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What Concrete Steps Will Congressional Republicans Take After Trump Announced His Support for NeoNazis?


None, of course.

Despite House Democrats’ calls for hearings on the rise of white supremacy, the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees the Department of Justice’s handling of domestic terrorism, has no immediate plans to schedule one, aides say. The House Homeland Security Committee is lumping the issue into an annual “global threats” hearing scheduled sometime in September. And while Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has suggested hearings in the Senate, Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has no plans to call for one focused on the events in Charlottesville.

GOP leaders, meanwhile, aren’t leaning on their allies to hold public sessions or launch inquiries. Speaker Paul Ryan’s office deferred questions on potential congressional action to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and would not say whether the speaker believes action is warranted. McCarthy has been out of the country but intends to discuss the matter with panel chairmen. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office indicated that it’s up to individual committee chairs to set their own hearing schedule.

Brave, brave leadership there! I mean, sure, maybe (although probably not) most House and Senate Republicans disagree with Trump. But hey, Ron Johnson is slightly uncomfortable with Trump’s talk and wished reporters would go back to important things like upper class tax cuts. By the way, thanks Wisconsin whites!

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  • brad

    They don’t need to study it, they’ve been marinating in it for at least 23 years now. (If you want to be charitable and start with the Gingrich/Limbaugh revolution.)

  • Dems should hold hearings independently. Set it up in a Holiday Inn and do it off the clock if they have to. I’m sure there’d be plenty of volunteer witnesses. That would draw some attention and shame the Rs.

    • kaydenpat

      Interesting idea but I doubt the media would breathlessly cover it like they’ve covered Trump’s every move.

      • You don’t think he’s get pissed and tweet about it?

        • The Kids Aren’t AltRight

          I can’t see the point to hearings. If anyone can’t already see he is too corrupt and incompotent to lead, that person cannot be convinced otherwise. I don’t think one more twitter meltdown will finally be the one to stop him.

          • Chet Murthy

            It’s an interesting question. A priori, I agree with this comment — anybody who doesn’t get this already, is a stone cold racist. But as someone (FPer?) pointed out, the art and science of politics is to forge coalitions out of people who don’t quite agree with you; maybe they barely agree with you. So maybe there are enough low-information voters out there, that it’s worth the public relations push to show them, to educate them. Maybe.

            Two counter-points:

            (1) I remember that “Latinos for Trump” guy in LA — turned out (IIRC) he showed up at white supremacist rallies and such. Yeah, not worth trying to convince.

            (2) there’s a shit-ton of Dem-leaning folks who don’t vote (for many reasons, including suppression). I gotta wonder if the money’s not better-spent, if the -time- isn’t better spent, getting these people registered and keeping them registered.

            • The Kids Aren’t AltRight

              I definitely agree with point 2, but, unfortunately, that can’t take effect until 2018 or 2020. In the mean time, we need “moderate” (eg non-nazi) Republicans in order to limit Trump’s power, and “furrow brow whilst holding out for tax cuts” seems to be as far as they are willing to go. If Nazi murder isn’t enough to stop Trump, we are looking at a pretty terrible world by 2018.

          • You could use them to expose the Nazis and the Trump connection. Collate and present the numerous pictures of them in their MAGS hats as well as swastikas.

        • kaydenpat

          Not sure. Perhaps he’d call them losers and enemies but the media still wouldn’t cover the hearings so I’m not sure what they’d accomplish. But you’re right that Democrats need to think outside the box.

        • sigaba

          Not unless Fox covered them. He wouldn’t know they were happening otherwise.

  • tsam100

    They SAID they don’t like. They even sent some tweets. What more do you want?

    • kaydenpat

      Not many Republicans spoke out against their President and the few that I saw speaking out didn’t specifically call out Trump.

      He may really have to shoot someone White on 5th Avenue to be condemned by Republicans.

      • The Kids Aren’t AltRight

        The Republicans may be very concerned about his actions, but they won’t be able to tell if he really meant to shoot that person, the person was no angel, and liberals are the real true murderers in our country anyway.

      • tsam100

        Dead girl, live boy. It’s sickening to contemplate, but that’s where we are.

