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Another key takeaway from the recent WaPo story about Trump’s daily meltdowns:

And what soothes poor little Donald, apparently, is arbitrary racism.

What’s depressing is that this new, narrower travel ban might well survive based on embedded assumptions that such executive orders must have followed a rational decision-making process and be motivated by serious national security concerns.

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  • Not just a child. A two year old. On a good day.

    • efgoldman

      Not just a child. A two year old. On a good day

      More a four year old (he’s fully verbal, and I think we have to assume he’s potty trained) – on a no good very bad, totally tantrumy day.
      He’s the toddler that everyone in the family is afraid to deal with. He’s never been told no in his life. He terrorizes the nanny, siblings, teachers, and his parents are blind to it. He throws tantrums – big, huge, purple face, throwing and breaking things tantrums – at the slightest provocation, as often as not in public.
      Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States; may FSM have mercy on our soul.

  • ap77

    What effect, if any, do the analyses from the agencies showing no rational basis for this ban have on the court review?

  • Hogan

    Aww, do you want to do some wog-bashing? You like wog-bashing, don’t you? Come on, let’s do some wog-bashing.

  • Mike Furlan

    Enough talk. Keep up the protests.

    I’m headed to the O’Hare International Terminal after work today.

  • To the surprise of no one, there’s nothing that will discourage CBP agents from indulging in Gestapo LARP.

  • BethRich52

    The decision-making doesn’t seem much more rational to me, but it is stated in better-sounding sentences.

  • smott999
  • efgoldman

    Question for legal beagles: Since the 9th circuit used his “Muslim ban” statements in their decision making the last time, can the attorneys construct an argument based on the previous injunction, saying, in effect, “this is the same shit in a prettier box”?

    • ap77

      I would hope so. They’re not even trying to hide that the “actual purpose” of this order is to ban Muslims. They’re effectively openly admitting that everything else is pretext. I don’t know why a court should ignore that. This is as close to someone stating “the purpose of this law is to discriminate against X” as you’re ever going to get.

  • Mike Furlan

    No protesters yet at O’Hare. But there are 4 or 5 attorneys walking the International Terminal with signs offering help.

    I guess people are waiting till the order goes into effect.

  • e.a.foster

    I see the over sized and over fed baby with the red cap. who is the little guy beside him? the diaper changer?

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