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The president of the United States as a crazy mob boss


My friend Steve watched the press conference (I didn’t).  His thoughts:

1. Naming and shaming GOP losers who didn’t suck up to him. “Mia Love gave me no love and she lost. Too bad!” “Erik Paulsen didn’t want the embrace.”

2. Says if the House starts investigating him, he’ll unleash the Senate to investigate them. If he knows of illegalities they committed, he should investigate, right? But no, it’s just a matter of power politics, as is everything with him. Also in theory the Senate is a whole different branch of government not to be commanded by the executive, but lol, he’s got the realities right here.

3.Also says he won’t work with Pelosi on policy if they investigate him. He really does not want to be investigated. Again, why the linkage, other than that this is the entirety of your way of thinking?

4. We’re back to the tax returns being under audit: “Well, look, as I have told you, they’re under audit. They have been for a long time…Complex…People wouldn’t understand them…people don’t understand tax returns.”

Yeah, I bet they’re complex. Where a simpleton would think I should put 350 million dollars on this line, I put zero. You couldn’t possibly understand why.

Even though we know he’s a nut, it’s always something of a shock to see each day’s manifestation. He always says something that coming from anybody else would leave everyone saying “WTF? Has the President gone crazy?” And it would be a big deal, and the President would issue an apology statement a day later. I regret the tone, etc. It would be a black mark on his record, but if he behaved like a normal human thereafter, which he would try to do and succeed, there would be a tacit agreement that he just really lost his temper that one time.

Trump though, he actually is a crazy person, every minute of the day. I’ll never get over it.

If you think this is in some way exaggerated, read this.

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