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The Republican Party Was Always Going to Collaborate With Trump



Of course:

If Trump had accused Hillary Clinton rather than Rafael Cruz of conspiring to kill JFK, House Republicans would be investigating that too, and Republican lackeys in the media would be taking (or pretending to take) them seriously.

None of this is anything new. Donald Trump’s road to the presidency started with falsely claiming that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and Republicans supporting or refusing to reject these claims with various degrees of passive-aggressiveness. If this was the pattern when Trump was a blowhard reality show host, it was never going to change when he was actually in a position to help Republicans deliver sweet, sweet upper-class tax cuts and neoconfederate judges. But with Notably Rare Exceptions the American elite has always been unified against Trump!

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  • Cheap Wino

    I think you mean, “Falsely claiming Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. . .”

  • King Goat

    I think he started this whole thing to try to get the story off of Sessions.

    • MAJeff

      I think Bannon started this whole thing to do so. Story starts in Breitbart realm, and moves toward circulation in White House.

      • King Goat


    • Taylor

      I think it was a reaction to Coons saying the FBI has transcripts showing collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russia. The Breitbart story was just a cover.

      He was expecting Sessions to run interference for him in the investigations, now that’s become complicated.

      He’s panicking.

    • LosGatosCA

      Everything he does is misdirection after a mis-step. It’s his only strategy given that he has no clue of how to actually do anything of value and he’s a magnet for attracting other shabby people.

    • Manju

      Well there are 3 possibilities:

      1. They investigate the story and find that the FBI got court approval to tap Trump’s phone, presumably because he’s in cahoots with Russia.

      2. They investigate the story and find that there was no wiretapping of Trump.

      3. They investigate the story and find that the Obama Admin illegally wiretapped Trump Watergate-style.

      #1 actually takes the Sessions story to the next level. #2 also keeps Russia-Trump in the news while simultaneously making Trump look like a idiot again. Only #3 is a winner.

      Let the House investigate. This should be fun.

      • Warren Terra

        You forgot #4 (or perhaps #0, as it’s the likeliest outcome): no evidence of a wiretap is found, so Questions Linger, the Conspiracy Goes Deeper, and the Trumpoons believe the wiretaps happened, with utter certainty, and are reinforced in this belief by Fox News.

        Remember: these are the people who turned insulting and disproven claims about Benghazi into something like eight committee investigations, hours of testimony from Clinton, a fishing expedition into her emails that could be wildly distorted, and a flipping Hollywood movie. They’re not going to find no support for Trump’s claims and then fess up and shame him.

  • nemdam

    Intelligence Community: Russia interfered in our election to elect Donald Trump. His campaign had constant contact with the Russians and lied about. The Republican response? Dems are mad they lost the election, and it’s just a bunch of Obama holdovers saying it. Nothing to see.

    Breitbart: Obama has a wiretap on Trump. The Republican response? Investigate immediately.

  • keta

    What a fucking clown show.

    The only entity that might be remotely sick of winning so far is…Russia.

    • Chetsky

      TFW you’re winning so much, you start refurbishing your fallout shelter.

  • randy khan

    I have to admit that I read the statement by Chaffetz as saying that the Trump accusation will be dropped into a deep hole and ignored. That’s really the best outcome the Administration could get.

    • Whirrlaway

      dropped into a deep hole and ignored stored in the deep freeze in case we can hook it to something later

      • randy khan

        I’ll accept that as a friendly amendment.

    • efgoldman

      I read the statement by Chaffetz as saying that the Trump accusation will be dropped into a deep hole and ignored.

      Having watched the shitshow that was Gowdy pwnd for 11 hours by HRC, and knowing goddamned well that Obama would be better, funnier, and make them look worse, he’s ducking and hoping nobody on the kkkrazy kkklown kkkaukus makes him stick his head up.

  • Jon_H11

    …was never going to change when he was actually in a position to help Republicans deliver sweet, sweet upper-class tax cuts and neoconfederate judges.

    The more and more this goes on I think we can drop the idea that Republicans are tolerating these things to get lower taxes or dismantle social security or repeal abortion rights. They’ve become unmoored from any rational (if wrong-headed) program whatsoever, from top to bottom. It’s crazy tribalism all the way up and down: what the chief says is good and shall be praised, those who oppose the chief are bad and must be chastised. full stop.

