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Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan 2 years ago


Maybe we can talk about flying the confederate flag (which aren’t displayed in an official capacity in Maryland), but removing confederate statues is right out!

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday that he supports taking some steps to address concerns over the Confederate flag and whether it is a historic symbol or racist reminder, but extreme measures only represented “political correctness run amok.”
Asked whether he would review Confederate statues around the state in the same way that the city of Baltimore is doing, Hogan said he “would have no interest in that.”

Gov. Larry Hogan, yesterday, signalling he intends to run for a second term:

Gov. Larry Hogan joined a groundswell of opposition to Confederate-linked monuments on Tuesday, calling for the removal of a statue of the Supreme Court chief justice who wrote an 1857 decision that upheld slavery and denied citizenship to black Americans.

The statue of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney, a Calvert County native and author of the infamous Dred Scott decision, has stood on the front lawn of the State House in Annapolis since 1872, withstanding multiple efforts to remove it.

Meanwhile, in Charm City: Crews worked early this morning to rid the city of some large pieces of scrap metal.

As we’ve seen, confederate statues attract undesirable elements of society who use them as fetish objects in their weird, violent rituals. By removing them swiftly and in the middle of the night, supremacists are deprived of a rallying point for a protest in defense of statues commemorating treason and slavery.

Unless they want to stand around some empty plinths, looking pissed.

Yes it is all very symbolic. I assume some politicians will try to use agreeing to remove statues as a proxy for doing anything to stop the bigotry and oppression happening right under their noses. However, anyone who denies the importance of symbols to h. sapiens don’t know us very well.

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