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Donald Trump, Consoler-in-Chief


Another day in America yesterday, another mass shooting. This one in northern California. Donald Trump, self-acknowledged to be among the greatest of American presidents, tweeted his condolences:

You may be thinking to yourself, “wait, Sutherland Springs, Texas isn’t in northern California.” You would be correct. What we have here is Trump copying and pasting his tweet from a week and a half ago, after the church shooting in Texas, and forgetting to even change the name of the grieving community. (The tweet was removed an hour or so ago.)

Further evidence, to be sure, of how lazy Trump is, how little grasp of compassion and human decency he possesses, and of how little interest he has in presidential tasks that don’t involve advancing his own interests.

But I also can’t help but think of the sheer laziness here as a metaphor for how inoculated our country has become to gun violence at this point. Copy, paste, and move on to talkingĀ ad nauseam about how great we are.

PS. I hope when I’m 71 years old, I still know the correct usage of “has” vs. “have.”

UPDATE, pulled from comments: A couple of commenters point out that you can’t really copy and modify tweets. (The recent tweet is not an exact replica of the Sutherland Springs original.) Maybe Trump went back and referenced the old tweet to see how he’d offered condolences last time. Maybe he just crafted an entirely new tweet without bothering to ensure he had the location of the killings correct. Either way, the points about laziness and callousness stand. I’m just glad we don’t have a LOW ENERGY person like Crooked Hillary in the White House.

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