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Surely, This Is It For Trump


Neo Nazi apologetics has to be The Line, right? And don’t call me Shirley.

When us lowly liberal type voters get up in arms, its one thing. But when people with corporate power and influence start bailing on the President? That’s got to be the sign of something else entirely. Four executives (as of the writing of this post) have publicly withdrawn and disassociated themselves from this administration specifically for the President’s silence, and blathering, about violence in Charlottesville. So that’s got to be it, right? This is what’s going to encourage GOP leadership to drop their shields and bury him, isn’t it? Not “the Russia thing”, but the f%^&ing Neo-Nazi apologist thing?

Admittedly, losing the support of the only people with the means to keep you in power because you think Indiana Jones And The Lost Ark is about moral relativism is pretty damn stupid. I’d much rather shovel popcorn into my mouth while watching that movie where its revealed the President conspired with the Kremlin to launder mob money and throw an election in his favor but this one is okay too.

Sweet mother of mercy, let it please be all over soon.

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  • Frank DiSalle

    See, here’s where I get confused…

    Thanks to Mr. Jonah Goldberg’s authoritative 2009 opus, “Liberal Fascism”…


    I understand that liberals are the REAL fascists, and vice versa.

    I have to admit that it was a bit sickening to see all those liberals all dressed up in brown uniforms parading around chanting hateful slogans and waving their confederate and Nazi flags.

    And all those poor people who got hit by the car— they must have been good Republicans and conservatives, right? It’s only logical!

    So: why doesn’t President Trump know all this?

    Shouldn’t he be denouncing all those hateful liberals and standing up for all those nice conservatives who got hit by the car?


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