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He Was Practiced At the Art of Deception


One of the most disgusting of Brett Kavanaugh’s many perjuries was his ludicrous claim that when he and his fellow assholes made repeated slut-shaming references to Renate Schroeder in their yearbook notes it was actually a gesture of inclusion and affection. You will be shocked to know that one of the many witnesses the FBI didn’t interview is appalled that he would lie about this:

His statement also challenges Kavanaugh’s assertion in last week’s hearing that he never denigrated a female student named Renate Schroeder, whose married name is Renate Dolphin, and who attended Georgetown’s sister school, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, in Bethesda, Maryland.

Kavanaugh and thirteen other Georgetown Prep boys described themselves in their high-school yearbook as “Renate Alumnius,” which other classmates have told the Times was a crude sexual boast. During his Senate hearing, Kavanaugh said that the reference was an endearment, saying, “she was a great friend of ours. We—a bunch of us went to dances with her. She hung out with us as a group.” He said that a “media circus that has been generated by this, though, and reported that it referred to sex. It did not.”

But the classmate who submitted the statement said that he heard Kavanaugh “talk about Renate many times,” and that “the impression I formed at the time from listening to these conversations where Brett Kavanaugh was present was that Renate was the girl that everyone passed around for sex.” The classmate said that “Brett Kavanaugh had made up a rhyme using the REE NATE pronunciation of Renate’s name” and sang it in the hallways on the way to class. He recalled the rhyme going, “REE NATE, REE NATE, if you want a date, can’t get one until late, and you wanna get laid, you can make it with REE NATE.” He said that, while he might not be remembering the rhyme word-for-word, “the substance is 100 percent accurate.” He added, “I thought that this was sickening at the time I heard it, and it left an indelible mark in my memory.”

Reached for comment, Dolphin noted that she had asked for her name to be removed from a statement signed by female supporters of Kavanaugh’s nomination. “If this report is true, I am profoundly hurt,” she said, of the account in the affidavit. “I did nothing to deserve this. There is nothing affectionate or respectful in bragging about making sexual conquests that never happened. I am not a political person, but my reputation matters to me and to my family. I would not have signed the letter if I had known about the yearbook references and this affidavit. It is heartbreaking if these guys who acted like my friends in high school were saying these nasty, false things about me behind my back.”

More from Mayer and Farrow at the link.


Yeah man, he made college basketball coach faces throughout that entire testimony. YOU CALL THAT A BLOCKING FOUL?! Those are not normal faces, by the way. You could have a photographer trail you for two years and they still wouldn’t capture you making a face like this one. I don’t even make that face when I’m on the phone with a telemarketer, and this dude makes that face ALL THE TIME. Just walking around 14 hours a day with his teeth clenched and his lips pursed, like he’s doing karaoke to “Seek & Destroy.” This man made beer sound unpleasant! How is that possible! I watched that testimony and I was like, “How the fuck does that guy have ANY job?”

Now, I know the answer to that. But I think it’s telling that, for 53 years, Brett Kavanaugh basically lived his life under the impression that he was as a “respectable” and “decent” man, and then the second he was challenged in public over it, he turned into a floppy-haired rage demon. It’s also telling that Yale classmates who haven’t seen him in decades were willing to come forward and be like, “Yeah man, that guy was a fucking PRICK.” You gotta make a strong impression on people with your prickishness to elicit that kind of response. How many times has this guy sent back wine? A hundred? I wouldn’t let Brett Kavanaugh park my car. When it comes to big public hearings, all these guys think they’re Pacino in Scent of a Woman when they’re really Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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