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[ 316 ] November 21, 2016 |

SEK has passed.



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  1. Joseph Slater says:

    This makes me very sad.

  2. sharculese says:

    I’ve been burying my head in the sand the last few weeks, which is why I haven’t been around, but I saw the post about him at the AV Club and I had to stop by here to give my condolences.

    We’ll miss you, Scott.

  3. Matt_L says:

    Rest in Peace SEK. Thank you for all your writing, but I especially liked the Old Man Cat pieces and the post you wrote about meeting Jacques Derrida.

    I hope that his friends and family will accept the condolences of a lurker and reader.

  4. jimpharo says:

    SEK, we hardly knew ye. And that damn CAT…

  5. pseudalicious says:

    So smart, so funny, so talented, too young. So, so sad. Rest in peace, SEK.

  6. Mellano says:

    I first read one of SEK’s posts a decade ago, linked from a non-political site. It was really funny, I laughed, and continued browsing on without returning. But when I saw him posting here, there was an uncanny familiarity in remembering who he was and how I’d read some story he’d posted years ago. I haven’t had that experience very often, where someone’s voice collapses the internet into someplace small and familiar, like a small town’s diner. He’ll be missed.

  7. jmack says:

    Sad news indeed. What a shame to lose such a talented writer. RIP.

  8. weirdnoise says:

    His ability to cut straight to the absurdity of existence was unparalleled. I’d like to think that this attitude gave him some comfort in the face of what was horrible suffering. That, and the vast love of his readers and, as is manifestly evident to those of us who have hung onto every scrap of news about him these last few days, the love of his family.

  9. IM says:

    Just a byline on a blog and I will still miss him.

    The first time I met him virtually was after the loss of Steve Gilliard. SEK got into one of his many absurd situations and was accused of Gilliard desecration.

  10. Jeff Ryan says:

    A tremendous loss.

  11. Frank Wilhoit says:


  12. MedicineMan says:

    Rest in peace, SEK. I will miss your wit, your words, and your cats.

  13. Pelican Flyer says:

    He was unique; reading his posts was a special pleasure. I will miss his voice in the desperate times ahead.

  14. wkiernan says:

    Hey, SEK? Thanks for posting.

  15. Condolences #273.

  16. Horatio Seymour says:


  17. Brian 13 says:

    Very sad. Please accept my condolences.

    Peace & Love,

  18. Ruviana says:

    Troll infestation on this thread.

    ETA: Never good but especially horrible here.

  19. OmerosPeanut says:

    Too soon, too soon.

    My condolences to all SEK touched.

  20. Juicy_Joel says:

    SEK was the best and I will miss him.

  21. (((Hogan))) says:

    All praise to Farley Trollhammer.

  22. Stag Party Palin says:

    Dear Scott;

    Fear no more the heat o’ the sun,
    Nor the furious winter’s rages;
    Thou thy worldly task hast done,
    Home art gone, and ta’en thy wages:
    Golden lads and girls all must,
    As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.

    Fear no more the frown o’ the great;
    Thou art past the tyrant’s stroke;
    Care no more to clothe and eat;
    To thee the reed is as the oak:
    The scepter, learning, physic, must
    All follow this, and come to dust.

    Fear no more the lightning flash,
    Nor the all-dreaded thunder stone;
    Fear not slander, censure rash;
    Thou hast finished joy and moan:
    All lovers young, all lovers must
    Consign to thee, and come to dust.

    No exorciser harm thee!
    Nor no witchcraft charm thee!
    Ghost unlaid forbear thee!
    Nothing ill come near thee!
    Quiet consummation have;
    And renownèd be thy grave!

    –W. Shakespeare (Cymbeline)

  23. Docrailgun says:

    Thank you, Scott.
    Rest in peace.

  24. mombrava says:

    I loved his stuff on visual culture. It was also Acephalous that brought me to LGM. He deserved so much better than he got.

  25. LurkyMcLurkerson says:

    Delurking like so many others to pay my condolences. SEK was too good for this world. He will be dearly missed.

  26. Realitybites says:

    There is still a long way to go to help Scott’s family on their go fund me site. I gave a small amount last week, and will give again soon. I will also be honored to give to help Oldmen Cats if needed. I hope we can now remember Scott by helping the ones he loved. I wish I could give a large amount, but I will continue to make occasional small donations whenever I can. RIP SEK

  27. Realitybites says:

    Hey, a last Tbogg for the Batman!

  28. caphilldcne says:

    Goodbye and Rest In Peace Scott. I rarely comment and I feel undone to have such a powerful voice leave us. I have so enjoyed your blog posts and most especially Oldman Cat. You will be missed. Thank you to this community as well. i am truly grateful for this blog and the commenters.

  29. petesh says:

    The man that shit happened to, who wrote about it adorably. (How the hell does that happen?) Just coming into his full self as a writer, dammit, I wanted to hear his voice for the rest of my time, and now none of us will. We dont even really know what a loss this is.

  30. Lurker says:

    Also delurking after a small hiatus.

    My sincere condolences to Scott’s family. I cannot add anything that others would not have said better.

  31. JohnT says:

    A sad loss, my condolences to his friends and family. I admired his ability to describe situations simultaneously with love and satire, as well as his incisive writing about film.

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  33. skippy says:

    omg so sorry to hear about this so late. rip eric he was a fantastic blogger & 1 of the best.

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