      • so-in-so

        Is the person he shoots black or white? Liberal or GOP? Member of Congress? I suspect that totally matters.

        • kaydenpat

          Fir it to matter with Republicans, he’d have to shoot a White, Christian, straight Conservative — preferably wealthy.

  • Steve LaBonne

    None. This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

  • Joe Paulson

    Facts are unpleasant things sometimes.


  • sigaba

    Let’s face it, they don’t wanna have to listen to this guy bawl his eyes out for half an hour about how mean the police are.

    I’ve known vegan ALF activists who were more composed in similar situations.


    • Hogan

      The oppressors always insist they’re the ones being oppressed.

      • tsam100

        So do the oppressed. Ergo, both sides do it. CheckM8

        Been having a heated FB discussion with a (guess what color) asshole who keeps insisting that BLM and Antifa are violent too, therefore just like nazis. Lucky for him he lives far away.

        • NonyNony

          As I’ve been telling the idiots I fight with, you don’t get to “both sides” when Nazis are one of the sides. The two sides cannot be the same because even if they use the same tactics, only Nazis use them to advance the agenda that there are races of people who are subhumans who need to be rounded up into camps and exterminated.

          And if you are apologizing for Nazi violence you need to have a good hard think about what is wrong with your life.

          • tsam100

            No shit. Further-if it occurs to you to criticize the people countering nazis, you got real fuckin problems.

        • Solar System Wolf

          Have you been talking to my old high school friends again?

    • Judas Peckerwood

      That video made my day.

    • Stella Barbone

      His first amendment right to not be criticized* is being violated.

      *Applies only to the right wing.

      • Gwai Lo, MD

        Ah, the Snowflake Clause within the First Amendment

    • tsam100

      Saw that. Proves himself to be the weakass fucking coward we all know he is.

    • hellslittlestangel

      He was featured in the Vice News story on Charlottesville. Seems like a sensitive guy. He expressed his disappointment with Trump, who gave “his daughter to a Jew.”


      • sigaba

        I think his exact words were something along the lines of “I want to wretch when I see that beautiful white woman with that Jew Kushner.” Real charmer.

        He also insisted that if you know Dylan Roof’s name but you can’t name all 20 9/11 hijackers, that’s summary proof that you’re in the tank against Big White.

        He also kept getting maced and pouring milk in his face, in a routine that Christoper Guest is probably already doing in pitch meetings.

        (I did a ton of research on SovCits/Redemptionists/White Power types for a screenplay years ago, could never make heads or tails of it but I’m sorta tempted to go over it all again. I never considered a black(ha ha) comedy.)

        • He also kept getting maced and pouring milk in his face

          So, finally, we understand precisely how the white race cannot survive without dairy products!!!

          • Gareth

            I thought they were supposed to drink it.

          • nick056

            “Local milk people.”

        • Howard_Bannister

          Black comedy about Know Your Rights types, you say? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CIRP36fyM4

      • sigaba

        Somebody recently discovered this guy appearing on a Colbert Report episode years ago, when him and his high school friends would spend afternoons harassing parking officers in his hometown in CT.


    • LeeEsq

      But police aren’t supposed to arrest White People. (Sarcasm).

      • The Kids Aren’t AltRight

        Are you the Lee that used to comment on Pandagon like a million years ago?

        • LeeEsq

          Yes, I think it was more like ten.

          • The Kids Aren’t AltRight

            Haha. I used to comment there quite a bit but sort of quit the internet several years ago (Under Alysia). I have been almost literally going insane in light of recent political events and decided to reopen the old Disqus to at least be helpless with interesting discussions. kind of crazy that some of the same people are around.

      • kaydenpat

        So far they’ve only arrested four people. Pales in comparison to how many they arrested in Ferguson.

    • majeff

      What are Nazis’ favorite brand of adult diapers?

    • aab84


      • sigaba

        I agree very much, a lot of these guys are so unrecognizable it’s a joke compared to activists I’ve worked with. As I said, I’ve known ALFers that were turning themselves in, and they weren’t crying, they were researching how to eat vegan in jail*.

