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Director Shaub & The Orange Hued Slob

The tyranny of paperwork

Today’s mysterious mystery – Why are Republicans so hostile to the Office of Government Ethics?

Several of President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees have still not been properly vetted less than one week before hearings begin on Capitol Hill, the Office of Government Ethics said in a letter to Democratic senators Friday.

“The announced hearing schedule for several nominees who have not completed the ethics review process is of great concern to me,” OGE Director Walter M. Shaub wrote in a letter to New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “This schedule has created undue pressure on OGE’s staff and agency ethics officials to rush through these important reviews.”
Shaub — who said OGE hasn’t received initial drafts from some nominees — continued: “I am not aware of any occasion in the four decades since OGE was established when the Senate held a confirmation hearing before the nominee had completed the ethics review process.”
Sounds like a president like Trump is exactly why the OGE was created. Thanks Dick! The nominees who still need to turn in their homework and really aren’t trying to hide anything and you’re just a partisan hack if you say otherwise, are:
  • Jack Kelly – Homeland Security
  • Betsy DeVos – Education
  • Wilbur Ross – Commerce
  • Ben Carson – Housing and Urban Development

Or as the departments will be known after they are rebranded to increase their MAGAnificence:

  • Trumpland! Trumpcurity!

  • Trumpucation!

  • Trumpmerce!

  • Trumping! & Trumpban! Trumpelopment!

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  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

    Why cant you just be MAGAnanimous about this?

  • tsam

    “Trust me” isn’t good enough for you?

    • los

      Expect 4 years of “IOKIYAR” from the GOP’s MSM, though dephrased unimaginatively.

  • DAS

    Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education hasn’t turned in her homework? I’d say there’s a campaign ad here for 2018

    Senator X voted to confirm Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education even though she didn’t even do her homework

    except (a) people won’t remember this oversight in 1.5 years and (b) “who wants to do homework? if DeVos got her job without doing homework, more power to her!”

    • jamesepowell

      People won’t remember it next month.

    • tsam

      Trumpers didn’t do any of their homework either. Dog ate homework, they ate paint chips.

    • John Revolta

      “That means they’re smart!”

  • postmodulator

    I laughed for like ninety seconds at this headline. Well done.

    • It’s the title of my upcoming children’s book.

  • DrDick

    Republicans are not opposed to ethics in government. They are just opposed to ethical standards applied to them! Democrats, however, must be subject to the strictest ethical oversight and comprehensively investigated for even the most minor imaginary issues.

  • Hogan

    Look, Ben Carson can’t accurately remember important facts about his life, like whether he shanked a motherfucker. It’s not fair to expect him to produce this stuff on short notice. #YoureTheRealRacist

    • N__B

      whether he shanked a motherfucker

      Who hasn’t?

      • Warren Terra

        Ben Carson, a lot of people believe.

        • N__B

          Fine, so he’ll shank one now. Satisfied?

          • Warren Terra

            Can we count a large number of scalpel incisions as adding up to a stabbing?

            • N__B

              Topographically, yes.

  • Warren Terra

    The Republicans cut funding for embassy security, then denounced Clinton as the mastermind and archfiend of the tragedy in Benghazi for a year, and are now again proposing to cut embassy security. I think it’s fair to say they’re not overly concerned they might be called to account for their lapses of responsibility, performance, or ethics.

    • Mike G

      Who needs accountability when you have a big megaphone to shout blame on others, and an army of flying monkey cultists who will believe whatever the megaphone says.

  • vic rattlehead

    On January 20th…orange is the new black!

    • Orange is the new Red

      • los

        The Red is dead; long-live the Red.

  • GeorgeBurnsWasRight

    Why are Republicans so hostile to the Office of Government Ethics?

    I believe Shaub is about to be the first government employee reduced to a $1 a year salary.

    • Warren Terra

      Or, in order to Drain The Swamp and protect the Office Of Government Ethics from accusations it is too close to and so potentially too friendly with the people it examines, the whole office can be moved someplace where it can be insulated from accusations of inappropriate or even accidental fraternizing with their subjects and, as a bonus, can really get in touch with American heartland values. Rural North Dakota, for example.

      • los

        Drain The Swamp

        Of Government Ethics

    • Morse Code for J

      Let them. That’s a GoFundMe I’d take great satisfaction in donating to.

      • leftwingfox

        Oh Jesus, I just discovered the dystopian libertarian wet dream tax-free future.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    I dunno whatthehell the problem might be. Not as if Trump’s nominees are going to turn out to be puppets of a foreign government or any-


  • efgoldman

    Jack Kelly – Homeland Security
    Betsy DeVos – Education
    Wilbur Ross – Commerce
    Ben Carson – Housing and Urban Development

    Just those four? Really?

