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Brexit is going swimmingly and nobody should panic or flee the country

A Tory mum demonstrates “the recipe for increased productivity to meet the threat of those nasty foreigners when Britain takes her natural place at the head of the British Common Market.”

Thanks to commentarion sibusisodan for alerting us to the reason that irony stocks are depleted today: Brexit Secretary David Davis — who likely had inconsiderate if not worse parents, but still — gave a speech about Brexit in Berlin.

“Putting politics above prosperity is never a smart choice”.

Rather than break down in tears, or flee the enraged crowed, he then spoke about what the UK expects in return for leaving. As always this strikes me as being a bit like Calvin giving his mom a list of things he wanted when he decided to secede from the family. Only 180 degrees removed from cute. And no tiger. Perhaps a better comparison is Obnoxious barf-smeared drunk who declares he’ll leave the bar without making a fuss provided he is given seven more free drinks, the hot bartender’s phone number. And someone pays for his ride home.

The UK was seeking a “deep and comprehensive free trade agreement” of a scope the EU had never seen before as well as “continued close co-operation in highly regulated areas such as transport, energy and data”, he said.

But let’s not be hasty lads. Ha ha heh.

He said the EU and UK needed to “think creatively” about their post-Brexit relationship but stressed the need for a “time limited transition period” to implement the new arrangements.

“And that would mean access to the UK and European markets would continue on current terms. Keeping both the rights of a European Union member and the obligations of one, such as the role of the European Court of Justice.

“That also means staying in all the EU regulators and agencies during that limited period. Which would be about two years.”

I imagine an eternal state of We’ll leave in a moment, just a few more details to sort out, those pesky continentals, you see they don’t want us to leave, tuh! limbo would be the best possible thing for the weak-kneed political timeservers who gave conceived of Brexit. They get all the boost of feeding their base red meat about Brexit without ever having to face any negative consequences of Brexit.

Repeat until it is SEP.


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