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The House Science Committee, ladies and gentlemen.

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  • DamnYankees

    I was told that Hillary was an evil corporatist though, and that we shouldn’t have to vote for lesser evils.

    • Randy

      There is no difference between the parties. Also, she was paid for speaking to Wall Street types.

      Those contradictions aren’t going to heighten themselves, you know.

      • guthrie

        The thing is, as far as I can see from here across the Atlantic, so many of the people slagging off Hilary for being a corporate shill etc weren’t really doing so from a proper anti-capitalist base of thought in the first place. I have a friend who is a Marxist, and they clearly have such a base of ideas. Other commentaters, not so much.

        • Yes, absolutely. Jill Stein does not have a coherent model of anti-capitalism whatsoever. I read the Green Party platform’s section on economic justice and it’s mushmouthed nonsense. She lifted Sanders’ “revolution” talk, but Sanders is barely even a social democrat. Hilariously, she called the Democratic Party “counterrevolutionary”, so apparently she’s picking up some jargon.

          • Randy

            I don’t see the Green Party as having a coherent model of much of anything. It’s an umbrella group for disaffected leftists who want to display their ideological purity.

          • farin

            The most important feature of a real leftist party is schism, right?

          • I Guess Bust

            If you are an anti-capitalist, the Democrats are counter-revolutionary. “The second most capitalist party in the world”

    • David Hunt

      If you voted for Trump, you don’t need to worry about that. You didn’t vote for the lesser evil.

    • Lord Jesus Perm

      Similarly, I was told that Donald Trump winning the Presidency was a triumph over the elites.

      • Ahenobarbus

        Elites = scientists and academics, not super-rich hedge fund guys

        • leftwingfox

          Alternately, Jews and Liberals.

          • I Guess Bust

            Liberals and Jews are pretty much the same thing in the Trumposphere

    • (((Hogan)))

      Fracking. Also fracking. In conclusion, fracking.

      • Howlin Wolfe

        I frack therefore I frack. I’m all fracked up.

    • I Guess Bust

      It is true. Hillary is an unfairly maligned victim who bears absolutely no responsibility for anything that is about to happen.

      • DamnYankees

        You sure understood my point so well! Good job, buddy!

        • I Guess Bust

          The point was to get in another therapeutic session of hippie punching. Are you seriously pretending there is any further depth there?

          • rea

            I wouldn’t say depth, exactly. But, “Hillary is an unfairly maligned victim who bears absolutely no responsibility for anything that is about to happen” is likely the truest thing you have ever said on the internet. Hope Old Vlad doesn’t punish you too severely for saying it.

          • That isn’t what “hippie punching” means.

            • I Guess Bust

              Don’t you dare gaslight me.

              • Sick burn, bro. You sure cucked me, or whatever. I sure need my safe space now. Also, snowflakes.

                • I Guess Bust

                  Ok, get to that safe space then.

          • searcher

            Just because you’re getting punched doesn’t make you a hippie.

          • I agree. Your point lacked depth.

  • Domino

    The easiest job in the world must be someone who just creates pure bullshit articles about climate change for the right to devour. You don’t have to bother fact-checking anything (It’s not like truth is something your audience values), you probably have a list of 20 people that are on the fossil fuel industry’s payroll who will give you some quotes about why the latest climate report is garbage, and BAM – you have your article.

    Just repeat that forever and that has got to be one of the sweetest wingnut welfare gigs.

    • Musashi

      “Just repeat that forever and that has got to be one of the sweetest wingnut welfare gigs.”

      Well, at least until human civilization collapses.

      • Domino

        Yeah, the LIEberal media says that civilization has collapsed, but I can still generate heat by burning books that I have never read. Checkmate Libs!

        Side note: the “Checkmate libs” made me think of the Jenny comments from 2012, where she was convinced that “unlimited corporate cash” was going to see Romney through.

        Does anyone have a link to when she was originally found out all those years ago?

        • I Guess Bust

          The good thing is that all non-billionaires will be hunted to extinction by gold plated Terminators once GW becomes undeniable.

