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Who Knew Racists Were So Sensitive to Ridicule



Above: A Dignified Arizona Republican legislator

I guess I wouldn’t think Arizona Republicans would table their bill to ban the teaching of any course they think smacks of racial justice in their state’s public universities because the faint shadow of what used to be The Daily Show ridicules them, but then I wouldn’t have thought they would have elected a fascist reality TV show star to the presidency either.

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  • Rob in CT

    Well, we know they’re sensitive to being called racists, which is The Worst (worse than slavery, which wasn’t that bad yaknow).

    Oh, different kind of sensitive you mean? Huh…

    • Really, you’re the real racist for calling them racists. That’s how this works, right?

      • N__B

        No, you’re the real racist for calling Rob a racist for calling them racists.

        • Stag Party Palin

          But you used “racist(s)” three times in one sentence. You’re getting close to genocidist there.

          • so-in-so

            You know, I haven’t seen someone blather about “white genocide” yet who didn’t make it seem like an idea I could get behind.

            I’m white, BTW.

            • Mike Lommler

              A colleague and I agreed that we could get behind a law banning white men from voting. We are, of course, both white men. Gotta say, it seems a rather appropriate form of reparations, no?

              • tsam

                It’d be hilarious to throw it out there and hear all the howling and crying.

              • (((Malaclypse)))

                I’ve said for ages that we’ve clearly shown we just are not ready for the vote.

              • Abbey Bartlet

                All white people, apparently.

    • Yellow Rose

      Oh there’s lots of racism on both sides of the aisle. Its not like blacks in this country have much of a choice of who to vote for. The Republicans won’t have us, but the Democrats seem embarrassed of us unless there’s an election next week…More than enough ignorance to go around.

  • wengler

    This is the same state that lost billions of dollars because honoring Martin Luther King Jr. was a bridge too far(until of course they tucked tail and did just that). Expecting Arizona to do the right thing is the wrong thing.

    • Yellow Rose

      Just wait until we get to that great post-racial society in the sky!

  • LeeEsq

    We know this is not Constitutional. He knows that this is not Constitutional. It’s just red meat that makes his constituents happy even if it can’t pass or survive judicial review if it does. This sort of legislation costs them nothing.

    • I don’t think the high school version of this law has been ruled unconstitutional

      • Yellow Rose

        Don’t think it could be. Not sure that the college version could be unconstitutional either. It offends academic free speech principles but that doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution.

        I’m not sure as a legal matter who owns a state university’s free speech rights. The state? The school? The professor? If the state can ban State U from teaching Electrical Engineering couldn’t it ban it from teaching Latin or Spanish or classes examining the suppression of Spanish speaking people in the US?

        I’d like to believe a court would enjoin the law but I’m not optimistic. What would the legal case be?

    • DamnYankees

      Why would this not be constitutional?

      • NewishLawyer

        Public colleges and universities (and also their employees and students) are protected by the constitution. Any legislation that says “We will gut your funding if you teach X” is the de facto thing that the First Amendment seeks to protect against.

        This goes multiple ways. There have been court cases where the student body association has tried to cut funding for groups it unconsidered hate-minded but were stopped in court. Normally the student group suing for restored funding is right-wing.

        • Yellow Rose

          How is that balanced with their legal right to fund curricula? Are you saying they’d have to ban all Latino Studies courses? Or all Afro-American Studies courses?

  • tsam

    Thorpe invoked the Rev. Martin Luther King in making his point about why the legislation is needed, saying some university classes are designed to promote racial divisiveness — running counter to the teachings of the civil rights leader.

    • leftwingfox

      It would be nice if this level of stupidity were intensely flammable.

    • Rob in CT

      Shamelessness is a critical attribute for a GOP politician.

    • JMP

      It’s just like how Obama has been the most racially divisive President ever by forcing all those nice white people to say horribly racist things about him by the power of his blackness and admission that racism is still a problem in America.

    • Yellow Rose

      While eating my Cheerios Monday morning I saw an editorial saying that MLK was really a conservative. I ROFL’d my milk all over my lap. He was a Socialist-Communist-Conservative! Or is that Conservative Marxist-Leninist Communist?

    • Bubblegum Tate

      This bunch of well-done memes is a good counter for the whole “MLK only ever said one thing, and you’re the racist for saying that racism exists!” crowd.

      • tsam

        Those are great.

