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“For weddings, galas and private parties, The Mar-a-Lago Club is beyond compare.” The same could be said of a sewage treatment plant, but whevs.

Here’s a list. What do these organizations have in common?

  • The Red Cross.
  • The Salvation Army.
  • Susan G. Komen.
  • The Palm Beach Preservation Foundation.
  • The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation.
  • Cleveland Clinic.
  • The American Cancer Society.
  • American Friends of Magen David Adom.

They have all canceled events at Boobla Con’s sleazy pleasure dome in Palm Beach.

Three major national organizations — The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Susan G. Komen foundation — and one local charity all said Friday they were canceling events at the Palm Beach resort.

That came after three charities and organizations made similar announcements on Thursday.

The cancellations follow the spectacular implosion of Trump’s business councils this week over the president’s insistence that counter-protesters shared the blame for violence at a white nationalist rally.

Stand by for a tRumpTweet announcing that he has dozens of groups waiting to take their place.

Followed by an announcement that he has cancelled all events at Mar-a-Lago. #MAGA.

While a couple of organizations that decided to pull their business from Mar-a-Lago did not cite a reason, most named the current political climate as the reason for the move.

Current political climate serves as a euphemism for That lurid fascist fuck in the White House.

In a letter to staff Friday, chief executive Gail McGovern said, “The Red Cross provides assistance without discrimination to all people in need — regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or political opinions — and we must be clear and unequivocal in our defense of that principle.”.


Some of the club’s most notable local boosters, with long fundraising histories and deep Palm Beach roots, were also in outright rebellion Friday against the club. Lois Pope, a Mar-a-Lago member and philanthropist who heads the Lois Pope Life Foundation and Leaders In Furthering Education, said she had told her foundation’s board to move its well-known December gala from the club.

“The hatred, vitriol and anti-Semitic and racist views being spewed by neo-Nazis and white supremacists are repugnant and repulsive — and they are antithetical to everything that this country, and I personally stand for,” LIFE President Lois Pope said in a statement. “And anyone who would demonstrate even a modicum of support for them by insisting that there are ‘good people’ among them is not deserving of my personal patronage or that of my foundations.”

Big mouth strikes again, oh ho.

The Washington Post delved into the financial impact, and included a possible scenario that is sure to enrage the Confederate-in-Chief.

Those losses could reduce the club’s revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars by each event, and deny President Trump his dual role as president and host to the island’s partying elite. If he returns to the club for weekends next winter, the president could often find its grand ballrooms quiet and empty.

And when he sticks his head around the door, the cleaning crew all stop what they’re doing and stare at him until he goes away.

Trump’s club earned between $100,000 and $275,000 each from similar-sized events in the past.

But the cancellations also reveal a widening vulnerability for Trump, who, unlike past presidents, refused to divest from his business interests when he joined the White House.

I don’t think he’ll bloviate his way into insolvency. For all I know he’s already there. However, there’s no such thing as too much rejection where tRump is concerned.

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  • malraux

    A surprise cash flow crunch can easily undo a real estate tycoon. Or drive him to take more ill-advised loans from putin.

    • bowtiejack

      It’s always seemed to me that Trump with his string of bankruptcies (who loses money on a casino, for God’s sake?) and his real estate “empire” was poised for disaster.
      You buy a house with a down payment and a mortgage. Commercial real estate works the same way, except that leases, rentals, sales, etc., are the cash flow used to pay off the mortgage debt and make a profit. If that cash flow is choked off, the mortgage goes into default, the property is foreclosed and game over.
      For a number of years, Trump has been so toxic that he cannot get financing from US banks. That’s why he went to Deutsche Bank (cough, Russian money launderer, cough) and his “secret” (‘not gonna release my tax returns!’) sources. In point of fact, he is owned by the Russian mob (not the Russian government, although since Russia is a kleptocracy there’s not much difference).
      Enough stink on his brand and the leverage on his debt will very quickly eat him alive.

      • eventually, he will have an accident from one of his towers…..

      • Unemployed_Northeastern

        “For a number of years leading up to the present day, Trump has been so toxic that he cannot get financing from US banks.”


