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Notre Dame students and employees have been freed of the burden of having crucial health care covered by their (and the Trump) administration:

The University of Notre Dame just became one of the first employers to take advantage of new Trump administration rules allowing exemptions to the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. Last week, the university announced that it would drop birth control coverage for its students, faculty, and staff.
The private Catholic university notified students and employees of the change on Friday, according to Indiana Public Media. Birth control coverage for students will end August 14, 2018. Faculty and staff, however, will lose their coverage in two months, on December 31. The school will still cover birth control if it’s used as treatment for a medical condition and not as pregnancy prevention.

Notre Dame has 5,825 employees and 12,393 students, according to a university spokesperson. Ninety percent of employees are covered by the university insurance plan and may be affected by the policy change (though, of course, not all use birth control). Among students, 3,020 — 705 undergraduates and 2,315 graduate and professional students — are covered by the university plan.

Previously, Notre Dame offered contraceptive coverage through a third-party system devised by the Obama administration for religious employers. But the university had long been fighting to drop coverage entirely. New rules issued by the Trump administration in early October — allowing any employer to request an exemption from the birth control coverage requirement for moral or religious reasons — gave Notre Dame the opening it needed. Employers who are exempt do not have to offer coverage through a third party.

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