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Making America White Again is About Cruelty


All of this border wall nonsense is about white people far away from the border freaking out about hearing Spanish or something. But the actions on the border that result are exercises in cruelty and can be genuinely dangerous, as in Nogales.

Officials in a small Arizona border city are decrying the installation of reels of dangerous razor wire that now cover the entirety of the tall border wall that runs through downtown.

The city council in Nogales, which sits on the border, is set to consider a proclamation on Wednesday night condemning the use of concertina wire. It follows reports that US military troops installed more horizontal layers of the wire along the downtown border fence over the weekend.

The vote also comes one day after Donald Trump made his case to the American people in his State of the Union address about the need for a border wall to protect the nation, describing how he has ordered 3,750 troops to prepare for what he called a “tremendous onslaught” of migrants showing up at the US-Mexico border.

US soldiers have installed concertina wire at or near several official crossings, or ports of entry. In late November, US Customs and Border Protection said the military had sent 36 miles of concertina wire for use in California, Arizona and Texas.

At the start of November, soldiers in Texas installed lines of wire coils below a major bridge near McAllen at the eastern end of the border.

Nogales, a city of about 20,000 people, is a fraction of the size of its twin Mexican city on the other side, also called Nogales, but its economy is largely reliant on Mexican shoppers and cross-border trade. Illegal crossings in that area have dropped steeply in the past several years.

Mayor Arturo Garino told the Nogales International paper on Monday: “That wire is lethal, and I really don’t know what they’re thinking by putting it all the way down to the ground.”

What’s a few grievous wounds to people living in Nogales if it makes white people in Nebraska feel good about their own whiteness?

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