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Hey Joe. Where you going with that foot in your mouth?


Well dig! I’m going down to SkyBridge Alternatives, to make people wonder if I know what I’m talking about.

Speaking at the SALT hedge fun conference in Las Vegas, Biden told attendees that he believed he could have done a better job taking on President Trump on the campaign trail, CNN reported.

“I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate,” Biden remarked.

Perhaps the man who twice failed to clinch a nomination for Democratic president is not the best judge of these things?

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  • Scott Mc

    meh. biden’s gonna biden.

    • Yeah, that’s one of the many reasons why he probably wouldn’t have been a good presidential candidate.

      • Attezz

        It reminds me of men who talk about how even they could have

        Sure, you may not have dropped Steve Waugh on 56, but really there’s no way you would have even made the fucking team.

        • Attezz

          That was supposed to read “how even they could have –done some sports play that even the professionals couldn’t–

    • efgoldman

      biden’s gonna biden

      Neither Joe nor HRC is running for anything ever again; it really doesn’t matter.

      • Donna Gratehouse

        It’s not about an individual. It’s about the sexism and backstabbing that will dog the next woman who seeks high office as a Democrat.

  • Solar System Wolf

    Personally, I never forgave Biden for the way he behaved at the Anita Hill hearings.

    • MyNameIsZweig

      I never forgave him for his role in bankruptcy reform. Yeah, I know, Delaware, but that bill made life a lot harder for a lot of people whose only sin was not being able to manage their money well (some people are never taught this skill), or to experience an unforeseen change in circumstance. So no slack given.

      • Solar System Wolf

        Yeah, that too.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    what a wonderful place to make that comment, Joe. You sure paid attention to how things shook out

    • NonyNony

      Right? That was going to be my comment as well.

      I’ll say this for Joe Biden – when he sticks his foot in his mouth EVERYONE knows just how deeply he’s pushed it in.

    • LF

      Jesus, yeah. Came here to say this exact thing. I didn’t give a crap about Clinton’s GS speeches but for those voters who did, wouldn’t it be a problem that the former “Senator from MBNA” was addressing a hedge fund conference?

      • vic rattlehead

        No, he’d get a penis pass.

  • ASV

    This fuckin’ guy.

  • Thom

    Not only “failed to clinch,” but didn’t even come remotely close. It is easy to be liked when you are not running–just ask Hillary.

  • MPAVictoria

    Eh he probably WOULD have been a better candidate for this specific election where shifting the votes of about 80K in 3 states would have made all the difference.

    /Probably would have ended up being a worse president than Hillary if he had won though.

    • Rob in CT

      Yes, I can imagine a plausible result that has him winning because he reduced the WWC shift. It was so close that all you need is a small change. And maybe his gaffe-prone nature would’ve been a non-issue with Trump as the opponent. It’s possible.

      But I’m not sure he could’ve won the primary, and I’m really unsure of him being a particularly good President. Still, obviously I’d much rather have him than Idiot Amin.

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        I think he’s about the same as Clinton in that he’d probably be a better President than candidate

        (edited out vacuous daydreaming)

        • humanoid.panda

          Biden definitely had assets HRC didn’t: he is a white guy, much better on the stump, and, most importantly, has the Onion Joe Biden and the cool factor it generated which HRC lacks. But, back in 2013, HRC had the cool factor too: remember the Hillary blackberry meme?

          • jim, some guy in iowa

            I edited out the bit where I speculated Biden would do better in a general election than a D primary. But god, he’s gotten kind of creepy with the hands-on thing, and saying things like this to a bunch of hedge fund traders make me think the only way he gets the nomination is through the old fashioned smoke filled room where the nominee is chosen by a bunch of other old white guys who’ve known him for years in the Senate

    • CaptainBringdown

      /Probably would have ended up being a worse president than Hillary if he had won though.

      In isolation, this is very likely true. But assuming the House remained in Republican hands, we would have been spared 4 years of non-stop House bullshit investigations into Hillary, in conjunction with a CDS-crazed press playing right along.

      Agree with Rob that Joe winning the primary was far from certain and probably even unlikely.

    • Yeah, this tends to be my reaction to the “Bernie would have won” crowd. With the election coming down to so few votes, it’s not at all unlikely, but so what? It’s not really a commentary on either candidate’s strengths.

  • bassopotamus

    Congratulations Captain Hindsight

    • cleek

      not even hindsight.

      he’s Captain Hypothetical

      • SatanicPanic

        Hypotheticals are 20/20

  • searcher

    Everyone knows that people don’t don’t win the Democratic primary are way better than people who do.

