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Assistant Professor of Centrist Democrat Studies at Rahm Emanuel University


WASHINGTON - AUGUST 10:  White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reacts after reading  "Duck for President," by Doreen Cronin and  Betsy Lewin, to students from Raymond and C.W. Harris Elementary schools during a Reading to the Top event at the Department of Education August 10, 2009 in Washington, DC. The department's Reading to the Top program, which runs through Sept. 11, features various children's books read by the Secretary Duncan, other Cabinet members and top Administration officials.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Guys, Freddie is a little upset, claiming I am “obsessed” with him in a long rambling post that includes a long defense of his commitment to assessment (i.e., worthless paperwork that takes professors away from doing useful things like teaching classes), and various other bizarre musings and that also references me by name at least 7 times. Projection, you say?

Then there’s this:

None of this, of course, will matter to Loomis. I could have gotten a job that perfectly matched with his politics – say, Assistant Professor of Centrist Democrat Studies at Rahm Emanuel University – and he would have been mad.

You might want to console our poor boy. Or back away slowly. Or laugh at him. Whatever works for you this Wednesday evening.

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  • jamesepowell

    Castigarlo con el látigo de la indiferencia.

    • busker type

      Pone su cabeza en un Palo.

      • efgoldman

        Axelotl potrezebie

        • Stag Party Palin

          “Among the empty cans and bottles
          Live the happy axolotls …”

          — A.E. Newman

  • nemdam

    I assume this was prompted by the fact you were granted tenure? (Congrats by the way!) Or am I overestimating Freddie to think his fevered imagination didn’t trigger this?

    What’s funny about his Rahm joke is that to the extent you can pin down his politics, you are to the left of Freddie.

    • LosGatosCA

      Ditto the congrats!

    • I made a joke in my tenure post from last week about how Freddie used to say I was an elite tenured professor who wears pleated khakis. He could not handle such a joke, as can be seen from his bizarre post.

      Also, thanks!

      Also, for Freddie politics are about expressing hate for Democrats. And of course for feminists who don’t want to date him.

      • Q.E.Dumbass

        Just for lulz, we should start calling him “Genital Erections.”

      • Has Freddie ever expressed a leftist or leftish opinion on a policy issue and if so what was it? Note: “Hillary is the neoconniest neocon” or “Looomis is a poopyhead” don’t qualify.

        • Scott Lemieux

          The fact that Freddie can’t tell the difference between Erik and Rahm Emmanuel is an excellent illustration of his level of interest in policy (i.e. none.)

          • efgoldman

            is an excellent illustration of his level of interest in and knowledge of policy (i.e. none.)

            For clarity

      • DrDick

        I think you are giving him far too much credit for coherence.

      • Colin Day

        And of course for feminists who don’t want to date him.

        Wait, there are feminists who want to date Freddie?

        • weirdnoise

          Doesn’t necessarily follow. I think this is a reference to the null set.

          • AdamPShort

            I think Colin’s point is there should be a comma.

            “…feminists, who don’t want to date him.”

            • Colin Day

              Yes, thank you.

        • efgoldman

          there are feminists who want to date Freddie?

          He typed too fast and left out “All the…”
          By the time he realized the mistake, the edit window [YAY!] closed.

      • (((max)))

        I was an elite tenured professor who wears pleated khakis.

        I was reasonably informed by a (former) Professor Feminist friend of mine that PLEATED KHAKIS (AND ALL PLEATED PANTS) ARE TOOLS OF THE PATRIARCHY. ALSO THE DEVIL.

        These insults implying you wear pleated pants are really beyond the pale, I have to say.

        Also, for Freddie politics are about expressing hate for Democrats.