    • carolannie

      Didn’t ya know facts don’t matter

    • TheoLib

      No, an even easier job is sitting on the House Science Committee, tweeting Breitbart News articles!

  • Dr. Acula

    Seasons, how do they work?

    • Nobdy

      It is impossible to determine if the earth is actually heating or cooling.

      Every morning it seems like we are in the throes of incredible global warming as the temperatures skyrocket and I worry we will be burned alive in the rate of increase continues. Fortunately around noon the temperature stabilizes, but then it quickly begins to plunge and I think we are about to enter a new ice age. Then it starts getting hotter again the next morning!!

      Until scientists can explain these severe daily temperature swings I am not listening to some egg head talk about how the earth is 1 or 2 degrees warmer or cooler and that is some big deal. It got 30 degrees hotter outside just today! Explain that! It’s not coal that’s causing it, that’s for damn sure!

      • Derelict

        “What about the tides? You can’t explain that. Science can’t explain that!”

        Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Scientype Guy

        • rea

          Water, fire, air and dirt
          Fucking magnets, how do they work?
          And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist
          Y’all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed

          Insane Clown Posse Trump’s Cabinet

          • Derelict

            I find this comment oddly attractive.

      • Sev

        Damn right- it’s the solar energy that’s gonna kill us all.

    • Denverite

      The underlying article isn’t about seasons — El Nino causes it to get hotter, La Nina causes it to cool down. The article is simply saying that we had an El Nino the first half of 2016, now we’re getting the La Nina so we’ll expect cooler temperatures in 2017. Breitbart is spinning it as “where’s your global warming now LIBTARDS?”.

      • CrunchyFrog

        Thanks for reading it for us. I refuse to click on that web site so was going to research elsewhere to figure out what they were blathering about.

        It’s like all that crap about the “global warming pause” a couple years ago.

        • Linnaeus

          Oh, the “pause” is mentioned as well.

          • Denverite

            Yeah, this is all about the effort to discount 2016, which even using the second hottest year of the 20th Century as the starting point (1998 — so hot in Texas that my car melted and I’m not joking), is the warmest year on record.

            • CrunchyFrog

              Be careful, you’re mixing global temps and US temps. The US did have some very hot years in the 1930s during the dustbowl but the rest of the world did not. Globally no year in recorded human history prior to 1998 was as nearly as hot as 1998.

              Of course, if 2017 were to have the same average global temperature as 1998 it would seem cooler than we’ve become used to in the past few years.

            • Derelict

              It’s not official until some Senator brings a snowball onto the floor of the chamber, then points out that the mere existence of snow in the northern hemisphere refutes all notions of global warming.

              • The Lorax

                It is crucial that we never forget that when we’re having water wars and Santa Monica is under water that assholes from the GOP kept us from averting catastrophe.

                Of course it will be lost in a media sea of “Who could have known?”

                We’re doomed. I blame the media as much as the GOP.

                • Tyto

                  No, it will be, “if the Libs hadn’t been so shrill about it, they would have been better able to convince us all, and we would have done something about it.”

        • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website

          “All that crap about the pause”?

          I suggest some respect for the hundreds of climate scientists who have written about the “pause” or “hiatus” (their words) in global warming since 2008. For an introduction to the research you might start with this major report in July 2013 by the UK Met Office:

          The recent pause in global warming: What do observations of the climate system tell us?

          The recent pause in global warming: What are the potential causes?

          There are hundreds of peer-reviewed papers about its nature, causes, and likely duration. More are published every month. No consensus yet. It’s on the frontier of climate science.

          • CrunchyFrog

            By “crap” I mean the ensuing propaganda. Here’s an link that includes a graph of temperatures through 2016. Puts the “pause” in perspective.

            Now the quality papers that were written about this at the time were trying to determine why, given the continuation of temperature forcings, that the global temperatures hadn’t risen above the 1998/2005 levels. Most of them concluded that the heat was being absorbed into oceans, and events of the last two years are consistent with that analysis.

            • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


              The ocean heat take-up is one of the 12 (roughly) groups of theories. It is not yet a consensus, as shown by the number of papers in major journals with alternative explanations.

              I posted links to 3 bibliographies — citations, abstracts, links — of papers about the pause which clearly show this. It’s in moderation. Past experience posting about peer-reviewed research suggests that it might not surface.

              As an alternative you can use the Google Scholar search to find articles back to 2008 about the “climate pause”. Turn off “citations”. Note the wide range of explanations.

              • Rob in CT

                Links (particularly “naked” links?) trigger moderation. It’s standard here, not some conspiracy to keep your TRUTH from the world.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  Almost everything in your comment is wrong.

                  (1) “It’s standard here”

                  The moderation was, of course, automatic. I was referring to my experience here manual process of getting comments approved from moderation. It assume it results from the lack of time by the proprietors for such trivia. Running such an active website burns a lot of time.

                  (2) “Links (particularly “naked” links?) trigger moderation.”

                  These were not naked links. Also, I posted two comments, each w/ 2 links. One was posted, one in moderation. This is the mysterious workings of the protection software without which no website can run these days.

                  (3) “not some conspiracy to keep your TRUTH from the world.”

                  Do you usually fantasize about conspiracy theories? Take a walk outside. Look at the grass and sky.

                • Rob in CT

                  You’re the one proposing there is a conspiracy to keep your posts from being shown, dude. You can play “I know you are but what am I?” all you want but nobody’s gonna buy it.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  “You’re the one proposing there is a conspiracy to keep your posts from being shown”

                  Again your reply is to a comment that says the exact opposite of what you’re accuse me of. Let’s replay the tape.

                  “The moderation was, of course, automatic. …This is the mysterious workings of the protection software without which no website can run these days.”

                  “I was referring to my experience here {with the} manual process of getting comments approved from moderation. It assume it results from the lack of time by the proprietors for such trivia. Running such an active website burns a lot of time.”

                  That’s the opposite of a “conspiracy”.

            • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


              “By “crap” I mean the ensuing propaganda.”

              Sad but true. Liars on the Left, liars on the right, leaving the public confused and apathetic. Typical for modern America.

              Our elite’s discovery of our gullibility changed America.

              • MaxUtility

                Yes, clearly in the climate change debate “both sides do it” and the whole issue is just the “elite’s” way of manipulating the “people”. Go re-ignite someone else’s spirit, concern troll.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  Evidence is there, if you look. Here’s two.

                  (1) Phil Plait at Slate ignores the vast amount of climate scientists’ research into the nature and causes of the “pause” (their word for it, see above for details). In effect he says it is a lie by deniers.

                  (2) Another Plait: blames climate change for the current California drought, despite both NOAA and peer-reviewed papers explicitly saying otherwise — because these are a natural feature of the SW US climate. (The effect of future climate change probably make these worse or more frequent.)

                  More broadly — One reason, of many, for the failure of the US public to properly see the threat of climate change is advocates’ shift from relying on the IPCC (once called the “gold standard”) to describing it as “too conservative” — relying instead on a faction of scientists plus amateurs to provide stories with little foundation in the science literature.

                  I can give cites & links for these, and many more examples.

                • Rob in CT

                  Christ, what a liar you are.

                  Or rather, bullshit artist.

                  For this, specifically:

                  One reason, of many, for the failure of the US public to properly see the threat of climate change is advocates’ shift from relying on the IPCC (once called the “gold standard”) to describing it as “too conservative”

                  Hahahahahahaha, yeah, sure, that’s why.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  “Christ, what a liar you are.”

                  I offered to give evidence. Your recourse to childish insults implies that it would be a waste of time. However, the offer remains open.

                  “Hahahahahahaha, yeah, sure, that’s why.”


                • Rob in CT

                  The huge, expensive effort to lie about climate science isn’t the reason the scientists have had trouble convincing the public, oh no! Nope, it’s really this other thing over here!

                  Bull. Shit.