    Trump could come out tomorrow and say abortion is now mandatory, bibles are to be confiscated, the military is being liquidated and all American corporations nationalized and the Republicans would line up for it cheering. It’s bizarre in a way I have never seen or imagined.

    • Cheap Wino

      The leftist media media establishment would, of course, pooh-pooh this as so much exaggerated hyperbole but, sadly, you are correct for all practical purposes.

    • science_goy

      It’s bizarre and it isn’t. Remember when Gingrich was the de facto spiritual leader of the party? The GOP hasn’t truly believed in their purported “social conservatism” (or fiscal conservatism for that matter) for a long, long time.

    • Derelict

      And yet, not unexpected. Consider all the ways reality has body-slammed Republican ideology: Tax cuts for the rich actually produce deficits, stripping poor people of money actually makes them more impoverished, removing regulations from companies doesn’t make the Invisible Hand take over in the marketplace, etc.

      What has the Republican response been to these things? Let’s “dynamically score” tax cuts so that we can still pretend they increase revenues! Let’s keep pointing out that being poor is really a serious character flaw! Let’s simply suppress the data that shows what happens after deregulation!

      Forty-odd years of this and here we are: Republican President Trump is completely untethered from reality as we know it, and Ryan and McConnell the rest of the Republican Party are happy to lose what little grip they have in order to follow him into his dreamland.

      I don’t know how this ends, but I’m pretty sure it will not end well.

      • AMK

        What has the Republican response been to these things…

        You’re missing gerrymandering and voter surpression, which is a big part of why the crazy train keeps rolling. In the conflict between their religion–which is what this is, for both the base voters and the polls–and democracy as everyone else understands it, democracy will lose.

    • CP

      Yep. I’ve been saying for years that there are no deep masterminds orchestrating diversions to conceal a real goal. They’re all crazy, from top to bottom.

      • Dennis Orphen

        Until *redacted* gets in the mix, then it’s full on ‘Houston, we’ve got a problem’.

      • The Lorax

        Fortunately we have an excellent DC media–like CNN and NPR News–whom we can trust to paint one side in a worse light than the other when the evidence points that way; and who, in trying to tell us more than who is up and who is down, work hard to avoid giving the impression that both sides are pretty much the same when they aren’t at all the same.

        I swear I can’t make it for more than 5 minutes with Morning Edition or ATC. Even the short reporting segments are wall to wall false equivalence and opinions-differ-on-shape-of-earth reporting.

        • efgoldman

          Fortunately we have an excellent DC media–like CNN and NPR News

          You forgot to switch to sarcasm font.

    • Whirrlaway
    • efgoldman

      They’ve become unmoored from any rational (if wrong-headed) program whatsoever

      You’re just noticing?
      This has been going on since the Newtniks

      • Jon_H11

        To be fair, I’ve only been able to vote/politically conscious since 2006.

  • cpinva

    and, when last checked, water is still wet, and the sky is blue. as long as they get their tax cuts, and a reversion to 1850, the republicans will line up behind anyone. it’s who they are. they don’t care if their ostensible “leader” is certifiable or not.

    psst, don’t tell them their party didn’t exist in 1850, they will be sooooooooooooooo disappointed!

    • Tom Till

      The Republican Party of today did exist in 1850. It was called the Democratic Party.

  • Downpuppy

    Nunes has gone from invisible to unspeakeable in 6 seconds. He seems to be a hothouse wingnut farmer who’s spent most of his career stealing water from endangered species & was put in charge of Intelligence as a reward for loyalty.

    No background in intelligence, law or investigation.

    • LosGatosCA

      IOW, the perfect candidate to be put in charge by Republican standards.

      I’m thinking back to the times when monarchs ruled the world and the landed aristocracy wanted weak kings who would have to do whatever the powers behind the throne wanted.

      Right now the base and the elites are perfectly aligned on the leadership model (willfully ignorant low IQ, incurious, ‘normal’ people) they are just not in agreement as to the degree that the ignorance, stupidity, and lack of critical thinking should be displayed publicly.

