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Missouri’s Right to Work Repeal Vote


It’s hard to overstate the vital importance of the upcoming Missouri referendum to overturn the state’s newly enacted right to work law. One of many states where Republicans have passed this notorious union-busting strategy since the 2010 elections, overturning it, which happened in Ohio after Reasonable Moderate John Kasich signed one, would be a big step in showing that workers again recognize the value of unions. Alas, Republicans have tried to stack the deck by moving the vote into August, when no one is around. Ideally, the Democratic Party would put real money into this effort, because while Missouri is not the most union-centric state, Democrats rely heavily on unions for their election efforts and the Janus decision just made that a whole lot harder. We’ll see. But while this vote isn’t getting a lot of attention, it’s actually one of the most important elections in 2018, outside the midterms, and possible second only to the Alabama senate race. It’s frankly a good bit more important than a single congressional election, as happy as I was to see Conor Lamb win and would be happy if Danny O’Connor pulls it out in OH-12.

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