        ‘Caller what’s your name and your beef?’
        ‘Freddie DeBoer of Neptune, first-time caller, long-time fan. I wanna complain that Erik Professor Loomis wears pleated pants.’
        ‘Well, I’m with you that pleated pants are truly a sign of a sick mind, caller, I’ve got to say, who’s this Professor?’
        ‘Erik Head on Pikes Professor Loomis is an evil liberal that just got tenure at his university for oppressing men.’
        ‘Is he making them wear pleated pants?’
        ‘What…NO! He makes them swear an oath to be nice to women.’
        ‘And he’s not making these women wear pleated pants?’
        ‘Well. No.’
        ‘Sounds OK to me then.’
        ‘What? Are you some kind of centrist Democrat?’
        ‘Buddy, this is a show about pants. We talk about pants. I don’t see what the problem with being nice to the ladies is.’
        ‘Pleated pants?’
        ‘NO! WOMEN!’
        ‘You got some kind of hangup with women, buddy?’
        ‘They’re making YOU wear pleated pants?’
        ‘WHAT? NO!’
        ‘Well, look buddy, unless you’ve got something related to pants, I’m going to have to cut you off – this is a show about pants.’
        ‘What a loon. Next caller.’
        ‘Hi! Bud from New Jersey, I keep getting pants in the right size, but every one of them is irritating my nutsack…’

        [‘{Lits dim, Rod Serling walks in} Freddie DeBoer, crusader for the rights of oppressed men, has already entered…. The Twilight Zone…’]

        • JustRuss

          I enjoyed this bigly.

        • Colin Day

          Freddie DeBoer, submitted for your disapproval.

    • AdamPShort

      I really like Freddie DeBoer the cultural critic, and the fact that his ideas about electoral politics are dumb/nonexistent doesn’t really bother me. I probably would feel differently if he were frequently writing juvenile personal attacks on me as an individual, of course.

      In fact Freddie DeBoer the cultural critic frequently skewers Freddie DeBoer the incoherent political hack, though of course not by name. Check out these zingers:

      Sports are where we let our unfocused animus out, and so it is a natural arena for the empty, tribal impulses that have essentially taken the politics out of politics.

      “Empty, tribal impulses that have essentially taken the politics out of politics” is pretty much Freddie’s beat, yeah?

      This is actually my favorite DeBoer takedown of DeBoer – it’s concise and irrefutable:

      What is to be done?” was not a theoretical question for Lenin, Freddie. (changed “Emmett” to “Freddie,” of course.)

      Then there’s this thing, which really is mindbending as it actually reads like Good-Freddie having an argument with Bad-Freddie:


      • Scott Lemieux

        So I googled the phrase, and damned if that takedown of Rensin isn’t 1)outstanding and 2)applicable to virtually all of Freddie’s political writing. Indeed, Rensin and Freddie share one defining characteristic: a complete inability to grasp that political disagreements can be tactical and not ideological.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    I would have no idea who he is if weren’t for you guys, so he really should be *thanking* you

    • You do something nice for a poor oppressed graduate student who only had the keys to Andrew Sullivan’s blog and look at the thanks you get!

      • jim, some guy in iowa

        “a poor oppressed graduate student who only had the keys to Andrew Sullivan’s blog” sounds like rejected lyrics from “Bohemian Rhapsody”

        • Judas Peckerwood

          Ha! Thanks for the best laugh of the day, which has seen a few good ones.

        • Warren Terra
          • sharculese

            That thread isn’t as amazing as the original Eich thread, but man are there some gems in there.

      • Nobdy

        Sullivan’s recent output has reflected nothing but glory on those who previously associated with him, too.

        If Andy Sullivan saw something good in you then by god you MUST be the last true leftist, because who is better than Andrew Sullivan?

        • Q.E.Dumbass

          If this person is the most influential “intellectual” in America as I have seen two people claim in recent days, then that’s about the worst thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about my country. Andrew is to intellectuals what Sarah Palin is to politicians and Vanilla Ice was to hip-hop. Seriously, I do not begrudge Andrew his role as a pioneer blogger, nor his genius for self-promotion, but what I find most impressive about him is his ability to somehow convince people not to hold him responsible for the consequences of his atrocious judgment. (No doubt hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and millions more homeless ones would have wished that our “intellectuals” were held to a higher standard.) But give him credit, by quitting, he has finally done something to elevate the level of intellectual discourse in political life. I wish him a happy retirement. I wish my country a better class of intellectual.