                  Also: the fact is that global warming mitigation requires serious change and most people – even fairly liberal people – don’t really wanna do it. So the skids are greased for the deniers, basically. Lucky for you!

                • MaxUtility

                  In effect he says it is a lie by deniers

                  It IS a lie in that it takes only a small, specific portion of a long term trend with lots of variation to try to claim that the long term trend has stopped. It is a claim using statistics and data improperly to intentionally misrepresent what the data shows overall.

                  I’m sure you can find climate change skeptics who don’t completely misrepresent the “pause” and I’m sure you can find climate proponents who overly assign causation of specific weather events to climate change, etc. That does not mean that the reason the public is not pushing for climate change action is because “both sides lie all the time.”

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  “It IS a lie in that it takes only a small, specific portion of a long term trend with lots of variation to try to claim that the long term trend has stopped. It is a claim using statistics and data improperly to intentionally misrepresent what the data shows overall.”

                  Hundreds of papers have been published by major climate agencies and in peer-reviewed journals about the “pause”, aka “hiatus”. Why do you believe so many climate scientists are wrong, and you are right?

                  After this I’ll post 3 bibliographies of papers about the pause, a few hundreds out of the larger literature, each paper with a citation, abstract, and link (where possible to an ungated copy).

                  First, papers about the nature of the pause (starting at 2008). Second, about the causes of the pause — grouped roughly into the 12 major explanations. Third, estimates about the duration of the pause.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website

                  Bibliography #1: papers about the nature of the cause. Skip thru all the outdated text at the top; jump to the citations.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  Bibliography #2: Papers about causes of the pause.

                  This is the largest collection of citations, roughly 70, grouped into the 12 major explanations for the pause. As you’ll see, there is as yet no consensus on this. They range from it is natural variation or a statistical artifact to deep structural features in the Earth’s air-ocean system.

                  These are just a sample of the literature about the pause.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  Bibliography #3: Climate scientists predicting when the pause will end.

                  Until recently there were few papers about this, so most of these entries are quotes from the general media. Predictions range from “now” to one or two decades from now.

                • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website


                  “Nope, it’s really this other thing over here!”

                  Please try to reply to something I said, not what you’ve made up. Let’s replay the tape:

                  “One reason, of many, for the failure of the US public to properly see the threat of climate change is advocates’ shift”

                  To say “it’s one of many” is the opposite of “it’s really this other thing…”

          • There was no pause, just the ocean soaking up the heat. Now the ocean is letting the heat out.

        • Editor of the Fabius Maximus website

          A follow-up note, here are bibliographies of research about the “pause” or “hiatus”: full citations, abstracts, and links to over a hundred papers since 2008 by the major climate agencies or peer-reviewed journals.

          Papers about the pause and about its causes (roughly 12 major theories).

          Here are excerpts with links from climate scientists’ discussions about its likely duration (mostly articles, some papers).

          This research continues today, with no consensus on the nature or causes of the pause — it could be anything from natural variation or statistical anomalies to manifestation or deep structural features in the air-ocean system. It means a lot, or nothing.

          The climate scientist community will sort it out eventually.

      • GFW

        To add to what Deverite just said, here’s a very recent Tamino on the “recent cooling” which his graphs show is clearly the reversal of a huge El Nino spike, back down to the average trend line. The average trend line is the scary thing, precisely because it’s an average trend.


        For those interested in credentials, Tamino literally wrote a textbook on time series analysis. I think he comes from a statistics background more than a physical climate science background.

      • Area Man

        They’ve been pulling this dishonest stunt for a long time. Back in 2007, Arctic sea ice hit a summer low that smashed all previous records. Then 2008 regressed back somewhat, still far below the long-term average but much higher than it was in 2007. So how did denialists respond to what any grade-school kid would recognize as clear evidence of warming? Arctic sea ice grew at a rate faster than ever seen before! A half million more square kilometers of ice than last year! Global warming alarmists totally perplexed!

        Of course we broke a new record yet again in 2012, but that just sets yet another baseline against which to deny that Arctic sea ice is going down.

