcommittee panel, at the hearing. “Every single American has the right to privacy.”

Republicans: “the private documents of public officials should only be released if they are illegally obtained by a hostile foreign power, and contain risotto recipes that plainly prove that Hillary Clinton rigged the primaries and personally ordered the Behnghazi attack.” Also Republicans: “durr, penumbras, the Constitution doesn’t even use the word privacy, emanations.”

Of course, as we’ve been through before being a shameless hypocrite perpetually arguing in bad faith is essentially your job when you’re a Republican legislator. The question is whether reporters will pretend to believe them.

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