    • here’s the thing. They are willing to watch the drains, the essence of money laundering is that you pay a certain amount to clean the money. But Trump is stupid-isa, and thinks that money is his, and he will spend it, and that will go bad for him very soon. See the documentaries Breaking Bad, or Ozark. And he is the worst of RealEstate, taking his established money to pay for his new borrowed money, because his projects are not paying out in the way they were supposed to. And then he leverages his other properties to help make the nut, and then the only thing he can do is go to the Mob, except the NY mob doesn’t want to deal with him any more, so he has to go to the Russian mob, who want something more than vig.

    • Is he the first actual Real Estate Tycoon we’ve had as a President?

      • Mellano

        There’s all the antebellum southern planters, and a bunch of them were probably as overleveraged as Donald likely is.

        • When we we visited LA, we went to some of the Plantations, and the extent they went to gloss over the slavery aspects was kind of amazing and disturbing. Although one had an accounting of the worth of the plantations, and it including a disturbing account of each slave’s dollar amount.

          • majeff

            I love how these slave labor camps have become wedding destinations. It’s just, wha?

        • Unemployed_Northeastern

          Washington, Jefferson, Madison, AND Monroe pretty much all died penniless. By which I mean hounded by debtors and their families had to sell their estates immediately.

          • Thlayli

            hounded by debtors


            (See, Ma? That four years of B-school paid off!)

      • Shantanu Saha

        Please be accurate. Substitute “pretended” for “actual.”

  • Zagarna_84

    New defense in the lawsuit against him: “These can’t be emoluments, everyone’s boycotting them anyway!!1!”

    Hey, it makes more sense than what they’ve argued so far.

    • at this point, they might try “Purple Monkey Dishwasher” as a defense.

      • Bri2k

        Figures, my dishwasher only has a setting for orange monkeys.

  • brad

    I hear Richard Spencer is lacking for venues…

    • Based on the turn out in Boston he should be able to keep hosting events at his apartment.

      Maybe tRump’s next new venture will be some sort of crowdfunding scam that ostensibly gives fascists a way to raise money so that they can host events at MaL.

      • brad

        Sounds like it’s time to call Russia and get the bot army donating let the American people help save free speech.

  • randykhan

    Pre-campaign, Trump probably would have sued all of them for backing out of their contracts. I wonder if he’ll do that now or if even he can see that would be a bad idea.

    • efgoldman

      I wonder if he’ll do that now or if even he can see that would be a bad idea.

      He may want to, but his lawyers will know that they don’t want to go thru discovery.

      • Yixing’s Fluffer

        Which lawyer is actually focused on the client? Most seem to be making television appearances or passing along conspiracy theories.

      • like he ever listens to his lawyers.

        • Unemployed_Northeastern

          He’s been sued by his own law firms multiple times for non-payment.

        • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

          “I pay *you* to listen to me!!” Trump has been dropped by at least one firm when they recommended he not proceed with one of his beloved lawsuits. So he found one that would.
          My wife used to work in entertainment law, so has dealt with similar personalities. On some levels, being a lawyer is basically getting paid to act like someone’s friend. And it has been noted that Trump has a conspicuous absence of actual friends.

    • stepped pyramids

      Wouldn’t it have to be Don Jr. who sued? I know his “trust” is a transparent facade, but from a purely legal standpoint I’d be surprised if Donny John can sue.

      • tsam100

        Trump seems like just the kind of guy to give it a shot, and try like hell to use White House counsel to do it.

        • Surely, in that case, Congressional Republicans would… Oh, yeah, who am I kidding?

    • Warren Terra

      Didn’t he sue the guy who backed out of running the restaurant at the Trump International Hotel in DC?

      Though, that turns out to be the one Trump property in high demand, for extremely corrupt reasons.

      • randykhan

        There were two chefs who pulled out and were sued, and both settled in early April. My working assumption is that they didn’t pay him (uh, I mean the wholly separate Trump Organization) a dime.

  • barkleyg

    ” there’s no such thing as too much rejection where tRump is concerned.”

    S/B: ALL publicity is Good Publicity!

  • JDTrust

    Sorry, Shakezula — betting on the idea that stupidity or racism is a deal-breaker is… forgiving, at best.