        When people commit to these kinds or demos or direct actions, they never take anything that even looks like a gun, they bring cameras, they bring neutral witnesses, they tell everybody they know, supporting or not, what they’re doing. And if they get arrested they’re fucking proud of it, they’ve got a stack of phone numbers and a legal aid team waiting for them at the arraignment. They keep their mouths fucking shut and they know everything they do will be portrayed negatively, so they prepare.

        These guys though, are just the pits, the absolute pits. Such garbage. They’re literally cosplaying political action.

        * Tell the guards you’re a Jehovah’s Witness.

    • Unree

      Postnasal drip sniffle hard to achieve without cocaine + self-pity. Hair Furor knows the combo.

  • Shalimar

    Blah blah bullshit blah. Anonymous sources in the White House are very disappointed in Trump too, but not for the horrible racism. They hear him ranting about that shit every day. They’re disappointed the idiot-in-chief was public about his Nazi sympathies.

    • David

      Completely. Conservatives have been salivating at the chance to turn back the clock. If anyone thinks that means everything except civil rights, they haven’t a brain cell between them.

      • gyrfalcon

        80% of conservatives want Twitler to turn back the clock to 1963. 20% want him to turn it back to 1863. If he had anything resembling basic math skills, I might give him minimal credit for trying to deliver them a weighted average.

  • John Griffone

    Remind me, how many hearings did they hold about Benghazi?

    • David

      This is a trick question. They just got sued to reopen the emails probe.

      • Joe Paulson

        Wasn’t that a freedom of information request for documents?

        • David

          Nope. They want the search to continue…


          It’s based on a FOIA but requires they continue to search other individual’s emails for unknown correspondence apparently. And if they find a semicolon that wasn’t there before, we know what happens next.

          • Joe Paulson

            I’m not sure what you are refuting.

            The article and the one linked to it speaks of a FOIA request for documents. That is the “suit.” The judge determined the search wasn’t comprehensive enough. I don’t know what “email probe” meant (sounds like more than a search for documents, but okay) exactly.

            Sure, the group wants to find some gotcha in the documents, but they also are about finding new things to justify their existence in general.

            • David

              My understanding is a usual FOIA would just reveal documents that were not previously released. This goes further by continuing to look at who may have had emails sent to them by way of her server.

              I suppose you could use investigation as the term but that usually assumes criminal activity is known. A probe is a hunt for criminal activity and that’s what the suit is trying to find. I assume this is also why Lynch said call it a “matter” and not “an investigation”.

              EDIT: I looked a little more closely at the request, it seems pretty clear they knew their request was going to expand the probe for emails since her server was private it’s not possible to cover the FOIA request with what they have.

  • nick056


    John Judis’s post today at TPM is awful. Josh Marshall needs to take his keys away.

    • sigaba

      Who could have predicted that JJ was going to write a post about how Trump is really just a naif who came of age at A Certain Time?

      • Gwai Lo, MD

        TPM, typical Right-Wing rag. Unlike the Federalist. (It also contains the best name for the Tiki Party’s little caucus. I laughed for an hour straight.)


        • sigaba

          Naturally the first thing I think of when people say “Citronella” is Sukkot.

    • Tom B

      JMM is far more moderate than I, but that’s actually something I like about him: he tends to be among the most calm of the largest liberal bloggers. But Judis is just a blight on that site. It’s like MSNBC hiring Hugh Hewitt.

    • Hypersphericalcow

      I’m reading that article right now: ugh. We are well past the point of giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.

      • nick056

        Hard to recall a worse post in the history of the TPM ed blog.

        • weirdnoise

          Josh has played the skeptic and given Trump the benefit of the doubt when there was a bit of daylight between the suspicion and the obvious, but he soon comes around and his observations on Trump are then dead-on.

          Judis has yet to hit the target.

    • There are just so many liberal-to-left pundits and writers who just seem to write things so frequently that can only be described as “awful.” Is there one–not a net-roots type or blogger–who can’t be described that way even by the typical liberal?

      I end up grasping for explanations like “writing is hard,” “Original Sin,” “the working out of the dialectic,” none of which is really satisfying.