          • Nobdy

            He also came out of retirement to be racist in the pages of New York Magazine.

            I guess he was getting back to his New Republic roots, but as bad as that shit was in the 90s it looks much much worse in 2017. Especially the 2017 we live in.

            • sharculese

              He also came out of retirement to be racist in the pages of New York Magazine.

              Isn’t that already Johnathan Chait’s gig?

              • Q.E.Dumbass

                Chait’s gig is more center-left butthurt and not so much racism; the latter is generally more implicit.

                And Chait has far more worthy to offer than Sully’s obsolete panda-ass.

              • SNF

                Chait spends most of his time bashing Republicans, which he’s pretty good at. He only occasionally gets into his dumb “anti-PC” stuff.

  • JdLaverty

    Hey gang catch me up here, who is this “Freddie” Erik speaks of, and why is he so gosh darn sad?

    • efgoldman

      who is this “Freddie” Erik speaks of, and why is he so gosh darn sad?

      Trust us, you really, really, REALLY don’t wanna’ know!

      • nemdam

        I’m surprised he doesn’t know since this blog is obsessed with him by the fact that half of its posts are about him (or Connor Kilpatrick).

        • DrDick

          Is that you, Freddie? Wishful thinking if it is. Freddie is not even an also ran in that contest.

    • Warren Terra

      why is he so gosh darn sad?

      You’re going to have to clarify which meaning of “sad” you’re asking about.

    • busker type

      It’s Freddy DeBoer, which is Dutch for “the bore” which is a pretty good summation of his oeuvre. (Which os French for “sheep that he fucked” I think.)

    • weirdnoise

      Hey gang catch me up here, who is this “Freddie” Erik speaks of

      Well, not this guy though perhaps less agreeable.

  • efgoldman

    You might want to console our poor boy. Or back away slowly. Or laugh at him. Whatever works for you this Wednesday evening.

    Or ignore him completely, which I’ve been doing successfully for aeons.
    [Of course, he never wrote a 50,000 word screed being offended by me or name checking me or my blog 8500 times, so there’s that]

  • Big congratulations, Erik!

    Of course in the right wing morality play of tenured radicals doesn’t that now mean you just quit doing actual work and coast for decades while expounding to captive students? That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

    • That’s the goal!

    • Nobdy

      If there’s one thing that LGM proves it is that Lazy Erik Loomis will ALWAYS do only the bare minimum he is contractually required to. You will not get one word from him that he does not absolutely HAVE to write.

  • Dallan

    I, for one, am curious if he feels any more sympathy for Imani Gandy after this harrowing experience of having to defend his career choice (no doubt economically constrained) from people with some perceived obscure vendetta against him.

    (also congratulations, Erik!)

    • Was he involved in Gandy being harassed? I haven’t read her for a long time but I really liked her back in the day and I was sickened to hear that she was being lambasted by the internet goon squad.

      • It surely had nothing to do with her race or gender. Oh no, that would be unpossible.

        • Everyone knows that people who call themselves leftists are automatically feminists and cannot be guilty of sexism. Anyone who says otherwise is an identitarian corporate centrist with a tattoo of Al From on their ass.

          • PunditusMaximus

            By the same token, everyone knows that every criticism of policy from the left that mentions a woman or person of color is motivated exclusively by the criticizer’s desire to move to a society which is a combination of Handmaid’s Tale and Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.

            • Pseudonym

              [BONERS]’s ideal society is one in which men like him get to explain to women, over their objections, what feminism really is. At least that’s what his conduct demonstrates.

              • FINALLY – for a blog that claims to be aware of all internet traditions, it took much too long for someone to use Freddie’s proper designation.

                • DW

                  Because it can never be linked enough, here’s Sady’s original post and follow-up.

                  Whoever’s paying the hosting bill for tigerbeatdown is doing the Lord’s work.