    • I awoke to frost on my car this morning, where yesterday there was none. I dread going to sleep tonight, lest I awaken to a world of snow and frozen rivers (in coastal California!). Clearly we are in the grip of a rapidly advancing ice age.

    • UncleEbeneezer

      Tides ->

      <- Tides

      • petesh


      • Bruce B.

        “No comprende” – Wall of Voodoo, “Mexican Radio”

        • liberalrob

          It’s a riddle…

  • D.N. Nation

    At this point I pat them on their backs and wish them well in the horror to come.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      I would like to have them put in the back of work trucks and driven to the Smoky Mountains and handed shovels and put them to work fighting the fires.

      I used to just want certain folks taken to the countryside to dig potatoes to teach them character and the virtue that work creates, but I think we have better chores for these people now.

      Unless, of course, they want to go to Syria or Afghanistan with a copy of the Bible or Atlas Shrugged, a pointed stick, and a canteen, and help spread the Freedom.

  • jim, some guy in iowa

    the proper spelling is dOOmed

    also, too, one of the first cuts is to NASA’s monitoring of things like the ice caps, etc. Somewhere Jesus is crossing off large swaths of the U S on his list of stops for the return trip

    • Nobdy

      Who wants to pool resources and start a company that builds floating cities for the rich? It may be the only growth business in the 2020s!

      • Ramon A. Clef

        I’ll chip in, but only if we can install a device that will scuttle them as soon as they’re far enough out to sea.

        • Woodrowfan

          where a good U-boat when you need it??

          • Denverite

            Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park.

            • The Lorax

              Fond childhood memories!

        • Jackson87

          A tip of my sailor’s cap to you, sir. Bravo and well done.

        • Stag Party Palin

          As long as you tell them it’s a “stopcock” they’ll turn the wheel any time you want.

        • DrS

          Ark B Technologies

    • Isn’t J.C. coming back somewhere specific in Ill. or Missouri, per the Book of Mormon?

      • Redwood Rhiadra

        Independence, Missouri

  • Little Chak

    Four years of “weather = climate” coming from the White House, Congress, and TrumpTV. I also heard that they were planning to eliminate NASA’s Earth Science program, and focus on deep-space exploration, because the Earth Science division is political — half of the world’s climatologists agree that climate change isn’t happening, or isn’t anthropogenic, don’tcha know?

    But emails & corruption & neoliberal & Bernie got screwed by a rigged system…so really, it would have been the same if she got elected, and we got what we deserved for nominating a candidate with so much baggage.

    I’m starting to feel pretty okay with not having had kids yet.

    The Jeopardy Teen Tournament started right after the election…I couldn’t help it, and cried out to the screen, “I’m sorry!”

    • Musashi

      “I’m starting to feel pretty okay with not having had kids yet.”

      kids are just going to be dead weight in Lord Humongous’ wasteland.

      • Woodrowfan

        or protein.

        • Musashi

          Indeed. I suppose one could also sell one’s kids into slavery at Bartertown, if one was so inclined. Who says there aren’t free market solutions to climate change?

    • MAJeff

      because the Earth Science division is political

      Politicians complaining about the politicization of science, and getting their information from political actors and not scientists.

      I mean, Frontline did an episode, “Climate of Doubt” that touched on this, but the wholesale acceptance of this fucking narrative is another area where our media’s “just report what both sides say, nothing more” has failed us completely.

      • Philip

        This is the problem with having a media made up mostly of career journalists. People with no training in science, or even in basic statistics, do not have the tools to evaluate scientific claims. So since they’re mostly left-of-center they believe in climate change, but they don’t really understand how completely unhinged the other side is.

        It’s the same issue you see in technology coverage: even in respectable papers like NYT, when I read about my own field, they are usually not just wrong but shockingly wrong even on basic facts. There are very few people at papers who actually understand computer security, so e.g. their coverage of the Apple-FBI case was batshit. They just didn’t know any better.

    • guthrie

      Apparently HIlary is pro-fracking so obviously Trump would be better.