    • ExpatJK

      I’m just going to leave this here:

      When Donald Trump won the presidency last November, I believed that he would grow into the presidency. I attributed his incendiary views on Mexicans or his past promotion of birtherism to campaign theatrics. He was looking for applause (votes). When he became president, he would be humbled by his responsibility to govern the entire nation (rather than energizing the faithful) and his role as world leader. He would still press some of his policies on trade, immigration, taxes, and infrastructure, but would do so soberly and with a view toward winning majority support.

      Trump is not an obvious anti-Semite – think of his Jewish son-in-law and converted daughter. He has not advanced programs that would be designed to stigmatize or punish blacks. He is not ideological in that sense.

      • Tom B

        JFC. This is what I’m sayin’.

  • LeeEsq

    Like their President, Republicans in Congress always fail at the easy choices.

  • Kurzbein

    I never get tired of this photo of McConnell. He’s on the short list of the US Senators most destructive to the nation, but somehow this photo of him as a typical 80’s schlub makes that more palatable. YMMV.

    • Wojciech

      Didn’t he start off as a Rockefeller Republican?

      • Kurzbein

        Not sure.

      • Jordan

        thats (sort of) the story, but I’ve only ever read that in the kind of places that would want to push that narrative, so unsure.

  • keta

    So apparently the fucknut who runs this crackpot website sent an email extolling the heroics of Lee and “equating the South’s rebellion to that of the American Revolution against England” to Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd, who then forwarded the nonsense “to more than two dozen recipients, including a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security, The Wall Street Journal editorial page and journalists at Fox News and The Washington Times.”

    Here’s a portion of the missive:

    So that’s where the leadership of America is rooted today. In fucking cuckoo-land. And the Republican elects sit on their fucking hands and mumble sanctimonious mumbo-jumbo about American values and how deeply they respect them.

    What a fucked up way to “lead” a country.

    • Wow. That’s insane.

    • brad

      Just wait till the indictments start to roll in. Crazy shit to distract and crowd headlines will become an important tool. Already has been.

    • sigaba

      Both Lee’s and Washington’s rep as great commanders are wide open debates, both were regarded as very charismatic but Lee had a rep an a consummate tactician who completely failed to appreciate the strategic situation of the CSA and fight accordingly. Washington lost a lot of battles, Horatio Gates was arguably the better battlefield commander and even, dare we say, Benedict Arnold had a better rep for personal bravery. Also Washington won and Lee lost, just throwing that out there.

      We could also throw in that slave emancipation was already being discussed in Parliament at the time of the AmRev and was as contributing factor to the revolution, so I guess they got us.

      • Unemployed_Northeastern

        Equating the battle record of Washington with that of Alexander the Great is only slightly less stupid than comparing the 100m sprint times of Donald Trump to that of Usain Bolt.

    • Robert E Lee did save America… by losing. Points for creativity there.

    • Veleda_k

      Lee saved America much like Hitler heroically killed Hitler.

      • Gwai Lo, MD

        I’m keeping that line in my back pocket. It’s Godwin to the Confederacy power.

    • kaydenpat

      Didn’t know that a crackpot Rightwing website was the source of that nonsense. How comforting that Trump’s lawyer parrots Rightwing extremists.

      • Unemployed_Northeastern

        But Mueller has a lawyer who once donated $100 to a Democratic candidate somewhere so both sides do it but the Deep State is worse.

    • N__B

      You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington, there literally is no difference between the two men.

      That would come as a surprise to their closest loved ones, Martha Washington and Traveller.

    • Eric K

      I will give them this, Washington and Lee both led armies rebelling against the ruling government at the time.

      I fully support them not putting any statues of George Washington in London.

      • wjts

        This is not a great argument because, as noted in a previous thread, there is a statue of Washington in Trafalgar Square.

        • Eric K

          Mostly just a joke.

          But if they do want to get rid of it, well within their rights

        • Unemployed_Northeastern

          But how many statues are there of John Paul Jones in England?

          • PohranicniStraze

            At least one, in Cumbria.

            • Unemployed_Northeastern

              Huh. That’s at least one more than I was expecting.

