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Lighthearted (If Heavygutted) News


In more amusing news than most of what we are seeing in the world these days, I’m glad the person in charge of the great 70s Dinner Party Twitter feed has published a book based upon it.

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  • XTPD

    I don’t follow the ’70s Party Twitter feed, but I remember Lileks doing a solid series on the same topic:

    The Gallery of Regrettable Food

    And if this is any indication, I hold out hope that people left and right across this nation can unite on one common theme: Fuck CNN.

    • Origami Isopod

      D’oh. Missed your 2nd link there.

      Back on the topic of Erik’s post: Mrs. Grace Marshall was a more inventive and industrious chef than Paula Dean.

      • XTPD


        I actually used to go Orlando’s Contemporary Resort for my latter three years as part of my school district’s Academic Team, and while my respect for CNN started falling off around the turn of the decade, I still ended it was pretty the only news channel I was sure wouldn’t piss off my teammates one way or the other. Incidentally, it was while staying at a different Disney World resort (senior year, this time to help my sister’s history team) when I saw Don Lemon wordshart if MH370 got sucked in by a black hole, which immediately struck me as the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard from a news anchor. Haven’t watched its news coverage since.

        • Origami Isopod

          I’m old enough to remember CNN during the days of the First Gulf War. Its reportage was impressive back then. That said, one reason it was impressive was its immediacy, at a time when the 24/7 news cycle wasn’t yet a cliché. I don’t find immediacy that impressive anymore. I’d rather have old-fashioned shoe leather.

  • Matt Stevens

    add 3/4 cup of Borden’s Irradiated Evaporated Milk.

    Posting recipes from Fallout, I see. Guess they fit recent politics.

    • BGinCHI

      From the “Dystopian Soups of the Pacific Northwest” collection.

  • Hells Littlest Angel

    Sounds more like a recipe for a 1930s dinner party. You could substitute ketchup (please don’t ban me) and make cream of tomato.

    • ans

      Ah yes, “tomato” soup. My grandmother would make that with ketchup and milk. Somehow it wasn’t terrible. I know, I know…

      • Origami Isopod

        Your ability to gauge culinary terribleness is not really that great when you’re a kid.

      • Ronan

        have you tried it since though?

  • efgoldman

    racist troll alert, previous thread

    • StellaB

      You guys did a pretty good job avoiding troll feeding until relatively late in the thread!

  • efgoldman

    Now that that’s out of the way, time to go looking for some ketchup and vodka recipes.

    • rea


      Spiked Ketchup:
      1 head garlic
      Olive oil
      Salt and freshly ground black pepper
      1 cup mayonnaise
      2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
      1 1/2 cups ketchup
      5 ounces vodka (about 2/3 cup)

      • YRUasking

        This man licked the crust off his refrigerator door shelf and thought “I must share this with the world!”

  • XTPD

    On a related note, I’ve always loved Kristi Harrison on the tacky world of ’70s sex kitsch.

  • Scrumley

    Not to get all ad hominum about this, it should be noted that the original post was written by a man who admits to dipping his French fries in ketchup, thereby ruining both the fries and the tomato/sugar sauce.

    Although never a “Historian of the 70’s”, and therefore perhaps not qualified to comment, I was a young man in the 1970’s, and I can report that there was never anything so ugly about the 70’s as the developing tendency of otherwise tasteful persons to dip fried potatoes in ketchup.

    You young ones think that Trump has been the disaster, while you snark about never-cooked 1970’s magazine recipes that we were laughing at before you were born. But if it weren’t for you basket of yokels who grew up thinking that you weren’t yokels, dipping your fries in ketchup, Trump would never have been possible. A nation of self-unaware fry-dippers has earned itself a fry-dipping president. Live with it.

  • Nazi alert on the “Today In Trump’s America” post. Including specific violent threats against a commenter here. Help needed, mods.

    ETA: I think the site owners should seriously consider recruiting commenters to be volunteer comment mods. I know it can lead to some drama and awkward situations, but there’s a real problem.

    • Lasker


  • shah8

    Onion preserves makes a great j in pb&j, I’ve found… I don’t really like the taste by itself all that much, but it makes peanut butter taste deeper and richer.

  • Ronan

    Slightly O/T, I know Taibbi reviews of Friedman are old news, but this is hilarious


    Having said that, Im becoming convinced Friedman is in on the joke and a lot of this is an extended pisstake by him. Completely serious. His earlier stuff from the Mid East (iirc) was actually pretty good, and there’s no way he doesnt know about his reputation.
    Im pretty sure he’s softly trolling people.

  • J. Otto Pohl

    This is actually one of the faster and perfectly okay ways to make Ghanaian ground nut soup. You just need to add fufu and goat.

    • Does “this” refer to the peanut butter soup, or the later vodka ketchup? Does the goat have to be black?

      • rea

        Does the goat have to be black?

        Here in Trumpian America the goat will be black unless it’s Latino or Muslim.

  • This recipe made me want to make a comment about Christopher Lasch being right that Americans have lost any sense of traditional guidelines and just throw together any old thing and expect it to be considered eligible.

    Then I read Otto’s comment and found out it is traditional. Which is pretty much the way Lasch-style arguments tend to end up anyway.

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