  • D.N. Nation
    • petesh

      Good for Bernie! Also kudos to him over the Carrier fudge. And the “Cures” Act. Dude’s on a roll, and that’s good to see. (Note: I did not vote for him.)

      • I Guess Bust

        Bernie is fighting back while Clinton is on a bender out in the woods somewhere.

        • daves09

          If you are an asshole just 50% of the time it’s probably enough.
          Bernie is out relitigating the primaries to sell his book, traveling with his skeezy wife in the intervals of her destroying small liberal art colleges.

          • I Guess Bust

            Whew! Imagine if, instead, he had lost an eminently winnable campaign against the worst candidate for President in American history and then disappeared. Wouldn’t that be something!

            • Clinton doesn’t hold any elected office. You have no idea what she may or may not be doing at this time.

              • I Guess Bust

                Besides handing out awards to Katy Perry? Is she organizing a guerrilla squad to take back the country from the fascists?

                • I heard she’s traveling to Westeros and is going to come back with a Dothraki horde and a bunch of dragons.

                • solidcitizen

                  Shhhh…if King Robert finds out, who knows what could happen.

                • Gregor Sansa

                  Easteros, you mean.

                • liberalrob

                  Essos, actually.

            • nixnutz

              Spoken like someone who thinks writing a snarky tweet is “fighting back”.

              • I Guess Bust

                I would have no problem with literally executing everyone involved in Trump’s cabinet

                • solidcitizen

                  Aren’t you the badass.

                  And, really, the scenario in your head where you heroically take out the entire cabinet is fine one to dream about. What about the one where your plot is foiled for some reason you can’t begin to plan for and you spend the rest of your life at Gitmo being tortured for fun?

                  Anyone can dream about fighting for freedom. Do you dream about dying for freedom?

                • Rob in CT

                  Woohoo, internet warrior dude!

                • I Guess Bust

                  I never said I would do it. And if you disagree with that sentiment, you are no ally of mine.

                • Philip

                  So it this troll one of Putin’s, or one of Comey’s?

                • I Guess Bust

                  Comey works for Putin, didn’t you hear?

              • liberalrob

                You mean it isn’t? Well, crap.

  • Brownian

    This logic of Breitbart is quite selective. I doubt we’ll be seeing headlines from them like:

    “Rich, White Male Construction Mogul Wins Most Powerful Position in Government. Icy Silence from White Working Class Alarmists.”

    • liberalrob

      Please do not use “logic” to describe anything coming from Breitbart.

  • SP

    They talk about land temperatures being low, not realizing it’s called “global” warming not “land” warming. Land temps are cold because there’s a block over the north pole that has shifted cold air onto land, while the pole has been 30+ degrees above normal (although coming somewhat closer to normal.) Ave global temps this year will still highest ever recorded.
    Does the Republican house science committee realize that their twitter logo is based on the NFPA hazard diamond? I agree, they are quite toxic and reactive.

    • guthrie

      Also they’re flat out lying. Last I read, the meme came from someone using the troposphere satellite data of RSS, i.e. not the land surface, for only the land area, and the old version of the data at that, i.e. the more innacurate version.

      • Area Man

        It can’t be the land data, because they don’t yet show any drop off after the end of the El Nino. Here is the GISTEMP land data. The most recent month is October. It was the hottest Oct. ever recorded. Before that, Sept. 2016 was the hottest Sept. ever recorded. And before that, Aug. 2016 was the hottest Aug. ever recorded, and so on.

        • Lizzy L

          Turtles all the way down, in fact.

        • liberalrob

          Channel 5 chief meteorologist Dave Finfrock told me that November was the hottest November ever recorded in North Texas.

  • efgoldman

    I hear one of the brighter bulbs on the Science Committee (probably from Texas) is going to introduce bills repealing evolution, another to repeal the Pythagorean theorem, and another to make the teaching of Euclid in public schools illegal.