    • JDTrust

      An extraordinarily gentle critique of the silliness offered by the crackpot in defense of Lee (Disclaimer: I did not follow the link, as I give presumption of accuracy to the commentariat here, especially when they use words like ‘crackpot website’)

      1) Factually true
      2) Factually true
      3) Likely true(?) (No personal knowledge, but accepted arguendo)
      4) Definition of “saved” needed (and I can’t *wait* to hear this one…)
      5) Definition of “great” needed (See #4)
      6) Further explanation needed for how Napoleon, Shaka Zulu, Alexander the Great, and Ramses the II saved America (See #4)
      7) Further support needed for assertion that Washington and Lee are… apparently genetic clones?

      I freely admit to having odd ideas about free speech, the role of government in society, and all sorts of other interesting/debatable issues — but, really? “You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington” because they’re both great men who saved America (like Shaka Zulu??) and are indistinguishable from one another?

    • ExpatJK

      The idea of Lee and Washington being equated to Napoleon (great spelling there, fuckwits who write this nonsense), Shaka Zulu, and Alexander the Great…I can’t even.

    • Unemployed_Northeastern

      Let's tease out this string of *logic* a bit more:

      1) Alexander the Great was a bisexual, alcoholic polygamist who adopted many Middle Eastern customs
      2) there is no difference between Alexander the Great and General Lee
      3) General Lee was a bisexual, alcoholic polygamist who adopted many Middle Eastern customs.


  • OT: I wonder how our favorite Trump delegate/Vampire Pete Thiel feels about this:


    • David

      People like Thiel drive me crazy. I’m fine if you wanna screw yourself through poor choices, but please don’t act like the rest of us are stupid if we don’t agree with it. Voting for conservatives as a gay man based on “economic concerns” is a big FU to your rights both personal and professional. Do they really think being shoved into a closet affords them a piece of that economic pie? Of course Thiel is already rich, let the rest eat cake.

      Blood sucker indeed.

      • Unemployed_Northeastern

        Thiel is a case study in cognitive dissonance. Hence the double Stanford graduate who made his money in venture capital – an industry that views Brown and Cornell as second-tier schools – gives scholarships to kids to NOT attend college.

  • bender

    Of all the actions Congressional Democrats could demand from Republicans, why are they asking for hearings? The SPLC and the ACLU issue reports frequently.

    To hell with symbolic crap. Restore the pre-clearance provisions of the VRA. Do something about voter suppression. Require collection of statistics on police shootings. Make a demand for anything on BLM’s list.

    • wherewhich the werewitch

      Good energy, but I would like to subscribe to the part of your newsletter that explains how a congressional minority reinstates pre-clearance, institutes reporting requirements, or, really, does anything legislatively whatsoever…..

      • Deborah Bender

        Possibly missing my point? Do you think the House or Senate leadership is going to respond favorably to Democratic demands for new hearings?

        It’s of some use to try to introduce bills or resolutions that have no immediate chance of passing. If you are going to do that, at least make what you push for a clear statement of what the other side ought to be doing, and make them defend why they aren’t doing it. In that respect, “hearings” is relatively content-free.

  • Charles S
  • Unemployed_Northeastern

    Anyone find it a bit disheartening that, given the company’s infamous Nazi ties before and in WWII, the CEO of IBM wasn’t the first person to bolt from Trump’s BS CEO advisory board after Tuesday’s Trump tirade?

    • randomworker

      Government contacts are a hell of a drug.

    • Chet Murthy

      [NB: I worked there 19yr] Give ’em a break. They’re a failing empire. Been cooking the books since 1996. Literally. They have no viable business left except for the mainframe. [and yeah, I got details on that.] They’re dancing as -fast- as they can. So now they gotta dance a bit faster b/c they got themselves caught up with a fascist? Shit, that’s just another lead zeppelin they’re tryin’ to keep flyin’. They’re fucked, and it’s just a matter of time. The glide path went from “shallow” to “oh shit goddamn” in 2013.

      Let me try again: when a company is run by grifters, don’t expect them to care about human rights. They’re too busy trying to not get knifed in the back. Just sayin’.