    If you’re hoping for insolvency — well, I invite you to guess how much of a pain in the ass it is when “being able to pierce the corporate veil” = “prove fiduciary misconduct under guise of Executive Order”

    Beg pardon, but — if I were trying to self-enrich *and* fire up the base, that’s what I’d do.

  • tsam100

    I’m kinda getting tired of these people that claim to just now be having epiphanies about Trump. If you sat on one of his councils, work in his administration, had events booked at a place owned by a SITTING PRESIDENT, you were a fucking asshole to start. Everyone knew Trump was a racist authoritarian before Charlottesville, and people who aided him participated in that.

    • Yixing’s Fluffer

      You’ll be delighted to know the Governor of South Carolina, and a big Trumper, is having absolutely no epiphanies:


      • tsam100

        Die in a fire, McMaster.
        Honestly, I have a small shred of respect for someone who at least was all in with the scuzbucketry at the start and sticks with it. Outfits like the Red Cross and Salvation Army had no business doing business with a piece of shit like Trump, and have no business spending their donation proceeds on an opulent piece of shit like Mar-a-fucko

        • efgoldman

          Outfits like the Red Cross and Salvation Army had no business doing business with a piece of shit like Trump

          Especially because there are dozens of posh clubs NOT owned by him thruout Florida.

          • Judas Peckerwood

            Outfits like the Red Cross and Salvation Army had no business doing business with a piece of shit like Trump.

            Actually, if you view them through a clear historical lens, you’ll see that they’re a perfect match for Trump,

            • tsam100

              Well, they actually do accomplish some good things for people, but they don’t have to be such slimeballs doing it. Trump is nothing but a parasite.

            • Yeah, I, for one, will never forget Elizabeth Dole wrecking the Red Cross and destroying their blood collection/donation side.

              • Has Peter Thiel considered a friendly takeover?

              • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

                Shit. That was their one competent side – I used to work in emergency management, and Red Cross was always a mess. It seemed like every 9 months, there’d be a completely new management team. They can open shelters fine, but they always bungle something. Their responses to Sandy and Haiti were complete embarrassments.

          • also, you have the opportunity to patronize excellent places that have much lower chances of being swamped by the effects of Global Warming that the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge….

        • Thirtyish

          Honestly, I have a small shred of respect for someone who at least was all in with the scuzbucketry at the start and sticks with it.

          I find such people all the more terrifying, personally.

          • tsam100

            Right, but we know to be terrified of that person. People who claim altruism or charity while dealing with a Trump are garbage just like Trump.

        • aab84

          It’s also just so tacky. I mean, you spend money on the Four Seasons, at least you’re getting the Four Seasons. Gala/banquet/charity lunch food is bad enough as it is. Based on all the photos of food from Trump restaurants, I shudder to think about what they’re serving 300 people. If you’re going to spend Mar-a-Lago money on a gala, why do it at Mar-a-Lago?

        • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

          Red Cross is chartered by Federal law as the agency to operate emergency shelters, so they can’t have *zero* relationship with the White House. But there is no law saying they have to hold events at his properties, and it certainly looks/is shady as shit.

  • Hogan

    And when he sticks his head around the door, the cleaning crew all stop what they’re doing and stare at him until he goes away.

    I love you SO MUCH.

    • I’m disappointed to hear that they’ll stop what they’re doing. If they were really committed to cleaning, they’d rush forward and scrub at him until he went away.

      Of course, they probably aren’t equipped with hazmat suits.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Here’s a list. What do these organizations have in common?

    The Red Cross.

    The Salvation Army.

    Susan G. Komen.

    The Palm Beach Preservation Foundation.

    The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation.

    Cleveland Clinic.

    The American Cancer Society.

    American Friends of Magen David Adom.

    They have all canceled events at Boobla Con’s sleazy pleasure dome in Palm Beach.

    Also, they are are run by awful people who thought/think that doing business with Donald Trump is acceptable.

    I’m proud to say that I’ve never given any of them a nickel, though I’ve proudly supported organizations who do what they claim to do, but who do it more efficiently and without the scumbaggy right-wing connections.

    • Gwai Lo, MD

      Doing business with Trump is awful. But it’s not like they went INTO business with him.

      I’m still quite happy for them moving their money elsewhere. My ultimate prayer is that he becomes penniless and unable to secure any sort of income.