      • Dallan

        TBH I’m not sure if it was him or Matt Bruenig or some other brocialist whose name I can’t remember who’s attacked her for having worked at a law firm that did foreclosures or something. They all look and sound the same anyway, I was just OVERCOME with the irony of it all.

        • As I recall, it was Bruenig who led this

          • Lord Jesus Perm

            Thought it was Max Blumenthal.

            • Possible; I don’t follow Blumenthal on Twitter so would have missed it

              • kped

                It was Freddie. He even paid someone to get him old legal documents that Imani had worked on (sadly he’s deleted all his tweets, so hard to find now, but they didn’t even show what he claimed they showed…and he fucking paid someone for her work so he could post them online to try to ruin her…i mean…what the fuck?????)

                • Snuff curry


          • kped

            Freddie was a huge contributor. He was the one who paid for some background on her I believe. I think it was some of the legal stuff she worked on. He was the leader as far as I remember, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Bruening was in some way involved, as he to is a really shitty person.

            Here is a link:


        • msdc

          Don’t know who led it, but de Boer was definitely a part of that.

          Of course, now he’s grousing about how everybody on Twitter was mean to him and Bruenig.

          • Morbo

            He made his share of Klonopin jokes, although it looks like he has since deleted them.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Apparently, yes. (I did not follow this particular war in real time so I can’t confirm, but I trust sharculese.)

        [ETA: sorry, missed that other people had covered this already!]

      • nixnutz

        I can’t quite remember, were they both front-pagers at Balloon Juice at the same time? I kind of feel like Cole used him as a tool to punish his readers for their shitty treatment of her but I might have my timeline mixed up, in any event I thought he was amusing in that specific context for a week or two.

        • sharculese

          Freddie was a frontpager way before she was. I’m not sure Cole bothered to read any of his writing before he added him to the front-page. I think the entire thought process was “we need a far-left voice, this guy describes himself as far-left, I’m bored with thinking about this.”

    • msdc

      I could’ve done without yet another content-free post dedicated to razzing Freddie de Boer, but damned if this comment doesn’t make the whole thing worthwhile.

      • My view is that I provide enough content every day to justify something like this at the appropriate time

        • N__B

          It’s the shotgun theory: if enough pellets are flying out, some will hit the target. Good for jokes, design charettes, and blog posts. Less good for orbital mechanics and movie plots.

        • And yet, faced with the choice between DeBoer and DeAdhorse, you go with the first.

          • NonyNony

            It took me a second to get what DeAdhorse meant. I thought for a moment that maybe there was a new internet advertising company named Adhorse that was responsible for the buggy ads on the site.

        • nemdam

          I may be in the minority, but I think the quality and quantity of content you provide justifies many more posts like this. This may be influenced by the extreme guilty pleasure I derive from stuff like this. My justification is that you can’t sustain political engagement unless you have fun along the way.

      • Aaron Morrow

        While the reminder that Loomis has earned tenure may no longer be news, it’s certainly about ethics in journalism content.

        Congratulations, Loomis.

      • msdc

        n.b. I have no objections to content-rich posts razzing him. But drive-bys about how he thinks you’re obsessed with him are maybe not the best way to prove him wrong.

        OTOH, I see the guy is still defending Matt Bruenig on his supposedly non-political blog. I appreciate Dallan’s comments on his shady record.

        • As someone who’s read this blog for a few years and posted pretty regularly for about seven months, there aren’t really that many posts about Freddie. Usually only when he does something particularly unintentionally hilarious.

      • weirdnoise

        No complaints here. This blog needs more LOLs. Seriously. Especially at the expense of gaseous poseurs.

  • Assistant Professor of Centrist Democrat Studies at Rahm Emanuel University

    Phew. I really hope that was off the dome, because I can’t bear to think that a damp cabbage fart of a joke like that was the result of any effort or forethought. He might as well have just called you Mayor Gaylord McPoopybottom of Queersville (and then criticized you for being insufficiently radically flaming for his taste).

    • Hogan

      Right? If that were any lazier he’d have been dead a week.

