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I Can Haz Slogan


This new slogan by House Democrats is terrible.

The campaign arm for House Democrats on Wednesday tried out a new slogan: “I mean, have you seen the other guys?”

The sticker slogan, one of several floated as part of a fundraising effort by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), caused a stir on social media, where many wondered why the party would try out such a self-deprecating campaign line.

“Not exactly the most inspiring slogan, @dccc,” wrote ProPublica reporter Derek Willis.

“Dems are asking people to vote on a new sticker and I’m not sure anyone in history has been as bad as this,” tweeted Adam Serwer, a senior editor for The Atlantic.

Or as someone tweeted to me:

As Willis and Serwer note, this is pathetic. Hell, as Serwer notes, all their ideas are terrible.

It’s possible that “not being Republicans” might be enough to win the House in 2018. But if it is, it won’t be because of that slogan. It will be in spite of it. If Democrats want to convince people to vote for them, “We aren’t Trump” is not going to be enough. There has to be leadership, ideas, and vision. I’m not saying that everyday voters follow position planks on platform, but as Trump showed, they need to believe that the party they are voting for will appeal to their lived experience. Democrats clearly have not figured out how to do that yet. Maybe a national $15 minimum wage would be a start. Or, I don’t know, Medicare For All. That seems good and relevant. Anything is better than what the DCCC proposed today.

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  • stonetools

    ” Throw out the Republicans. They will hurt you and screw stuff up” seems enough of a message, given the current Republican attempt to wreck health care. It also seems likely they will do other bad stuff between now and November 2018. That message seemed to have worked ok in 2006. In light of that, the one word slogan ” Resist” may be sufficient. The political Cool Kids may not like it, but it seems to have bubbled up from below and represents the current anti Trump ethos perfectly.

  • TheBrett

    That was real? I though it was a joke, pointing out that the Democratic leadership in the party and House is very obviously hoping that “Trump is bad” will be enough to lead them to power again in 2018, and avoid any intra-party leadership shake-ups.

  • Damon Poeter

    Democrats 2018: Cleanup On Aisle America

  • Perkniticky

    I thought they were floating ‘A Better Deal’ as the Dem slogan. But maybe since that isn’t as pathetic as these it doesn’t inspire the same media coverage and frenzied debate. So no one hears about it and everyone continues to promote the media’s message that political parties are terrible. Good job.

  • Grown-up leadership. Joined-up government. Government by the people, not the 0.1%. People not oil. “I welcome their hatred” – FDR.

  • Taylor

    Send Moscow A Message.

  • Nullifidian

    “Don’t worry: if we lose in 2018, we’ll just blame Ralph Nader.”

    • DN Nation

      Well, I mean, you never shouldn’t blame Nader.

  • Gregor Sansa

    “From the government. Here to help. Except the 1%. Hell yeah.”

    “My mama didn’t raise no fool”

    “When you’re ready to be a grown-up”

    “Let’s fix this sucker”

    “We get the job done”

    “Building a better tomorrow”

    “Never gonna give you up”

    “Give the House to the builders”

    “Dumbledore’s Army”

    • Damon Poeter

      ‘Fuck Her Emails’

    • everstar

      “Fuck Reagan”

  • Dr. Waffle

    I mean, they’re stickers.

  • tsam100

    How about a cleaner version this: “More money for you, fuck Wall Street”

    Riffing on that awesome tweet with Paul Ryan at the whiteboard. It feeds everyone’s visceral prejudices and promises something everyone can use, because I like money though.

  • zoomar2

    They have a whole platform of positive issues that differentiates them from the GOP. Did they consult any graphic design/advertising professionals at all? Those fonts!

    • tsam100

      The 1960’s vibe isn’t really helping them, either.

    • habitus corporis, soros $hill

      Seriously it’s like they looked on Etsy to find what is popular. Really great outreach to the working class there. No wonder they think the democrats are a bunch of fruitcakes.

  • mds

    “Democrats do it for $15 an hour.”

  • LurkinLongmont

    Like the Denver Broncos, this generation of Democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Count on it (unfortunately).

  • iconoclast

    Democrats: Hey, at least we’re not Republicans

  • Seconding “Medicare for All.” Trump ran on slogans like that, promising routinely that he’d bring back jobs, would give people better health insurance, would drain the swamp, would lock Hillary up. That is why people voted for him, especially in the Rust Belt—he promised them things. How can the Democrats not get that?

    • habitus corporis, soros $hill

      Nobody is going to hold him accountable either for not keeping nebulous promises. If he delivers something within the same galaxy, the base will be happy. Dems shouldn’t be afraid to overpromise.

  • MassMan

    I’ve worked very hard at finding reasons to keep supporting Democratic candidates in nearly every race, at all levels. But, the Dems really seem like rank amateurs when it comes to political campaigns and what it takes to win. Running as “Republican Lite” will not work. Bernie has great, progressive ideas and he should be a major factor in the Dem platform; but we need a seriously hard-core field general to unashamedly speak out for public education, Medicare for all (or at least a public option), beefing up the EPA, cutting the military budget, and expanding Social Security. If a Democratic candidate is afraid or ashamed to stand on those bedrock tenets, then don’t run.

  • the actual Bajmahal

    … and so on.
    Or maybe…

  • Brad Nailer

    Another reason for me to shitcan the mailings I get from the DCCC.

  • Damon Poeter

    Democrats 2018: So Are Done With The Kegstands And Yelling And Racism Yet?

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