  • Docrailgun

    I assume Ben Carson was chosen for HUD because the good Dr. Carson was the only “urban” (read: brown person) that President Oompa-Loompa knew that wore a suit?

    • Warren Terra

      Everyone assumes Carson was chosen because he’s Black. The real question is why he took the job.

      • DAS

        Why not?

        If someone were so far gone they would nominate me for a cabinet level position, I’d accept, because how often does anyone ask you to hold a cabinet level office. Of course, nobody who’d nominate me to a cabinet level position would even win a primary election. But enough Americans in key swing states like Trump, so there you have it.

        • Warren Terra

          With all due respect, I doubt you’ve enjoyed as much career success and widespread esteem as Carson did before deciding to redefine himself as a general-purpose wingnut and something of a preening ignoramus. His decision to do so – and to accept the “Black guy Trump knows” HUD appointment instead of insisting on something he could have credibility in, like HHS or maybe Education – is what mystifies me.

          • Cleardale

            Because the people that trump and Carson appeal to don’t care. It’s not like Carson can do something wrong and pay a price for it. So why not take the money, and the grift that will surely come with it, and pad the resume?

          • Derelict

            You might recall that Carson turned down the first cabinet position that Trump offered him on the grounds that he didn’t know anything about running a government department.

            Since HUD has long been on the list for departments to eliminate, I guess he feels comfortable driving it into the ditch knowing that it’s on the way to the scrap heap anyway.

            • vic rattlehead

              Yeah as a doctor, he may well have some qualms about running HHS into the ground (although a lot of surgeons, not all, but a lot are essentially rich prick businessmen so maybe he doesn’t care. At the same time maybe he doesn’t want to accidentally mess with the federal gravy train to some of his buddy hospital administrators.). HUD though? A Republican paying a political price for running HUD into the ground? First of all, Republicans trashing the place is all part of the plan in general. But with a department they want dead? Fuck no, they’ll name buildings after him. They’ll worship the ground he walks on.

              Plus, it can’t be racist! Because Ben Carson is black! What a bunch of cynical shits.

  • Lasker

    Trump team statement:

    “In the midst of a historic election where Americans voted to drain the swamp, it is disappointing some have chosen to politicize the process in order to distract from important issues facing our country,” the Trump statement read. “This is a disservice to the country and is exactly why voters chose Donald J. Trump as their next president.”

    He has the same strategy as president as he does as a businessman. Break all the rules, break all the contracts, and dare people to call you on it – usually they will back down, and if they don’t you can grind them down over time anyway.

    I don’t know why, but this statement more than anything else leaves me feeling like this is the end: We’re doomed. He’ll break all the rules and our Democratic leaders will kindly narrate “Now he breaks this norm, now he’s breaking that norm”, as if the mere naming will summon judgement from – – who exactly?

    • Redwood Rhiadra

      The ultimate problem is that there’s only one way under our Constitution to enforce the rules on a President who’s willing to break them, and that’s the impeachment process. And without the cooperation of the House Majority, impeachment charges won’t even make it out of committee, much less a trial in the Senate.

      • Lasker

        Right – so maybe unfair to blame the democrats. I’m yelling into space too! Maybe a deluge of calls from constituents of republican house and senate members can do something, since appears to be what reversed plan to gut the independent ethics office. But even then they had to get what amounted to “permission” from Trump.

  • Zoogz

    See, I read that as “Trump Elopement” and wondered which (un)lucky girl gets to be Trump’s new arm candy, but thankful that he was at least eloping and presumably leaving for warmer climes.

  • The Dems think that the people will see how awful T-Rump is, and reject him. That was their election strategy, which FAILED.

    But they’ll keep using it.

    • randy khan

      I don’t think that’s right at all, at least going forward. I think the Democratic strategy is to resist the Republicans at every turn.

  • Tehanu

    Trumpland! Trumpcurity!
    Trumping! & Trumpban! Trumpelopment!

    It’s all Trumpsucking by Trumpsuckers, isn’t it?

  • Xenos

    They don’t want high bread prices.
    They don’t want low bread prices.

    They want Trump bread prices.

    • Derelict

      Now with extra weevils and more maggots!

  • randy khan

    For those inclined towards doing something, here are the chairs and ranking members for the relevant committees for the nominees who haven’t filed their forms:

    Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: Chairman, Ron Johnson; Ranking Member, Thomas Carper

    HELP (Education): Chair, Lamar Alexander; Ranking Member, Patty Murray

    Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Chair, Richard Shelby; Ranking Member, Sherrod Brown

    Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Chair, John Thune; Ranking Member, Bill Nelson

    Link to contact pages for each Senator

    • vic rattlehead

      Good lord, Ron Johnson as chair of that committee almost scares me more than Trump as president.

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