    • Peterr

      Poor Freddie doesn’t realize that Rahm Emanuel University doesn’t have assistant professors, but there would be plenty of demand for adjuncts.

      • efgoldman

        but there would be plenty of demand for adjuncts.

        And lots and lots of unpaid internships.

        • Scott Lemieux

          And a 4:1 vice president:instructor ratio.

    • Nixonlandia

      Eh, if that was an LGM headline for a post about Al From, I think we’d all let it slide.

  • Murc

    The fact that Freddie thinks that Erik is a centrist Democrat in the mold of Rahm Emmanuel (for whom even that label is suspect; it is probably accurate to say that Emmanuel is a centrist and a Democrat, but not accurate to say he is a centrist within the Democratic coalition; he’s clearly on the rightward side of the party) is deeply hilarious.

    I mean, hell’s bells, Erik’s two biggest bugaboos are labor rights and education. Rahm is a buster of teacher’s unions and a Rheeist. But sure, Erik is in his wheelhouse!

    • nemdam

      Getting off topic, but Rahm is a perfect example of a centrist Dem. So when people call Hillary a centrist, it’s like have you ever heard of Rahm Emmanuel?

      • gmack

        I think it might make sense to say that Emmanuel is a “centrist” in the overall political spectrum (i.e., one that includes the U.S. as a whole). My entirely unscientific intuition is that he is on the right if we’re only counting the Democrats.

        • nemdam

          I guess we’re quibbling over definition but when I hear “centrist Dem”, I interpret that as somebody who is in the center of the political spectrum and is a member of the Democratic party, not somebody who is in the center of a typical Democrat. So a centrist Democrat and a centrist Republican (i.e. a unicorn) would have similar views. By the latter definition, yes, Hillary would be a centrist Dem, but by the former she is far from it.

    • efgoldman

      But sure, Erik is in his wheelhouse!

      Leftier Than Thous, like all ideologues, never let facts get in the way of a good argument.

    • Nobdy

      Why does being Assistant Professor of Centrist Democrat Studies mean that he supports centrist Democrat policies? How do we know that he’s not an expert in the field but a fierce and devoted critic?

      Sure REU probably doesn’t have a lot of profs from the crit school of Centrist Democrat Studies working there, but that’s really more about the institution than the particular field. Would you expect an REU prof in the Last True Liberal Studies department to be further to the left?

      • Pseudonym

        Freddie’s real objection to Rahm Emanuel University is its insistent support of teachers’ unions and repudiation of administrative assessment metrics, inspired by its namesake, which Freddie has extensively criticized from the left, as every opinion of his by definition comes from the left.

    • I suspect that Freddie hasn’t given this as much thought as you have. Not entirely sure why. Just a gut feeling.

      • You forget the +1000x bonus to deliberation points that Freddie receives by default through his throbbing leftist cock. Anything he considers is obviously more leftist and thoughtful than anything that comes out of your garbage brain because his mother dipped him into a vat of copies of Das Kapital as a child. Also he has a penis.

        • his mother dipped him into a vat of copies of Das Kapital as a child. Also he has a penis.

          Alas, in order to implement the dipping successfully deBoer mère—like Thetis—needed to keep hold of some bit of her son’s body, and it was (shock horror!) Young Freddie’s penis that she chose.

          Further elaboration of the analogy is left to the reader.

          • NonyNony


  • Thirtyish

    I don’t know which is better: Erik’s invitation to Rahm Emanuel University, or this.

    Nah, on second thought, anything that juxtaposes Loomis with Rahm Emanuel wins.

    • I had totally forgotten about that. Man, that was great.

  • mtraven

    So if you’re saying I’m overpaid, you’re saying that CUNY professors are overpaid…

    Hm, something seems a bit wrong with that reasoning, I wonder what it could be?

  • Peterr

    From Freddie:

    (Bear in mind that this is a man who once mocked the quality of my education despite the fact that I got my MA at the university that employs him.)

    Sounds to me like the university looked at Freddie and said “OMG – what have we done, and how can we ensure this NEVER happens again?” Then they hired Erik.