    • ASV

      I like people who weren’t candidates, OK?

  • dmsilev

    SALT hedge fun conference

    Typo or Freudian slip?

  • I coulda been a contenda.

  • cleek

    How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?… Yeah… Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

    • Denverite

      Hey, could you drop John Elway a line when you get a sec?

  • Colin R

    I was at a rally in Harrisburg, when Biden was stumping for McGinty. He can be a moving speaker, but he was quieter and more soft-spoken in person than I expected. And the strange thing was that there were really two themes to the rally–vote for McGinty, and rebuke of Trump. Barely a mention of Clinton by either of them.

    Attacking Trump was an easy call of course; it was right after his terrible rally in Gettysburg.

    • mongolia

      how much of the focus on trump bad/mcginty good was that hillary was polling 2-3 points ahead of mcginty, so if you just depress trumps vote (and thus toomey’s vote), and get 95-97% hrc voters to vote km you have both the ec votes and the senate seat? especially if this was pre-comey, might not have been a bad plan, especially since this is in an area with a lot of republican voters who you’d ideally just have stay home

  • mongolia

    guy was clearly going to win. i mean, look at how popular he was among dem voters: https://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/2016-national-democratic-primary/edit#!minpct=0&maxpct=100&mindate=2015-01-01&maxdate=2015-10-22&smoothing=moderate&showpoints=no&showsplines=yes&hiddenpollsters=&hiddensubpops=&partisanship=S,P,N&parties=D,R,I,N&selected=clinton,sanders,biden&fudge=0.8

    christ, what an asshole.

    i mean, he most likely would have won the general, since gaffes wouldn’t have mattered this year because trump. but that low dem primary vote share was before he had any real oppo thrown at him, and the opportunity to gaffe was presented. in reality, i wish he’d have run, because (1) it would have put professional sexism at the forefront of the debate (anita hill and his general slightly creepiness) and (2) would have blunted a *lot* of sanders wall street criticisms (since biden is worse on these fronts than hrc), while giving a natural voting spot for people who would otherwise vote randall terry/keith judd types. ie we get a less pointlessly acrimonious primary, and less time for the arguments of the jackasses who latched onto the bernie campaign to divide dems to metastasize.

    the one good thing about this? it likely hurts his standing for 2020, and shows he still has foot-in-mouth disease that means we should expect more stupid gaffes in the coming months and years. would much rather have a kamala/gillibrand type instead

    • In a hypothetical Biden vs. Trump general election showdown, I think the odds of some kind of sexual misbehavior allegations popping up against Biden are basically 100%. I’m not saying that the allegations would be true or even credible in a formal sense, but I think they’d have staying power sufficient to neutralize the various allegations against Trump. There’s just too many pictures of Biden looking like a lech.

      If I could bet on alternate timelines, I think Biden does better among white men and worse among women in general than Clinton did, and I think it’s mostly a wash in the popular vote (but possibly shifts margins in the three vital states enough to change the electoral outcome).

      • so-in-so

        We really don’t have a full grasp of why those voters went to Drumpf. If the election comes down to wanting “change!”, and not caring who brings the change as much as there BE change, then Biden would be worse than HRC without even getting to gaffes. I mean, it would be one thing if he had specific hypotheticals about things he would do or not do contrasted to HRC, but just “she wasn’t great, I think I would have been great” is weak.

        Who said “God grant me the confidence of a mediocre white man”?

        • I sincerely believe that there are at least, say, 100,000 white men in the United States who voted for Trump specifically to “trump that bitch”, and who would otherwise not have voted or may have even voted for the non-Clinton Democrat. I don’t have any particular evidence for this other than the fact that “trump that bitch” is a phrase that exists, the studies done showing that hostile sexism is a strong indicator of Trump support, and being a white man who gets to hear what other white men say in private.

      • mongolia

        well, in any [dem] v. trump showdown, (1) the dem will have some dumb controversy created about them by the right wing noise machine – they turned a fucking sigh and *purple heart* into negative controversies, ferchrissakes, (2) the noisy “purity” trolls will still exist that will try to con kids who don’t remember bush jr./republican presidents generally, and (3) russian hacks will still occur and who knows if the dem candidate will have a team professional enough to not actually say stupid shit in their internal memos.

        so yeah, you’re right in saying we’re jumping the gun in saying “biden definitely beats trump”, but paradoxically being a shittier candidate might have helped since the media might have dug into trump more if they seriously thought he could win (thanks comey…)

        • Aaron Morrow

          the media might have dug into trump more

          No, having two bad candidates would have let most of the media run with Both Sides Do It while the rest run with Trump is the Manliest Man who Ever Manned.