    • Derelict

      You do know that the Bible give the value of Pi as 3.0, right? I used to joke about the evangelicals demanding that this be the value taught in schools because it’s God’s word.

      I don’t tell that as a joke any more.

      • Denverite

        This is why I won’t drive over or under arched bridges in red states.

        • Anonymous Troll

          That’s why I don’t eat under the arches except in the State of inebriation. Which i also keep handy.

      • We should go back to Roman numerals, none of this Arabic bullshit. Fuck sharia math.

        • liberalrob

          I’m sure there’d be plenty of high school students more than happy to eliminate Algebra from the curriculum.

        • Dagmar

          But then you open the door to banning al cohol.

    • Denverite

      Also, no more transcendental numbers. Decimals allowed to two decimal points. Pi is now 3.14.

      • runsinbackground

        And no set theory either. No more unsanctioned contemplation of the Infinite!

    • Yankee

      My Dad said people needed a legal definition of pi so they could calculate property taxes on round parcels. He thought we needed fair and explicit rules for all kinds of stuff.

  • njorl

    For 12 consecutive months, from October 2015 to September 2016, we had the hottest instance of each month ever recorded. October 2016 merely tied with October 2015 for that distinction.


  • I Guess Bust

    When the mass migrations, die-offs, and wars start, can we find another scandal ridden politician who is religiously disliked throughout Flyover Country to run?

    • daves09

      Fuck you-she’s probably going to end up winning the pop. vote by about as much as Obama in 2012-so, yeah, fuck you, Berniebro asshole.

      • I Guess Bust

        What percentage President will that make her?

    • solidcitizen

      If the majority of people in the Democratic primaries vote for him or her, then, yeah, I guess that’s what will happen.

      • I Guess Bust

        Democracy is great.

        • solidcitizen

          I agree!

  • anonymous

    As long as any climate change solution requires lifestyle sacrifice and loss of jobs, it won’t be acceptable. At least not unless there are ancillary benefits that exist even if climate change turns out to be bunk. Alternatively, solutions might be acceptable if it is “cost-free”.

    Even amongst people that think there might be something to man-made climate change, there is still the IBGYBG factor to overcome.

    Politicians and scientists need to just accept the above premise and enact policies accordingly. Any solution to mitigate global climate change has to be something that can be sold as having other benefits even if it does nothing about climate change.

    For example, increased use of nuclear power plants over fossil fuel plants would definitely help mitigate global climate change. But if you sell it as energy independence and job creation it would work. You’d not emphasize the mitigation of CO2 production even though that might actually be a main reason.

    • I Guess Bust

      I actually wrote a paper recently arguing just exactly what you said. We need to focus on something that can be sold as building American greatness for the future. I am a big nuclear energy hawk.

      • njorl

        Nuclear is limited in the impact it can have. The rosiest picture for nuclear would be about a 70% increase in its use. It will never be economical for non-baselod electrical generation, and it shouldn’t displace any hydroelectric baseload generation capability. For peak load generation, natural gas turbines would be cheaper, even if you required carbon neutrality.

        Even if we decided to ramp up nuclear by 70%, it would have to be done slowly. We’d have to create the specialized workforce to build the plants, but not create so many workers that they are out of work in 8 years. We’d have to create a workforce that can transition to staffing the plants they build, so the build rate will taper off.

        Then, when all of that is done, you’ve reduced US greenhouse gasses by about 6% over 20 years, and global greenhouse gasses by about 1.5%. I think it should be done, but it is almost insignificant.

        You’d need to ramp up nuclear power development in China and India to have a significant, though small, impact on global emissions.

    • Use health. The health damage from air pollution is at least $3.4 trn a year worldwide according to the OECD, with 3.5m excess deaths a year. That is quite enough to lift the energy transition from a wash (IPCC and everybody else credible) to a huge free lunch. The science is dead simple (smog kills lab rats) and signed off on by white-coated, lantern-jawed REAL DOCTORS, so the denialist machine has not even tried to discredit it.

      The Sierra Club has been using the health argument against coal power stations with great success all over the USA, including Flyover Country.

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