    • I think I might have known that Freddie has a degree from my school, but I certainly never mocked him for it. But then who knows what goes on in that fevered brain.

      • Nobdy

        who knows what goes on in that fevered brain

        Who assesses the assessors indeed.

        Sounds like Brooklyn College needs a whole additional layer of administration.

      • Peterr

        Oh, but Erik, you’re responsible for everything your objectively despicable commenters say:

        Does it ever occur to you guys that your commenters are objectively despicable people? Like, I get that the way you operate is to intentionally chum the waters for other people to do your dirty work and say the terrible, redbaiting, anti-leftist things that you actually enjoy (far more than you enjoy fighting with conservatives, clearly), but honestly: these are ugly, awful people. Maybe you guys should engage in self-criticism for what would have to literally be the first time in your lives and ask, gee, maybe creating a arena in which people drive themselves to the most vile extremes and utterly personal insults imaginable is not the way we should act.

        Name-calling while complaining about personal insults? Self-awareness does not seem to be one of Freddie’s strong suits.

        Of course, I’m one of those objectively despicable folks (who are also ugly and awful), so what do I know?

        • N__B

          these are ugly, awful people.

          Speaking only for myself, I am highly decorative.

          • efgoldman

            Speaking only for myself, I am highly decorative.

            You’d make a really nice rug in front of the hearth.

            • JustRuss

              Nobody pulls a room together like N_B.

        • As we know from the time that Connor and Corey and Henwood decided to launch a Twitter jihad against me because of a post Paul wrote about Bruenig, I am also responsible for what my cobloggers write as well. It’s a lot of pressure.

          • Peterr

            There’s a doctoral dissertation topic for one of your students, Erik: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Leftiest of Them All?: An Investigation into the Great Twitter Jihad of 2016

          • Mike in DC

            Bruenig wrote a shithead post about how great it would be if lawyer credentialing requirements were lowered and if lawyer compensation could be reduced, so legal services would be more affordable. He wrote this shithead post during the depths of the crash in the legal job market, when very large numbers of recent lawyers(like myself) were unemployed or working doc review for 20 to 30 an hour, saddled with six figures in debt. When the shithead nature of this argument was pointed out to him, Bruenig remained gleefully oblivious–as a recent law grad who is quite lucky compared to many of his classmates. In summary, it’s great that he writes about economic inequality, but he should probably stay in his fucking lane until he knows what the actual fuck he is talking about.

          • Bill Murray

            Hey lie down with dogs get fleas licked frequently

          • kped

            I wonder if they called each other up and said “it’s time” and all knew what to do there?

            there was a strange lefty bro crusade against a writer, Sarah Jeong, known as “jacobinghazi”…god this is too stupid to type…and the Jacobin guys basically called Bruening up and said “it’s time”, and he hopped on twitter and started harassing her.

            (and before you ask, of course FdB was involved in harassing her. She is a woman, and she isn’t white. Don’t be daft).

          • I am also responsible for what my cobloggers write as well.

            If it weren’t for you and your damned spotted owls, the real he-men of Eastern Washington wouldn’t be reduced to logging corn-cobs and voting for Trump.

        • Hogan

          these are ugly, awful people

          Hey, hey, I may be ugly and awful, but I . . . what was the third thing?

        • I am proud to have been part of the thread that caused that jerk-spasm from Freddie.

          • I wasn’t part of that thread, and I now know what those Englishmen who were abed on St. Crispin’s day felt like.

            • Stag Party Palin

              + 1415

  • vic rattlehead

    Sorry for the OT, but I noticed that comments were closed in the Will Moore thread and I felt it was important enough to share. Just wanted to point out a resource that has helped me. Cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to medication, has been extraordinarily helpful. David Burns has written some great books-in my nonprofessional opinion “Feeling Good:The New Mood Therapy” is a great intro. NB-I am so not a mental health professional, and that’s an old book, and it could be considered outdated for all I know. All I can tell you is that reading it helped me. If you can’t access therapy for whatever reason, books like that might be of use to you. They were for me.