      • Judas Peckerwood

        Sorry, but putting money into a scumbag’s pocket is supporting said scumbag’s business. Not sure what the supposed difference is.

      • Robbert

        I’m right there with you; I want his presidency to end with him – and his kids! – becoming penniless and completely shunned by society. Jail time, as a possible result of the Mueller investigation, would be a nice cherry on top but the main thing would be for him having to live his own worst nightmare, and it seems to me that to him the former is much scarier than the latter.

        • You’re more generous towards them than I am. When I find myself thinking about the endgame I want for the Trumps, my thoughts range from King Lear to Titus Andronicus.

          • Shantanu Saha

            With Trump as Tamora?

    • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

      Cleveland Clinic is run by awful people? I’m listening …

  • mattmcirvin

    Note, these are not organizations known for being particularly left-wing.

    • Warren Terra

      The Salvation Army is a bit complicated in this regard. And the American Cancer Society is rather more reputable than Komen or the Red Cross.

    • Abigail Nussbaum

      Magen David Adom, in particular, is an interesting case. For those who don’t know, that’s the Israeli ambulance service (the name literally means “red Star of David”), and as we all pretty much know, Israel and its right-wing Jewish supporters have been playing footsie with Trump since before the election. It’s encouraging to see some chinks in that armor.

      • sigaba

        MDA and the American Friends of MDA should be understood to have different allegiances. But then again Trump did bothsides guys carrying swastikas and chanting “The Jews Will Not Replace Us!”

      • DAS

        Of course, part of the reason why Magen David Adom has it’s own obnoxious fundraising network is because the International Red Cross in their infinite wisdom has decided that a Jewish State has to use either a Christian or Muslim symbol and can’t use a Jewish symbol.

  • Warren Terra

    See also the Trump SoHo 5 star hotel, which has slashed its room rates in half, fired a big chunk of its staff, lost its destination restaurant, and has about a third as many corporate event bookings it did a year ago, booked by lower-profile clients.

    Though, of course, Trump International Hotel in DC is making huge money, is charging more per room than its peers. But then, it’s close to the heart of government, a good venue for lobbyists to be seen currying favor by renting suites and ballrooms, and has a restaurant in which tourists and international criminals alike are likely to dine in close proximity to cabinet members or even the President.

    • sanjait

      Overheard in the Trump International Hotel bar: “you want a toe? I can get you a toe no problem dude.”

      • Man, biometric hacking has gotten way too complicated.

    • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

      Trump leaving office prematurely (the jokes write themselves) was always something of a pipe dream. But the destruction of his businesses seemed more plausible, and I am greatly pleased with how it is proceeding.

  • Boobla Con is pure genius.

    • N__B

      In Washington did Boobla Con a bigotry decree…

      • Friendly amendment:

        In Washington did Boobla Con
        A states-rights bigotry decree…

    • Warren Terra

      I was thinking maybe KKKubla Con?

      • so-in-so

        Is that what the racists call their annual convention?

    • sigaba

      In Florida did Boobla Con
      A sleazy pleasure-dome decree:
      Where Cash, a fetid river, ran
      Through vaults measureless to man
      Down to a brainless sea.

      So twice five miles of Aryan ground
      With walls and towers were girdled round:
      And there were gardens gilt with golden paint,
      Where blossomed many a Twitter tweet;
      And here supermodels are groped and faint,
      Overcome by quaaludes slipped discreet.

      • sibusisodan

        Bravo. It’s an excellent version of a poem I was writing on the subject, but I was interrupted by a Morlock, and lost the thread.

      • Not enough upvotes in all of Disqus for this!

    • And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
      His tiny hands, his orange hair!

  • aab84

    The post-presidency Trump empire is going to have to be a (for lack of a better word) downmarket one, no? I know the average Trump voter had an above-average income, but most rich people aren’t going to want to be associated with this. Their bookings from business travelers must just be getting absolutely killed at every Trump hotel other than the DC one.

    But Trump’s brand is “luxury.” What does a downmarket “luxury” hotel and branding business even look like? I don’t see how this is supposed to work.

    • Princetonlawyer

      I dimly recall after the election, or maybe even during the campaign, he was planning a chain of hotels targeted at the deplorables. Anyone remember that?