  • They will investigate the alt-left? Not the one defined as “people Scott Lemieux has criticized in front-page LGM posts”, the one that rhymes with Bureau of Land Management? It seems a little proactive for this team though.

  • MikeG

    Trump the brilliant tycoon made a business council go out of business.

  • Zagarna_84

    Oddly, in some respects I too wish reporters would go back to important things like upper-class tax cuts, on account of Congressional Republicans are up for reelection a lot sooner than Trump is and their plan is going to make BCRA look as popular as Social Security by comparison.

    But… having asked the question of what these congresscritters think about Trump’s words, it’s media malpractice not to follow up with the question of what concrete actions they plan to take in response, and lead with that, not the hot take verbiage. It’s like our media has literally never heard the phrase “talk is cheap.”

    • Gwai Lo, MD

      If you don’t have your impeachment, you can’t have your tax cuts. How can you have any tax cuts when you don’t have your impeachment?

      • Unemployed_Northeastern

        +1 for oblique Pink Floyd reference.

    • DAS

      How unpopular are upper class tax cuts, though? I reckon most people figure that they might be millionaires who’ll benefit from those tax cuts maybe someday. And anyway, usually these tax cuts of designed so that way the GOP can claim the median family will also see (trivially) lower federal taxes.

      The last time I heard any specifics about the tax plan, the people who will really be hurt by it are highly salaried individuals who live in high tax states (as they won’t get to deduct their state/local taxes). But the states we’re talking about are blue states anyway. Also, some of the effected individuals could change from being employees to being independent contractors (incorporated as S corporations), so their taxes would not, in fact, increase. Those individuals may even get paid a wee bit more as independent contractors, and probably won’t realize, until it’s too late that, after paying for all the benefits their employers previously paid for (especially if health care costs go up due to GOP efforts to undermine the ACA), they actually have less take home money in addition to losing job security. Of course, once they realize that they have lost out on the deal, they’ll blame Democrats for higher costs (e.g. for making health care more expenses due to the ACA).

  • OT but a comment below just reminded me of it. Today I was behind a white box truck and the back read “United States Mail” (not “US”), and beneath that was this image https://goo.gl/images/WuRhMo of a cross with wings. Presumably this is not actually a government mail truck. Any ideas?

    • PohranicniStraze

      It is possible that it is a Highway Contract Route vehicle belonging to a contractor for the Postal Service.

  • Manju

    They will:

    1. Invoke Godwin’s law.

    2. Cut taxes, because they are the Real Jim Crow.

    3. Refuse to raise the debt-ceiling until the alt-left apologizes.

    4. Bring up the Loomis head stick thing.

  • Sentient AI From The Future

    I know this is not strictly OT but given that Bevin is still downplaying the severity of the white supremacist terrorist threat even today, and there is going to be another march in Lexington, I’m more scared than normal that something really bad will go down, like a crossing the Rubicon sort of thing.

    • Chet Murthy

      It all depends, doesn’t it, on whether the majority of the country is decent, or not, yes? If the majority is decent, then we work with the existing systems.

      And if not, then (living in California) it’s time for secession. Fuckem.

      That’s a big goddam thing, though. So yeah, we work really hard on the assumption that the majority of the country is decent.

      • DAS

        It doesn’t depend on if the majority of the country were decent. Due to a combination of fear of the unwashed masses supporting a despot and a need to get rural and slave states on board with the constitution, the constitution’s framers set up a system to prevent the majority from exercising too much power.

        The problem now is that the unwashed masses (as well as the more over-washed among the more elite) constitute a majority of the country that is decent but the anti-majoritarian existing systems we have, by their design to ensure representation of rural areas and the (former) slave states, ensure that a decent majority cannot, alone, ensure the survival of this country as a free and democratic society.

  • liberalrob

    I just wonder if any of this is moving the needle for 2018.

  • thispaceforsale

    At this point, anyone in the administration who has not left as well as elected officials who have not stood against Trump need to be referred to whenever reported in the media as “known racist and nazi sympathizer”

    known racist and nazi sympathizer scott pruitt continues his pursuit to end all human life on earth. known racist and nazi sympathizer jared kushner gives talk to group of interns
    and so on

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