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Last true libertarian Ron Paul tweets arguably uncivil cartoon




Note: This cartoon is apparently not a product of Ben Garrison’s fever swamp of a mind, but rather an internet mashup of some sort.  It was tweeted by Ron Paul in this exact form, however.


I hate to be “politically correct” but some over-sensitive souls might detect just a hint of racism here.

This isn’t as bad as asking someone to leave a restaurant, but still.

On a totally unrelated topic, here’s an oldie but a goodie.

[SL] 1. LOL Jeremy Peters. It sure is a mystery why a persuadable swing voter like a Ron Paul fanatic would support Donald Trump.

2. To elaborate on (the good) Paul’s last point, this is why discussion of Greenwald as a paid Russian operative or something is so dumb and pointless. His support for Trump is an entirely predictable trajectory, reflected in his belief that Barack Obama and a white supremacist who wanted to dismantle the federal welfare and regulatory state was basically a 50/50 decision. You don’t need a PUTIN deus ex machina to explain why he prefers white nationalist crackpots who want to go to war with the useful functions of the federal government to a liberal.

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