  • kped

    Freddie is also the only person on the Andrew Sullivan train of saying “hey fellas, talking about race and intelligence isn’t inherently racist”…

    He’s been saying this for awhile, and he tries to take great pains to say that no, he doesn’t believe what Sullivan does…only that it’s not something to brush off and the research isn’t racist. He got into it with TNC a few years ago, and Coates was way more patient than I’d be in telling him to fuck off.

    I kept waiting for Hemmer to pull these separate claims apart and show what’s correct and what’s wrong, but she never does. Throughout the piece she moves through the claims of people like Charles Murray without bothering to identify the truths on which they then build lies. That’s perhaps understandable, as it’s easy to simply want to wash our hands of the whole thing. But that’s a mistake. That some races are genetically superior to others is a racist fiction. That IQ is significantly heritable and unchangeable is a empirical fact. On this essential intellectual task – untangling the difference between racist pseudoscience and the science of genetic influence on human psychological outcomes – Hemmer is silent. And she’s joined in that failure by far too many liberals I know, who often get visibly anxious any time genetics and intelligence are discussed at all, as if racist conclusions must necessarily follow. This is a problem.

    See, he doesn’t get it, even though he admits that these claims have been made against black people for centuries. He still thinks that we must take guys like Murray seriously and debate him.

    If you are the only other guy on the “hey, let’s debate this” train with Sullivan, you should probably log back off the internet. Fucking shitstain.


    • rfm

      De Boer is a Strasserite.

      • kped

        Had to look that one up, and that fits pretty well!

        He keeps saying that the study isn’t necessarily racist, but take it to it’s logical conclusion:

        -Black kids do worse in IQ tests because genetics, given by their parents
        -Ergo, black parents have bad genetics, passed down by their parents
        -ergo, black people have worse genetics than other races

        I mean, you can say it’s not racial, but if you are making 2 points (IQ tests are a good predictor of intelligence, and intelligence is a genetic trait passed down by parents), then you are certainly on board for extrapolating that “where the data leads”. And you may not say “therefore, blacks are inferior” BUT YOU ARE MOST CERTAINLY GIVING COVER TO THOSE WHO WILL USE THAT EXACT SAME ARGUMENT TO COME TO THAT CONCLUSION.

        /end rant.

    • Has Freddie ever bothered to attempt to defend his close relationship with a Tory racist like Andy Sullivan while lambasting labor socialists like Erik Loomis? Is he intellectually capable of recognizing how hypocritical that is?

      • kped

        No and no. I mean, he has blog posts up now whining that people are using his online words to try to get him fired…when he has long sent twitter armies to harass people in their real life, and mocked their claims of harassment with petty “pff, it’s just the internet, log off”. Now…he sees that the internet harassment doesn’t end at your monitor, and he doesn’t like it at all!

        And I feel sympathy, I don’t think people should be trying to get him fired, and am glad he has a union to protect him (which probably pisses Loomis off, everyone knows he fucking hates unions! Neoliberal sellout). But it would be nice if Freddie took a moment to reflect on all the shitty harassment he unleashed, and the pain it caused people, and maybe, just once, apologize and try to better himself.

        But again, he wont, because he is and always will be a hack.

        • jamesepowell

          Wait, he has a twitter army? Now I want one too.

          Anyway, Freddie is never going to take a moment to reflect the consequences of his behavior because he is a dick and dicks don’t do that.

          • Wait, he has a twitter army?

            Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
            Go ahead and cheat a friend.
            Do it in the name of heaven,
            You can justify it in the end.
            There won’t be any trumpets blowing,
            Come the judgment day,
            On the bloody morning after
            One Twit soldier rides away.

          • NonyNony

            I always think a Twitter Army should be an army of deadly birds.

  • kped

    Totally OT, but since we are talking about hacks, everyone should read this profile of Rachel “white black lady” Dolezal by Ijeoma Oluo (actual black lady, destroyer of worlds).


    This is just phenomenal, so damn well written.

