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Why Fox’s Nightly White Power Hours Matter


Kevin Kruse has an excellent thread on the racism, strategic or not, of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingrahm’s nightly smarmfests:

With the alt-right about to converge in D.C., the problem is all the more urgent.

On the other hand, a frequent guest of Tucker and Laura from the nominal left has found another commentator of the greatest intergritude:

Cupp is beholden to no faction! Her love for the GOP is not unconditional. She can live with Trump, but if they ever stop offering upper-class tax cuts or criminalized abortion she’s out the door! As Owen says:

Well, to be Scrupulously Fair in addition to his bitterness over MSNBC failing to book him, he presumably likes Fox News hosts because they share his loathing for liberal Democrats. The as the recently returned best parody on Twitter observes:

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