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Wednesday Morning Linkage…

Su-57 Prandtl Glauert singularity. By Rulexip – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

For your reading pleasure…

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  • Crusty

    Is anyone at all going to resign from the Trump administration? Anyone? Even if they say it is to spend more time with their family and it is only coincidental that it comes days after he gave aid and comfort to neo-nazi’s? Anyone?

    There’s a character in Philip Roth’ the plot against America called rabbi benglesdorf. I don’t have time for the whole thing, but in short, he’s the rabbi that gives cover to president Charles Lindbergh to carry out his agenda. Anyone?

    • Gator90

      Nope. Not a fucking one. (If the Jews in the Administration had an ounce of honor, decency or integrity, they wouldn’t be in the Administration.)

    • CP

      I remember that guy.

      I especially love the part where one of the viewers says he’s there to “kosher Lindbergh for the goyim” – he doesn’t expect any Jews to listen to him, but he’s there to be Lindbergh’s Jewish Best Friend, reassuring all the fuzzy centrists who want to follow Lindbergh but have qualms about some of his policies, that it’s all right, he’s not really an antisemite.

      He’s the character who comes to mind whenever I see a minority Republican.

      • Hypersphericalcow

        I can't be a racist, I have a lot of black friends!

        • Hogan
          • Wonder what Newsday has. (TPM shows Post and Daily News front pages.)

            • Hypersphericalcow

              I thought one of those papers was in the tank for Trump? If the NYC tabloids have turned on him…

            • Hogan
          • Hypersphericalcow

            Thanks a lot, Hogan, now I need to buy a new desk because the one I’m using right now has a head-shaped hole in it.

        • CP

          I mean, I know this is a joke among liberals and to some extent in “mainstream” society. But in my anecdotal experience, that argument is still taken absolutely seriously in conservative circles.

          It gets even better when they spruce it up with hypotheticals – I remember reading a cousin and his fundie buddies commiserating about how horrible it was that they were misunderstood as hateful bigots, and he said something about how “I mean, if a gay guy had an accident on the side of the road, I’d totally let him use my phone and even welcome him into my home if he needed the help,” upon which he was immediately assured “well, then, clearly, you are not a homophobe, if you would be willing to be so friendly and accepting towards gays!”

    • Hypersphericalcow

      A bunch of CEOs just resigned from one of his advisory councils. It says a lot when mega-corp executives have more of a conscience that people actually working in the White House.

      • CP

        I remember the Supernatural episode where the demon, outraged by something one of his underlings did, chews him out and yells “this isn’t Wall Street, this is hell! We have a little something called integrity!”

        Trump evidently saw that episode and thought “if Wall Street is lower than hell, I wonder if I can go lower than Wall Street…?”

        • Hypersphericalcow

          This has been posted before, but it captures the sentiment:


          • CP

            XD XD XD

            The ultimate irredeemable moral monster of the DC universe meets the ultimate irredeemable moral monster of the Marvel universe. The DC monster blinks.

            On the other hand, it probably doesn’t say anything good about Trump – or the entire GOP, for that matter – that something that’s a bridge too far for the Joker isn’t a bridge too far for them.

            • dhudson2728

              Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least its an ethos. The Joker is some flavor of nihilist, of course he doesn’t care for Nazis.

  • M Lister

    SU-57 – maiden flight in 2010, supposed to be in mass-production by this time, but now test flights until 2018 at least, main weapons don’t fit in internal bay, rendering stealth capacity greatly reduced, made by a country that outlaws “gay propaganda” but emits a noticeable rainbow contrail, I’d say that things might not be going so well for this particular particular plane…

    • Mike in DC

      To be scrupulously fair, both of our 5th generation fighters have been plagued with difficulties too. The difference, i suspect, is that we have greater capacity to throw money at solving the problems until we get a serviceable end product.

      • Michael Cain

        Does the new Russian fighter depend on software to the same extent ours do? Do the Russians have the same difficulty delivering working software that we seem to?

  • Micheál Keane

    Going to engage in some blatant wife promotion here:

    Melissa Ryan, author of Ctrl-Alt-Right-Delete (https://ctrlaltrightdelete.com/), is doing a Kickstarter to bring together experts from different sectors to discuss fake news, the alt-right, etc and how to combat them. One of the problems she’s observed is that politicos are have one conversation, journalists another, national security yet another and tech, yes, also another and no one’s comparing notes.