    The natural light from the sliding door by the kitchen was great for photography, but with our current seating arrangement, that light was falling on me and leaving her in the shadow. It is standard practice to have the interviewee sit in the best light, so I asked her to switch seats. The photographer thanked me for the suggestion, and I stood to allow Dolezal to take the chair I had been in.

    Dolezal looked at me with a smirk and said accusingly: “Then you’ll look darker and I’ll look lighter, because the light’s on me. I get it.”

    I realized that like all other black people who had challenged Dolezal, I had been written off as a bitter, petty black woman. She was concerned that the wrong lighting would make her look white.

    She could not see that there was no amount of lighting that would make her look whiter than that interaction had. Perhaps that itself was the secret to the power of the Dolezal phenomenon—the overwhelming whiteness of it all.

    I mean…just read it, but that last paragraph is killer.

    • Woodrowfan

      thank you for the link.

  • Warren Terra

    This whole thing reminds me of the time some commenters collaborated on composing some lyrics for the Freddiean Rhapsody:

    I’m just a grad student with a tiny blog-roll…

    I am the real left,
    Or so I do fantasize.
    liberals I decried,
    No hope of reality.


    No, no, no
    I will not let it go!
    Has a devil set aside for me!
    For me!

    Too late, my time has come,
    Sends shivers down my spine,
    Boner’s aching all the time.
    Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go,
    Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth

    • Origami Isopod

      That whole thread was a masterpiece.

  • Bloix

    “i.e., worthless paperwork that takes professors away from doing useful things like teaching classes)”

    This is completely, infuriatingly, wrong. No profession in the world does a shittier job of assessing its own quality than academia. Professors simply do not want to know if they are successfully teaching because if they did that they might find out that some teaching methods actually work while others don’t, and the ones that like the crappy methods might lose some of their precious academic freedom. This is an utterly self-defeating strategy. In the absence of decent measures of teaching quality they are “assessed” by garbage “rate my professor” nonsense or just replaced by adjuncts because hey, no one can tell if your teaching is good or if it sucks so why not replace you with someone cheaper and without job security?

    Not to mention that the current way that students are evaluated is grotesquely unfair to them – I’m not trying to appeal to your responsibility to your students, I’m talking about your own job security. (Oh, I forgot, you’re tenured now. Congratulations.)

    • The problem with what you are saying is that there is absolutely nothing in these assessment program that actually works to evaluate teaching by any useful measurement. Nothing. It is complete bullshit. You know what professors do to deal with this? They simply fill out some bubbles saying they did something. The assessment people look at this and are happy people did something. Then they ask you to do more bullshit. But a professor can simply ignore the whole thing when it comes to how they teach their class. Certainly I do. I simply don’t care what some hack who isn’t in the classroom says about how I teach. And I don’t really care what someone in something called “Leadership Studies” says about my teaching either.

      If this assessment included actual discussions among faculty about teaching and the like, that would be great. Instead, it serves to allow administrators to say they are doing something while spending a lot of tuition dollars on paperwork.

      And I have no idea what you mean that students aren’t evaluated fairly. You mean being evaluated by such issues as doing the homework, turning in assignments on time, coming to class, doing the reading before class, and bothering to actually run spellcheck before turning a paper is unfair? I guess that’s one definition of unfair.

    • Aaron Morrow

      No profession in the world does a shittier job of assessing its own quality than academia.

      Political pundits, financial analysts, venture capitalists, carbon energy extractors, and business executives all leap to mind.

      Without examples of the other claims, I’ll just *shrug.*

  • StillWithHer

    Is it supposed to be obvious-on-its-face hilarious that someone would call Loomis a Centrist Democrat? Because that sounds about right. It describes the tone of the entire blog pretty well, actually.

    • Is it supposed to be obvious-on-its-face hilarious that someone would call Loomis a Centrist Democrat? Because that sounds about right.

      Certainly nothing screams out “Centrist Democrat” to me like condemning capitalism—not “the excesses of capitalism”, but the essence and existence of capitalism—on a regular basis.

      Though many would find his opinions on condiments much too far left.

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