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NRA With Attitude

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It had to happen sooner or later. The NRA’s need to blame black people who are killed by the police for their deaths has caused Dana Loesch blow a fuse and blame a black person for failing to kill a police officer.

Right. This could have been very different if Botham Jean had been, say he was a law abiding gun owner and he saw somebody coming into his apartment. I mean, there’s no — I don’t think there’s any context that the actions would have been justified. If I see somebody coming into my house and I’m not expecting them and they’re walking in like they own the place, I would — I would act to defend myself. And this could have been very differently had he actually had a firearm on him. Maybe it would be a different individual, she might be the one carried out.

Of course, anyone with more brain cells that tRump knows that Loesch would be popping her tendons and calling Botham Jean a ruthless cop killer and worse if he had fired a weapon in Guyger’s vicinity. However, she had to find some reason it is his fault that he’s dead, shutting the fuck up isn’t an option, and so she winds up saying he should have grabbed his Iron of Liberty and started shooting.

And no, it doesn’t contradict her statements that law abiding gun owner Philando Castile was to blame when a police officer killed him. Both victims are black, therefore they are to blame.

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