      • Unemployed_Northeastern

        I remember it, but only as much as you’ve already described. Aimed at Millennials or some sh*t b/c obviously all young people look up to Ivanka and Jared.

      • ericblair

        From what I understood, the whole thing was barely above drunk-guy-at-the-bar level of analysis when it was presented. Some pro was explaining that at this point you’d expect to see a detailed branding, marketing and financial analysis, and an initial set of licencees ready to go, and they had some logo on a PowerPoint with one hotel sort of saying they’d sign up. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Shantanu Saha

      Clearly you have never been to the Trump Taj Mahal. I have, so I know.

    • “Luxury” varies. For an awful lot of the dimmer arriviste types, it’s gold toilets and wildly overpriced entrees that are basically Sysco-supplied standard restaurant fare with a French name applied. It is luxury as poorly remembered from Lifestyle of the Rich and Fatuous coupled with imagined acquisitions from the pages of Vogue and Playboy.
      So going to a place like one of the Trump dumps is going to seem exotic to these folks. They will happily pay $24.95 for a 2X2-inch square of Stouffer’s mac-n-cheese to go along with the $52.95 wad of burned gristle. They will wash it down with at $25 potato martini before retiring to their $600 a night room to shit in the gold commode and crawl between the 200-thread-count sheets. There, they’ll dream of paradise.

  • I am eager to see what his International holdings do, since now they are big, throbbing, golden ugly targets, when his tenants say “SHit! Is that an airplane headed toward us?”

    • Warren Terra

      I think boycotts are rather more likely than terrorism, and certainly more to be wished for.

      • Shantanu Saha

        Empty hotels aren’t inviting targets for terrorists.

        • Surely even terrorists sometimes give in to esthetic impulses?

  • sanjait

    It’s good that people are finally responding to Trump appropriately, as a bigoted not normal president.

    But, dang, why are all these charities having such high dollar events? I cannonly assume it is how they draw donations from rich mega donors, but still. When I donate to groups like those I sure as shit don’t want that money going to golf junkets.

    • Shantanu Saha

      80% of donations to Trump charities paid for golf junkets for Trump. The other 20% paid for portraits.

    • For far too many charities, costly events are considered a major part of how they raise money. In some cases, the events actually clear substantial amounts.
      United Way is kind of the poster child for how this sort of thing completely breaks down, even at the local level. Our local chapter went bankrupt after the woman serving as director managed to drain it dry by paying herself a handsome salary and using the rest for high-end fundraising functions that broke even at best and lost money most of the time.

    • Perkniticky

      Philanthropy is a scam in the US. Americans like to crow about how charitable they are – I wonder if it really counts as charity when the majority of donations are going toward lining the pockets of other rich people.

    • woodrowfan

      some people with big bank accounts will only write checks if it is for something like this., then they brag about how generous they are even if the non-profit only received a small amount of the money.

    • randykhan

      I work with a couple of non-profits that run galas. I won’t say they’re incredibly efficient as fundraisers, but you can raise a fair amount on the whole from them, and they’re where you get high-dollar donations. From what I can find, the ballroom has a capacity of around 800, so if you were charging $500 or $1,000 per ticket, you could do pretty well, and I would assume that the Palm Beach charities are charging around that much (on average – table sponsors, etc. pay more on a per-seat basis than regular attendees, and that’s where you really make your money).

      • DAS

        It may be more of a northeastern Jewish thing, but our gala fundraisers also have commemorative “journals” that people pay for “ads” in that bring in a good chunk of money. You also kill two birds with one stone at these gala events as they often honor big volunteers and big donors (sometimes the same people: even the leisure classes need to do something with their time), so instead of paying to honor someone who truly has done a lot for your organization, you use honoring them as a fundraising opportunity.

  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO


  • woodrowfan

    GAD, talk about “look at my works and despair.” I’ve seen painting on black velvet at flea markets that were less tacky than that room…..

  • CP

    The irony: he thought being president would send his Mar-A-Largo business skyrocketing. Instead…

    • Well (just sticking to Florida), Challenger was a sort of skyrocket. [Note: I have used the <spoiler> </spoiler> delimiters as triggerguards, just in case.]

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