        It really is sad that all people remember is the one line from the “I Have a Dream” speech. I mean, that speech still moves me (I’m not crying YOU’RE FUCKING CRYING), but it’s just a small bit of who the man was.

  • ZakMcKrackenAndTheAlienMindbenders

    In the immortal words of Homer, “I wouldn’t have thought so either, but here we are.” (Please chisel these words on my tombstone.)

  • ZakMcKrackenAndTheAlienMindbenders

    Also omg the dude is wearing the same Marvin the Martian tie I wore to my grammar school’s 8th grade winter dance specifically to piss off my stuck-up girlfriend!

    • N__B

      Did it work?

      • ZakMcKrackenAndTheAlienMindbenders

        like a charm!

        • N__B

          A cousin of mine used to call such ties “mother repellant.” They made sure that he would never appear in family photos.

          • tsam

            $5 says the guy in the photo sounds exactly like Marvin the Martian.

            • efgoldman

              $5 says the guy in the photo sounds exactly like Marvin the Martian.

              Doubt it. Mel Blanc was sui generis.

              • N__B

                True, but I did once tell a contractor that if he didn’t give me a schedule that I would zap him with my space mod-u-la-tor. He didn’t know what I was talking about but it worked anyway because he decided it was a good idea to appease the crazy man.

  • humanoid.panda

    I’d bet that the real reason this bill is tabled is that in the last election, AZ shifted by about 10 points relative to national average to the Dems. Hillary lost is by 5, which is a margin under which a Democratic governor in a bad midterm for the GOP becomes plausible, so I presume they will try and keep their jackassery slightly less visible.

    • Mike Lommler

      You may be right, but I question their ability to keep their jackassery less visible, especially when they must be feeling emboldened by Trump’s presence. In my experience (having lived in Arizona 3.5 years now) these guys are dumb enough to publicly propose the outrageous shit and only back down once they’ve already pissed off everybody.

  • piratedan

    this was a “hot” local issue in the southern part of the state because the TUSD (Tucson Unified School District) had alternative civics coursework that promoted latino/hispanic history and accomplishments that took place over the course of history. This put into place a mechanism to allow hispanics to understand that not all achievements in the state were done by anglos exclusively. Essentially, some folks felt outraged that there should be any acknowledgement of this and sought to prevent any kind of cultural recognition that anyone other than Anglos should have an impact, culturally or politically in the state.

    It’s not enough for white guys to own everything, you’re not even allowed to know if anyone of your ethnicity has ever amounted to anything… ever.

    • Chetsky

      Reminds me of Texas History classes that never mention that the real reason Texas revolted against Mexico was …. b/c Mexico was in the process of abolishing slavery. Ha! Love it! Such ….. shitbirds.

  • AdamPShort

    Ooh! I know! Black people!

    Wait, was this a rhetorical question?

  • AlanInSF

    Remember long ago when, if a person was batshit insane, their family would try to keep them from leaving the house?

    • Bertha Rochester, née Mason

      Do I EVER! A HA HA! A HA HA HA HA!

    • efgoldman

      their family would try to keep them from leaving the house?

      Or tuck them away in one of “those places” which were never spoken of out loud.

    • Hogan

      Just keep them away from the yellow wallpaper.

  • pseudalicious

    Aw, I like Trevor Noah. And Roy Wood Jr. is amazing. /missing the point

    • Yellow Rose

      Not. As. Funny. As. Jon. Stuart.

      Though cuter.

  • JMP

    The Daily Show is doing fine these days, it took Noah a while to find his footing but now he has, it’s doing better than during Stewart’s last few years when you could tell he was totally burnt out and tired of doing the show and paying so much attention to political news. I do however really miss The Nightly Show, which had really gotten strong around the time they cut the panel down to three people and was my favorite of the late night shows at the time; I guess there’s not much of an audience for honest discussions of race from a cast that only includes one white guy.

    • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

      I miss Nightly Show too. That was probably not the right format for Larry Wilmore’s talents, but he’s too talented and necessary as a voice to not have an outlet.

      (as an aside, my wife use to work in entertainment and got to know him pretty well; she said he is easily one of the micest most down-to-earth stars she ever met, andjust as lovely a person off camera as he is on camera).

  • Chetsky

    Oh man. And here I thought -some- kind soul would link to the subject videos? B/c I sure can’t find ’em on El GOOG.

  • ForkyMcSpoon

    But I was assured that mocking conservatives for things like this is Why Trump Won.

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