          • vic rattlehead

            We already basically had both sides do it with all the Emailghazi coverage. And Biden certainly is inappropriately handsy, but at the same time plenty of people took the “Bill Clinton abused women too!” bait that Trump cast.

      • saraeanderson

        I’ve been seeing them all day. They are coming from bitter bernie bros, so I haven’t looked too hard into it.

    • efgoldman

      the one good thing about this? it likely hurts his standing for 2020

      He’s 74 now. He’s not running in 2020.

      • mongolia

        bernie ran, trump will be 75 (even if he’s impeached, he’s still running again), and biden appears to have enough of an ego to run, plus he probably thinks he got cheated out of ’16 so it’ll likely strengthen his resolve to do it.

        no guarantees that it won’t just be ’88 all over again, but he’s definitely planning on giving it a go, health permitting and all that

  • LosGatosCA

    Can we get a new Democrat who’s not 70 years old to lead the party?

    It’s not just the substance that’s the problem, it’s the mindless repitition of stupidity.

    • Rob in CT

      I hear Kirsten Gillibrand might be available…

      • John Revolta

        Trump that bitch pt.2? Man, I’m not sure. We gotta remember who our enemies are, and how deplorable they are.

        OK, so I’m officailly concerned. Fuck

    • mongolia

      the person who we had run in ’16 was the most popular national figure in the party in ’14-early ’15. the challenger was a pretty standard anti-establishment type that we’ve seen since in basically every competitive dem primary since ’00, only this time there was more a purity-politics angle to it by a cranky old guy, and who never really was close to winning.

      point being, looks to me more that the major dem candidates all being 70+ is fairly random, and if dem officeholders and donors and primary voters weren’t all comfortable with the frontrunner, a lot of younger candidates would have been in the primary. and we *will* see that this time – biden and bernie are both relatively poor at rallying party elite and primary voter support.

  • AdamPShort

    Funny how many guys who coulda beat the champ there are walking around who weren’t good enough to get a title shot.

  • daves09

    With what joy I remember the 2016 Biden fan dance-such grace, such pathos,such beautiful commentary by the likes of MoDo. Twas heaven to be alive.
    And now 4 more years of the Sally Randing of Joe Biden(that title’s available if anyone wants it). Bliss. I tell ya, bliss.

  • Aaron Morrow

    Not only did Biden lose to Clinton in the 2015 invisible primary, he got pasted by her in 2008 and tripped all over himself in 1988. Does he not know by now he is a bad candidate for president?

    O’Malley was a better candidate than he was, for crying out loud!

    • Tom in BK

      I generally find Joe to be somewhat decent, but there’s no way I would’ve voted for him over Clinton in the primary.

    • bender

      I was baffled by the number of pundits who took Biden seriously (or pretended to) as a candidate in 2016. Maybe most of them are too young to remember, but Biden reminds me a lot of “The Happy Warrior” Hubert Humphrey, who was soundly defeated by Nixon. Humphrey’s political style was out of date in 1972.

      • Thom

        I agree re the style, but just to correct the record a bit, Nixon very narrowly defeated Humphrey in 1968, very much because of Chicago and because Nixon promised to end the war in Vietnam (secret plan, of course). But yeah, in 1972, Humprhey could not overcome McGovern, who was riding the war issue but was not exactly Mr. Charisma.

        • bender

          Thanks for the corrections.

    • postmodulator

      Not only did Biden lose to Clinton in the 2015 invisible primary, he got pasted by her in 2008 and tripped all over himself in 1988.

      I guess his only hope would have been if there had been something that raised his national profile between 2008 and 2016. Was there?

      I’m fairly agnostic on whether Biden would have won and fairly disgusted that he’d say something like this in public, but the idea that he couldn’t have won the primary because he lost before is insane. A lot of years, the sitting vice-president is the de facto frontrunner out of the gate.

      • Aaron Morrow

        Since Biden lost to Clinton in the 2015 invisible primary, he literally had no hope in 2016. (Not reading the portions you quote is not logical.)

        Too few data points for me to say one way or another about the VP role as front runner.

        • postmodulator

          When his kid died? I had the impression he wasn’t out campaigning all that hard in the “invisible primary,” and I’m not convinced it’s all that dispositive anyway. It’s demonstrably not on the GOP side of things.

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