  • Warren Terra

    As was extensively documented on television, in 1963 when Barack Obama lived in Hawai’i, the SS Minnow left from there for a three hour tour, with seven aboard, and was never seen again. Kidnapping is a federal crime with no statute of limitations, and Trump should call for a Congressional investigation into how and why Obama committed this heinous act.

    • rhino

      He was two. You know what they say about the terrible twos!

    • Dennis Orphen

      Thurston and Lovey snubbed Trump (blackballed from the Sunnybrook Yacht Club, iirc), so no traction there.

      Coincidentally (there are none?), my neighbor brought home the first season of GI on DVD a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been binge watching it, and I’ve been kind of impressed. So has he. I could go on, but it deserves it’s own thread. So I’ll just throw this one out there:

      Ginger or Mary-Ann?

      • I think I must be hanging out too much at Balloon Juice, I thought you meant John Cole’s two dogs.

        • Dennis Orphen

          Are they named Thurston and Lovey or are they named Ginger and Mary-Ann? Never mind, I can search.

      • LosGatosCA

        In my fantasy, they both choose to share me.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          best answer to this question I have ever seen

          • los

            Also, the tribe of horny bisexual amazons on the other side of Gilligan’s Island wait for you to call, 999…

      • Woodrowfan

        Mary Ann, she’s nice, she’s a babe, AND she can cook.

    • Dennis Orphen

      P.S. If there ever was a comment on this blog that was less than three minutes and had a beat the kids could dance to, you just made it.

  • Tancred

    Trump is just the logical conclusion of decades of Republican politics, only now the dog whistle is more like a megaphone. To be honest, I hope Trump stays in office for his entire term. The Republicans must be made to own Trump. I would hate to see the GOP wiggle out of this disaster by having Trump resign or impeaching him (which I don’t see as likely) and then declaring a return to normalcy with President Pence. Such a scenario would also likely end whatever liberal mobilization has happened due to Trump as we would now have a “normal” Republican in office.

    The Republicans are really not a normal party with or without Trump. If people have paid attention to their dirty tactics in Congress (extreme obstruction of President Obama, including refusing to let him appoint a justice to the US Supreme Court) and at the state level (attempting to cripple the office of governor in North Carolina as Democrat Roy Cooper won the election) they would see that Trump is just par for the course.

    • AMK

      The tactics naturally flow from the ideology, which in the span of 30 years or so has gone from center-right to profoundly anti-democratic—a mix of white ethno-nationalism/Christian theocracy and kleptocracy all the way down.

  • twbb

    Black bloc’s collaborating, too.


    “At least two people, with their faces covered up, could be seen on video trying to set fire to an American flag, while a photo on Twitter showed the bloody face of a man who wore a T-shirt that said “Trump is My President.”

    • Dennis Orphen

      I hope for the sake of their finances that Rootie Tootie is picking up the tab. I’d hate to get stiffed, or have to settle for half of what I was promised.

      • los

        I’ve heard that The Evil Soros won’t cover criminal assault defense charges, as Trump promised he would.
        Though since Trump Thuggery Campaign Promise, Inc. will file for bankruptcy, any Pro-Trump assailant’s defense will effectively cost the same.

    • Warren Terra

      I assume you mean collaborating in promoting the pro-Trump narrative; damaging the side they purportedly support is all Black Bloc ever does.

      • The Lorax

        This reminds me of the civil rights movement, where they were making no progress until MLK showed up in a balaclava to the March on Washington. Shit got real, and from then on there has been no racism in America.

      • twbb


    • los

      Also on twitter or berkeleyside (appears to be a local news site):

      Photo of a trumpster swinging downward, but missing by far(possibly deliberately).
      Photos of an old trumpster faking being hit by pepper spray.
      Less documented: a trumpster used pepper spray.
      Berkeley PD photos of sports helmets, one 3 or 4″ (looks like in photo) single edge knife, sticks, axe handle, pallet pieces, and such. The trumpsters carried some.

  • herewegoagain3

    We would be russia if not for the blahs and blah lights.

    • LosGatosCA

      Need moar vodka and shorter lifespans

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