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I know instant pots are all the rage, but as someone who hasn’t bought one yet, my love affair with my crockpot continues.

I make outrageously inappropriate winter-weather fare all year long in my slow cooker, but winter seems like the season where the appliance really shines. So enjoy these warming dishes I found in a Cooking Light compendium.


This dish is fantastic not just because of its use of warm, yummy spices like curry powder and cinnamon but because it doesn’t create a lot of liquid in the pot, so that when you stir in the yogurt you’re left with an ultra-rich curry, not a watery, washed-out mess. I made this last night. It was great. It was phenomenal as lunch today.

I recommend one key substitution in this flavorful stew–use chicken instead of beef broth. Chicken broth is a better match for these Thai-inspired flavors. This is rich, but cooks up with a considerable amount of flavorful, coconutty broth–so be sure you serve with plenty of rice to soak it all up. The recipe calls for basil leaves. I think cilantro or mint would also work well, too, if you don’t have basil on hand.

Currently there are honey-orange carrots cooking up in my crockpot. I will let you know how they turn out!

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