    She’s two-thirds of the way to funding with 5 days left and every bit helps!


    • If alt-right is what Richard Spe^cer says it is, once and for all, what are we going to call the rump Dark Enlightenment folks? I’m okay with assuming they want to be lumped in there since they haven’t spoken out, but I’d like to be able to distinguish the pomo conservatives who pretend to be academically and intellectually sound and respectable from the naive lefties who get take in by them.

      Also waiting for some of the respectable conservative voices (edit: the ones who write long blog posts about theology that always stop as soon as the voice of someone not a white male has to be recognized) to weigh in. Have the “Trump Doctrine” publications spoken, either?

      (Edit: oh, here it is: https://blog.ayjay.org/34574-2/. Unsurprisingly what’s wrong with Vox Day, who here stands in for Charlottesville, is is insufficient knowledge of Anglican Christian theology. Who else doesn’t have an adequate understanding of Christian theology? The New Atheists! So atheists are to blame for Charlottesville? Probably. I mean, I’ve never stepped into most of these churches, but I totally believe they incorporate weekly doctrinal quizzes with severe penalties for failure, and that everyone who attends every week had the best understanding of the consubstantiation/transsubstantiation debate. I totally believe that because some anonymous asshole slags Gospel Christianity on Twitter, there’s good reason to believe people who aren’t “Gospel Christians” are haters.)

      • Okay, here’s another:

        Here, as is so often the case with this president and the media, Trump had a much better handle on reality than did his critics. He understood that what was going on in Charlottesville was more than a detestable white supremacy, but a breakdown in our sense of common bonds of citizenship.

        What sparked the original protest was a decision by Charlottesville to remove a statute of General Robert E. Lee, and we’ve come to a sad pass where any attempt to defend Lee can be labelled as the work of white supremacists. Not so long ago, Lee was recognized as a hero by both North and South, a man who was offered the command of the Union forces, and who had been the superintendent of West Point. He regarded slavery as an evil, but he makes a convenient target for the ideologues of the Left who seek to weaponize history.

        “I think continually of those who are truly great,” wrote Stephen Spender. And Lee was one of these.

        Stephen Spender. Could it be that they have no decency?

      • Sentient AI From The Future

        Hmm. Having just checked on a single prominent example of the self-styled “neoreactionaries” it seems like they became full alt-right as pretty much everyone expected them to. I haven’t checked reddit, small sample size, etc.

        Maybe I’ll run some more simulations. Hee.

        • Even the ones who love literature and history? The ones I knew talked ALL the time about the humanistic values that could be found in traditionalist writers. It’s simply unpossible that there was something like . . . doublespeak . . . so modern! . . . involved.

      • Origami Isopod


    • Anna in PDX

      Thanks, I will publicize on FB. I love her newsletter!

  • SomeTreasonBrewing

    Nice to see 4 of Maryland’s 8 Confederate monuments taken down last night by Baltimore. The Governor has come out against a 5th (the Taney statue outside the courthouse).

    • Hogan

      Taney wasn’t a Confederate.

      • allin58

        Boy, talk about technicalities . . . Taney’s decision was one of the key dominos that lead to the confederacy.

  • here’s another:

    A-10 pilot manages to ‘belly land’ his plane after gun malfunctions, canopy blows off, and landing gear fails

    • Hypersphericalcow

      Good god, that is an Apollo 13 level of problems. That plane really is a flying tank.

  • Whirrlaway

    The problem with Reconstruction isn’t that it _couldn’t_ work, but it was inadequately resourced. Stewart says an occupation level of 500 troops per county “well-resourced” was efficacious, but her map shows that rather few counties were to that level, and even that was chiseled away by Democratic party resurgence within 15 years. Half of a generation. Slavery was “re-established … in all but name” and here we are today, having killed a lot of people and spent a lot of money and blown up a lot of peach trees. Why was it we wanted to be in such a hurry to ‘preserve the Union” by pretending the slave states never separated and givng the racists votes in Congress, anyway? What were they THINKING?

    Actually, I’m sure everyone that mattered was thinking we have to put this train back on the tracks shitting gold bricks. And so the actual problem is that our form of government is incapable of doing nation-building in a non-rapacious way. As Western Civilization has proved over and over.

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