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Respond to Your Disenfranchisement At the Ballot Box!


Rich Lowry responds to a good Ezra Klein column about how Supreme Court Republicans have been actively undemocratic:

Klein alleges that the court is becoming affirmatively “anti-democratic,” by which he means it isn’t striking down democratically adopted voter rules and gerrymandered districts.

Klein may oppose the Ohio law that purges nonvoters from the rolls if they to fail to respond to a government notice after a period of years, but there is a remedy readily at hand — changing the law in Ohio, which continues to have regularly scheduled elections.

This argument hasn’t become any less specious than when Felix Frankfurter made it many decades ago. (Rich Lowry in 1954: “Why didn’t African-Americans use the elections they weren’t allowed to vote in rather than JUDICIAL ACTIVISM to try to desegregate schools?”) Also omitted from Lowry’s column: Shelby County v. Holder.

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